Motto @ Oktobarski Salon, Belgrade. 25 June – 22 August, 2021.

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Motto @ Oktobarski Salon, Belgrade. 25 June – 22 August, 2021

We are happy to announce Motto’s pop-up bookstore participation at the 58th October Salon – Belgrade Biennale curated by Ilaria Marotta and Andrea Baccin, Founding Directors and Editors in Chief of CURA.; Various Venues, June 25 – August 22, 2021.

CURA. 24. Ilaria Marotta and Andrea Baccin (eds.)

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CURA. 24
Ilaria Marotta and Andrea Baccin (eds.)
INSIDE THE COVER Yves Scherer by Abaseh Mirvali – POP UP SECTION
THE MACHINE A year-long section edited by Anthony Huberman Text by Robert Snowden Images by Lutz Bacher – PORTRAITS IN
THE EXHIBITION SPACE Walter Hopps will be here in 20 minutes by Lorenzo Benedetti – ICONS Renate Bertlmann in conversation with Vincent Honoré – ARTIST’S PROJECT Soft Bodies / Invincible Critters by Eva Papamargariti – SPOTLIGHT Sean Raspet in conversation with Ceci Moss – SPOTLIGHT 25 Questions for Mitchell Anderson by Liam Gillick – SPOTLIGHT Anna Uddenberg in conversation with David Lê – ABOUT Pablo Bronstein by Martin Hargreaves – ABOUT Stuart Middleton. I am just going outside, I may be some time by Anna Gritz – ARTIST’S PROJECT 10 Records by Zin Taylor – A VISIT TO Guerrilla Girls, Whitechapel Gallery, London with João Mourão & Luís Silva – HOT! Daiga Grantina by Stephanie Seidel – Elliot Dodd by Paul Luckraft – Pia Camil by Frédéric Bonnet – Daniele Milvio
by Attilia Fattori Franchini


CURA. NO. 22. Ilaria Marotta. Andrea Baccin (ed.).

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CURA. NO.22, cura magazine, Ilaria Marotta, Andrea Baccin, CURA. 22,  Elad Lassry 18CURA. NO.22, cura magazine, Ilaria Marotta, Andrea Baccin 3 CURA. NO.22, cura magazine, Ilaria Marotta, Andrea Baccin, CURA. 22,  Elad Lassry 19CURA. NO.22, cura magazine, Ilaria Marotta, Andrea Baccin, CURA. 22,  Elad Lassry 5 CURA. NO.22, cura magazine, Ilaria Marotta, Andrea Baccin, CURA. 22,  Elad Lassry 11CURA. NO.22, cura magazine, Ilaria Marotta, Andrea Baccin 1


Sol Calero
text by Adam Carr
Johannes Cladders’ anti-museum
by Lorenzo Benedetti
Expanded Literature.
Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster
by Jean-Max Colard

James Bridle.
 Seeing Like a Network
in conversation with Ben Vickers
Self-Portrait as a City.
Alex Israel in conversation
with Gigiotto Del Vecchio

Anicka Yi’s Allegorical Bouquets
by Chris Sharp

Kevin Beasley.
Energy Accumulates
by Rose Bouthillier

by Amy Yao

Philipp Timischl
in conversation with
Pierre-Alexandre Mateos
and Charles Teyssou

Rodrigo Hernández
in conversation with
Joao Mourao & Luis Silva

in conversation with Philipp Ekardt

Caroline Mesquita
in conversation with
Martha Kirszenbaum

Debora Delmar Corp.
by Judith Vrancken
Juliana Huxtable
by Whitney Mallett
Sophie Jung
by Frances Loeffler
Nancy Lupo
by Sarah Lehrer-Graiwer

9.00 €

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CURA #20. Ilaria Marotta and Andrea Baccin (Eds.)

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CURA. No.20

FALL 2015
Cover by Allison Katz

INSIDE THE COVER Allison Katz. Pungent Painting text by Ruba Katrib – PORTRAITS IN THE EXHIBITION SPACE Wim Beeren and Tomorrow’s Museum by Lorenzo Benedetti – TALKING ABOUT Why Poetry? by Jean-Max Colard – POP-UP SECTION: DISPLAY ISSUE 01 You Display, I Display, We Display by Céline Condorelli and Gavin Wade – ABOUT Josh Kline by Ciara Moloney – PROJECT A Wonderful World Under Construction by GCC – SPOTLIGHT Ryan Gander in conversation with Adam Carr – ABOUT Michael E. Smith by Jenny Jaskey – A VISIT TO Pedro Barateiro: The Current Situation / Palmeiras Bravas, Museu Colecão Berardo, Lisboa with João Mourão & Luís Silva – ABOUT Marguerite Humeau by Hans Ulrich Obrist – HOT! – Olga Balema by Chris Sharp – Darja Bajagić by Franklin Melendez – Sascha Braunig by Rose Bouthillier – Rachel Rose by Frances Loeffler – PROJECT Villa Design Group 
and Nicoletta Lambertucci – PROJECT Lena Henke and Anna Gritz

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Sculptures Also Die. Lorenzo Benedetti (Ed.). cura. Books

