Motto Melbourne & S.T. Lore present ‘Invitation to Love’. Saturday 13th July

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Motto Melbourne & S.T. Lore present


An event featuring public presentations of text and sound by


Saturday 13th of July 2013 from 3pm

(refreshments available)

Motto Melbourne / Magic Johnston
27 – 29 Johnston Street
Collingwood, Melbourne
VIC 3066

For more information on these projects please visit

world food books
distort magazine

Bernd Kleinheisterkamps – La Source de l´Incendie – WIELS/Motto – 22.05.2013 (7pm)

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Ambitions, motivations and frustrations –  a book launch performance

Presentation of Bernd Kleinheisterkamps recent publication “Pirenópolis” – a surralistic city portrait.

“Pirenópolis is small town in the inland of Brazil. During the week Pirenópolis is a quiet, unhasty place. Most inhabitants still live on farming. Its historical center, the rural atmosphere and the countryside with a number of beautiful waterfalls around, attract people from all over, mainly from the nearby capital Brasilia. Especially on weekends and holidays. Why there is still such a remarkable number of Volkswagen Beetle all around, I don’t know exactly.”

“No, it’s not about cars, its about a city, I simply put a Beetle on your blind spot”

Pirenópolis: (greek) polis=town and pirinas = la source de l’incedie/du feu

Bernd Kleinheisterkamps (*1973) lives since 2007 in Brussels

“Pirenpolis” – a surralistic city portrait, 2013, artist book, 15 x 19,5 cm, colour, 55 pages, 100 copies

22.05.2013, 19:00
Avenue Van Volxemlaan 354,
1190 Bruxelles-Brussel

Onement Label Presentation II – WIELS / Motto – 01.06.2013 (7pm)

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Onement is a label created in 2006 for releasing unique, one-copy records on LP (Keith Rowe, John Tilbury, Robert Hampson…). For its second evening at WIELS, the label invites Yannick Franck to perform a live version of his « Austral » opus (Onement #3), a gorgeous suite of dark and delicate drones which could be seen as a sound equivalent to Ad Reinhardt’s late black paintings.


Musician, performer and founder of Idiosyncratics Records, Yannick Franck has developed a music based on the treatment of sources such as instruments and non-musical objects, voice, radio signals and field recordings. Also a member of noise band Y.E.R.M.O. he has performed in venues and festivals such as Issue Project Room (New York), MUDAM and Philharmonie du Luxembourg (Luxembourg), Young Arts Biennial (Moscow), EPAF (Warsaw), Instants Chavirés (Paris), Ausland and Electronic Church (Berlin) among many others.



a cover to cover (uncover). Julien J. Bismuth. Motto Books

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Published on the occasion of the exhibition of Julien Bismuth at CRAC Alsace in 2010.

Editor: Sophie Kaplan
Design: Jean-Pascal Flavien
Isbn: 9782940524013
70 pages
Edition: 850

D 24€

Buy it

Onement Label Présentation – MOTTO@WIELS – 08.03.2013 (7pm)

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The Onement label is inviting the audience in the hall of WIELS on Friday 8th March for a listening session of its newest release: a recording of English pianist John Tilbury performing a series of short pieces by Howard Skempton (« John Tilbury Plays Howard Skempton », Onement #5). Tilbury is well-known since the 1960s for his interpretations of the music of Morton Feldman, Cornelius Cardew, John Cage, and for being one the key figures of free improvisation, notably with cult band AMM (pioneers of european improv).

But this recording is really special: like every release on Onement  it’s a one-copy vinyl record! The object is totally unique and will not be reproduced, which makes it a real collector item. Like for all the Onement records, the packaging has been created by graphic designer Nicolas Couturier.

The concept behind the label, founded in 2006 by musician Sylvain Chauveau, is inspired by the world of painting. The works are not reproduced and when a painting is sold, only the owner possesses it and even the painter himself has usually no access to to it. The uniqueness of the object is part of its strength.

The idea in Onement is to do the same with recorded music. Since their invention recordings have been meant to be reproduced. The time has come to try to use the recorded medium in different ways.

The name Onement comes from a series of pieces by American abstract expressionist painter Barnett Newman. This series (Onement I, II, III, IV et V) shows a thin vertical line over a monochrome background.

The aesthetic choices of the Onement label go towards experimental musics such as modern composition, free improvisation, minimal drone, musique concrète, field recording, with releases by Keith Rowe, Robert Hampson, Yannick Franck and Antti Rannisto.

