mono.kultur #43 Fatima Al Qadiri: Embedded Narratives. Fatima Al Qadiri. mono.kultur.

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mono.kultur #43 – Spring 2017
“I want to be heard and not seen.”
Bending and fusing different genres of music, Al Qadiri has released a handful of largely instrumental albums that often imply narratives wrapped in a dystopian atmosphere, evoking an uncanny imagery of our increasingly oversaturated and disorienting information age. It is a simple yet complicated sound that owes as much to electronic music and video game soundtracks as it does to Russian composers and Arab musical traditions.

It is music that draws not only from an eclectic range of contrasting influences, but from a layered personal background: Born in Senegal, Fatima Al Qadiri grew up in Kuwait, but was exposed to electronic music and club culture during frequent stays in London and studies in the USA. It is in New York where she soon established her own place within the art and music scenes, as comfortable producing music in her own name as she is conceiving art installations as a member of the artist collective GCC or providing sound to the fashion shows of labels such as Telfar and Hood by Air.

But regardless of the genre or medium, almost all of Al Qadiri’s work is defined by the thematic undercurrents that run throughout her records, installations, and collaborations, dealing with cultural stereotypes, notions of place and displacement, regional and global politics, and concepts of national but also gender and sexual identity. Hers is a sound very much of the here and now, channeling not only a multi-layered past, but a complicated present, processing a flux of input and information. Sound as a filtered reality, a kind of digital compression of personal obsessions and contemporary concerns.

With mono.kultur, Fatima Al Qadiri talked about the narratives within her music, the cycles of history, and the soundtrack to burning oil fields.

Visually, the issue traces an arc from Fatima Al Qadiri’s youth to her current work. The main imagery comes from her series Bored 1997, for which, at 16, she took photographs of her younger sister Monira dressing up in their father’s clothes. The series is published here for the first time in print, interspersed with stills from a current video work on gender reversal and Kuwaiti rituals, inserted as static stickers.

Interview by Daniel Berndt
Works by Fatima Al Qadiri
Design by Fuchs Borst



mono.kultur launch @ Motto@MarkthalleIX. 30.12.2011

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Friday, December 30: mono.kultur #30: Chris Ware launch @ Motto@MarkhalleIX, Kreuzberg
start 6pm


Eisenbahnstraße 42/43, Pücklerstraße 34
10997 Berlin

mono.kultur #30 – Chris Ware: A Sense of Thereness

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mono.kultur #30 – Chris Ware: A Sense of Thereness

“The one thing I don’t want to be is a storyteller.”

Interview by Urs Bellermann / Artwork by Chris Ware / Design by Studio8

Winter 2011/12 / English / 15 x 20 cm / 28 Pages & Concertina & Separate Dust Cover

D 5€


mono.kultur #28 – Bless: In Disguise

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mono.kultur #28 – Bless: In Disguise

mono.kultur #28
“Do you judge a magazine by its cover or its content?”

So much more than ‘just’ a fashion label, Bless is in fact a lifestyle, an attitude, an entire world to itself. Founded in 1996 by Desiree Heiss and Ines Kaag and based in Paris and Berlin, Bless has always had its own way of seeing and doing: be it the famous fur wigs that were picked up by Maison Martin Margiela, or chairs that function as hoovers, or combs made out of (real) hair, or desks that turn into beds – you never know what to expect from Bless.

Renowned as a fashion label for quirky and unusual womenswear long before they actually presented their first regular collection, Bless successfully defies categorization by straddling the different worlds of fashion, industrial design and fine art with impressive ease and style. The underlying thread to all products and projects, however, is a constant questioning and rethinking of our world. And so, no matter what the designers set their delicate minds to, in the end it will always feel so surprisingly and refreshingly Bless.

In an interview that continuously reverses the roles of interviewer and interviewees, Bless talked with mono.kultur about the similarities between fashion and furniture, the importance of food, and their determination to improve our world.

The issue contains two separate booklets with a rollercoaster ride of an interview on your left, and the official lookbook of Bless’s latest collection N° 43 Know Howowow on your right.

Interview by Adriano Sack
Introduction by Kai von Rabenau
Artwork by Bless
Design by Manuel Raeder

Summer 2011

D 5€,  EU 6€, WW 7€


Available for Distribution

mono.kultur #26 – Manfred Eicher, Recording ECM

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mono.kultur #26 – Manfred Eicher, Recording ECM

mono.kultur #26 is dedicated to Manfred Eicher, the mastermind behind the highly prestigious jazz and classic label ECM Records. Founded in 1969, ECM have by now released more than 1,000 albums, many of which were produced by Eicher personally.
Based in Munich, ECM has a long history of reviving and tirelessly promoting the avant-garde of contemporary Jazz, hosting the likes of Keith Jarrett, Jan Garbarek or Pat Metheny. At a time when Jazz was on its wane, ECM introduced a decidedly European notion to this primarily American genre, exploring new sound and different approaches to a stagnating phenomenon.
In 1984, Eicher expanded into contemporary classical music with his line ECM New Series, releasing seminal works by Arvo Pärt or Steve Reich. Both imprints have changed the face of their respective genres forever, due to the audacious release schedule, the high production standards and the aesthetic appearance of the label. All aspects attest to the personal touch of a relentlessly perfectionist visionary.
In a high-minded and challenging conversation, Manfred Eicher talked with mono.kultur about sound, silence and everything inbetween.

D 4€
EU 5€
WW 6€

Available for Distribution


mono.markt #1. 18.12.2010. Berlin

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mono.markt #01



Systm Berlin
Torstrasse 68
10119 Berlin

mono.klub #27: Design Talk @ Unter Dem Motto. 5.9.2010

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mono.klub #27: Design Talk
with mono.kultur, Bureau Mario Lombardo and NODE Berlin Oslo
Sunday, September 05, 2010 / 16h
Free Admission

The Design Talk will highlight different approaches to editorial design, featuring a short presentation of mono.kultur’s practice of flexible art direction by inviting different designers to guest-produce individual issues, and introductions to and by previous contributors Mario Lombardo (former art director for Spex, Liebling) and NODE Berlin Oslo (former art directors for 032c, Monopol).

Unter Dem Motto
Skalitzerstr. 68
10997 Berlin

mono.kultur #24: Cyprien Gaillard – Dust Lines

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mono.kultur #24: Cyprien Gaillard – Dust Lines.
D 4€ – EU 5€ – WW 6€

Buy it

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mono.kultur #22 – Ai Weiwei: Portrait of a Critical Mind

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mono.kultur #22
Ai Weiwei: Portrait of a Critical Mind
“I think just walking in the other direction is a smart choice.”

Ai Weiwei is widely viewed as the most important fine artist in China
today. The outspoken critic of the politcal system in China gained
widespread attention not only with his installations and projects for,
among others, Documenta XII and Haus der Kunst, but also his
architectural projects such as the Beijing Olympics Stadium and his
social engagement.

With mono.kultur, Ai Weiwei talked about the fine arts boom in China,
the mind games of architecture and why political activity can be a
work of art.

Autumn 2009 / English / 44 Pages + Fold-Out Poster
Interview by Mathieu Wellner
Artwork by Ai Weiwei
Design by Yvonne Zmarsly
D 4€, EU 5€, WW 6€.