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Anche_le_sculture_muoiono_Sculptures_Also_Die_Lorenzo_Benedetti_cura_Books_Motto_Distribution_1 Anche_le_sculture_muoiono_Sculptures_Also_Die_Lorenzo_Benedetti_cura_Books_Motto_Distribution_2Anche_le_sculture_muoiono_Sculptures_Also_Die_Lorenzo_Benedetti_cura_Books_Motto_Distribution_9 Anche_le_sculture_muoiono_Sculptures_Also_Die_Lorenzo_Benedetti_cura_Books_Motto_Distribution_8 Anche_le_sculture_muoiono_Sculptures_Also_Die_Lorenzo_Benedetti_cura_Books_Motto_Distribution_7 Anche_le_sculture_muoiono_Sculptures_Also_Die_Lorenzo_Benedetti_cura_Books_Motto_Distribution_6  Anche_le_sculture_muoiono_Sculptures_Also_Die_Lorenzo_Benedetti_cura_Books_Motto_Distribution_4 Anche_le_sculture_muoiono_Sculptures_Also_Die_Lorenzo_Benedetti_cura_Books_Motto_Distribution_3

Artists: Francesco Arena (Italy), Nina Beier (Denmark), Katinka Bock (Germany), Giorgio Andreotta Calò (Italy), Dario D’Aronco (Italy), N.Dash (USA), Michael Dean (UK), Oliver Laric (Austria), Mark Manders (Netherlands), Michael E. Smith (USA), Fernando Sánchez Castillo (Spain) and Francisco Tropa (Portugal), Oscar Tuazon (USA)
Graphic Design: Andrea Baccin & Walter Santomauro

Edition of 1.000 copies

Produced by Palazzo Strozzi Foundation

Sculptures Also Die offering a reflection on contemporary sculpture curated by Lorenzo Benedetti through new and existing work by twelve Italian and international artists who will be forging a reflection on the meaning, the potential and the new experimental approaches in sculpture today. Contemporary artists tend to use new forms and materials to address a broader time span in an ongoing dialogue between the past and the future; yet at the same time, the exhibition reflects on the way in which today’s artists are also rediscovering such materials as bronze, stone or ceramic, that appeared to have been relegated to the purely academic sphere. These materials are rediscovered and used in a conceptual manner to reflect on such themes as the monument, the fragment, the way materials wear over time, and the recovery of the recent modernist past.

Language: Italian / English


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cura #19. Ilaria Marotta and Andrea Baccin (Eds.)

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cura_19_Ilaria_Marotta_Andrea_Baccin_motto_Distribution_1cura_19_Ilaria_Marotta_Andrea_Baccin_motto_Distribution_2 cura_19_Ilaria_Marotta_Andrea_Baccin_motto_Distribution_8cura_19_Ilaria_Marotta_Andrea_Baccin_motto_Distribution_7cura_19_Ilaria_Marotta_Andrea_Baccin_motto_Distribution_6 cura_19_Ilaria_Marotta_Andrea_Baccin_motto_Distribution_5 cura_19_Ilaria_Marotta_Andrea_Baccin_motto_Distribution_4 cura_19_Ilaria_Marotta_Andrea_Baccin_motto_Distribution_3

CURA. No.19
Cover by Yoan Mudry


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cura. n.17.

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CURA. No.17   SUMMER 2014   Cover by: Andrew Norman Wilson  –   Ilaria Marotta and Andrea Baccin (Eds.) 

 : Andrew Norman Wilson – 
words by Alex Ross

 Walter Zanini. At any Cost – Hell or High – Water
 by Lorenzo Benedetti

SPACES—Study Cases : The Barber Shop, Lisbon – 
Vincent Honoré in conversation with Margarida Mendes

… : To the Preface-Exhibition (Part II) 
by Jean-Max Colard

 : Ed Fornieles 
in conversation with Ben Vickers

 : A project by Rolf Nowotny – 
text by Adam Carr

 : A project by Marie Angeletti
 – poems by Quinn Latimer
 – text by Anne Dressen

Patrizio Di Massimo 
in conversation with João Mourão and Luís Silva

Jack Lavender 
in conversation with Matthew de Pulford

 Avery Singer
an – essay by Frances Loeffler

: Judith Hopf – Faces – 
text by Cecilia Canziani

: Palace 88
 – an exhibition by The Still House Group

Price: € 7.00
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The Ritual of the Snake. Gianni Politi. cura.books.

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The Ritual of the Snake. Gianni Politi. cura.books.

What images can speak today of the Absolute in a universal way? Aby Warburg’s legendary journey among the native tribes of North America – an experience reported in the famous 1923 conference on the “Serpent Ritual,” which in 1939 appeared in the Warburg Institute’s «Journal», and later became the scholar’s spiritual testament – represents the emotional and cultural reference behind a collection of 80 images, selected by eight artists and eight curators, dedicated to the identification and construction of a personal and collective imaginary. The power of images, of which Warburg investigated the origins in magic rituals and in spiritual and pagan celebrations, is given back here through the explorations of the authors involved, who, thanks to a variety of experiences and of historical, personal and cultural references, go through the kaleidoscopic landscape of contemporary iconography.

Concept: Gianni Politi
Design: Andrea Baccin

Price: €18.00

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