The label’s website:

TUNED CITY BRUSSELS : Lecture-event #1 – MOTTO@WIELS – 12.02.2013 (7pm)

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Tuned City is a research platform from Berlin that creates a dialogue between the worlds of architecture, city planning and sound art, trying to use the possibilities of the spatial and communicative properties of sound as an instrument in artistic and urban practices. Q-O2, a workplace for experimental music and sound art, invites Tuned City to Brussels in 2013. The aim is studying the given urban and architectural situation, and experiencing and evaluating the city from an acoustic point of view.

On February 12th, Carsten Stabenow, founder of Tuned City, will briefly introduce the project and will give an outlook on the plans for Brussels. Dr. Lamberto Tronchin, Professor in Environmental Physics from the University of Bologna, recognised internationally as a leading authority on the subject of sound and acoustics and a pianist himself, will open the evening with a lecture about one of the most inspiring thinkers of sound and space in the 17th century, Athanasius Kircher. The Belgian architect and urban planner Luc Deleu, questions with his utopian projects the role of architecture and urbanism in the modern age, their position and duty in a global society and opens with his visions new perspectives of thinking architecture. Ariane Wilson, architect and art historian at the RWTH Aachen focussed her research on the role of sound in city and architecture and will give an overview about the current developments in that field.

A performance by Justin Bennett, who focusses in his work on the relationship between architecture and sound, will play with the elasticity of the concept of ‘space’.

Free Entrance
In English

Info & Reservation:

Sleep. Grouper. Fillip Editions

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Sleep. Grouper. Fillip Editions

**Edition of 800 white 180g vinyls housed in a PVC-lined innersleeve with glossy cover** Breathtaking stuff from Liz Harris presented by Canadian publication, Fillip with suitably refined production values. This edition of ‘Sleep’ is a fragment of a longer composition (we could imagine it exponentially longer) first performed at the Berkeley Art Museum in 2011. More recently the label organised its performance in an abandoned polar bear enclosure at Vancouver’s decommissioned Zoo and now it finally reaches yours and our ears like some cathartic cloud of harmonised tape symphonics that just floated across the Atlantic. It’s difficult to say exactly what the source material is – it could be vocals, it could be synths – but that’s beside the point, and whatever it is, it’s one of the most beautiful things we’ve heard all year.

Size: 31 x 33 cm
Weight: 320 g
ISBN: 978-1-927354-06-3
D 20€

Buy it

Book launch: ‘Spirit of Ecstasy’ – A novel by David Evrard – MOTTO@WIELS ( 21/11/12 – 7pm )

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With Anne Bossuroy, Jean-Daniel Bourgeois, Isabelle Copet, Jonathan Dewinter, Jenny Donnay, Lucie Ducenne, François Francescini, Jonas Locht, Xavier Mary, Gérard Meurant and Nicolas Verplaetse.
 « ‘Spirit of Ecstasy’ is a novel that reads like a long acid trip in which places, epochs, characters and things, both imagined and real, all intermingle and where people wake up just to go and watch the sun rise.  The book seems to be constructed of visions.  It is pink, orange and purple and shimmering.  It contains smoke, mind-blowing geometric forms, dance, sex and rhythm.  There are uppercuts and swings.  Its chronology is elusive, and you almost need a map to guide you through it.  ‘Spirit of Ecstasy’ is a novel written by David Evrard that conveys his joyful experience of exhibitions.  At the core of the story is a large exhibition, a crazy curator with copper teeth who, incidentally, doesn’t organise anything, and artists who talk, have fun, and who construct spaces and forms ».
Jill Gasparina.
Published by Komplot and Black Jack Editions.
Designed by Pierre Huyghebaert from Speculoos, with Aurélie Commerce.
Distributed by Les presses du réel and Motto.
Realised with the support of the Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles.

Michael Van den Abeele – A Toast to the Ghost – MOTTO@WIELS 28/11/12 ( 7pm )

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Presentation of the book A Toast to the Ghost, the Host by artist Michael Van den Abeele, published by WIELS. For this occasion, the artist will give a public reading/performance rather than an explanatory presentation, based on the book. The lecture will be followed by a talk with Phillip Van den Bossche (Mu.ZEE director).

Horizon Pages @ Motto Melbourne. 02.11.12

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Horizon Pages and Motto Melbourne present the launch of Horizon Pages’ third publication, Small Entry by Sydney based artist and musician Matthew P Hopkins.

Including performances by Matthew Hopkins and Peasant Genes (Christopher L G Hill and Alex Vivian).

Small Entry by Matthew P Hopkins
Broadsheet Poster and one sided flexi-disc
Edition of 250

5pm – 8pm

Motto Melbourne
15-25 Keele St.
VIC 3066

Performances start at 6pm.

Sydney Launch: November 6th at The AV Club, Leichardt with Hair Hochman (Yoni of Holy Balm) and Moffarfarrah (Christopher L G Hill)