Turning the Page. Kasper Andreasen. Motto Books.

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Turning_the_Page_Kasper_Andreasen_motto02 Turning_the_Page_Kasper_Andreasen_motto03 Turning_the_Page_Kasper_Andreasen_motto04 Turning_the_Page_Kasper_Andreasen_motto05 Turning_the_Page_Kasper_Andreasen_motto06

This small publication is an edited reprint of the essay ‘The Book in Intermediary Form’ written by Kasper Andreasen. It was originally published by Wintertuin, Nijmegen as part of a compilation about the future of the book. Turning the Page also contains a script for the audiovisual book Tomorrow, which is a collaborative work between Hanne Lippard and Kasper Andreasen reflecting on the status of the (photography) book in audiovisual form.

Designed by Toni Uroda. First edition of 140 copies. © The authors, Motto Books 2011/2017.



Skabelon 43. Kasper Andreasen

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Skabelon_43_Kasper_Andreasen_motto_distribution_2   Skabelon_43_Kasper_Andreasen_motto_distribution_3 Skabelon_43_Kasper_Andreasen_motto_distribution_4  Skabelon_43_Kasper_Andreasen_motto_distribution_5 Skabelon_43_Kasper_Andreasen_motto_distribution_1

This stencil font, which consists of 43 characters, including numerals and several punctuation marks, was inspired by the lettering on old Danish police cars. A 3D effect is achieved by incorporating drop shadows into the type design. Each character is approximately 6 cm tall, ideal for posters and sign painting, and can be transferred to a surface by using marker, pen, or spray paint.

Stencil typeface, Amsterdam, 2003
Laser-cut steel, 32.5 x 19.3 x 2 cm, 4 plates, ed: 30


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Kasper Andreasen. OFF THE MAP. 17.09-15.10.2013 @ Motto Berlin

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Kasper Andreasen OFF THE MAP


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Off The Map. Kasper Andreasen. Motto Books.

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In this exhibition, Kasper Andreasen presents drawings and artists’ books that investigate acts of printing, writing, and collecting. At the entrance on Skalitzer Str. 68, an image of a large book spine shows layers of papers accumulated from over a period of two years. In Motto’s courtyard, a landscape of vitrine-decors spans across the rear wall. Upon close examination, these layered decors reveal many different types of ephemera. Displayed in the vitrines are serial repetitions of landscape sketch, fragments of handwriting, maps, drawings, as well as wrappers, receipts, and newspapers articles. The ephemera and traces shown in this publication are part of an ongoing transformation in the artist’s process. This publication accompanies the exhibition “Off the map” at Motto Berlin, which runs from September 18 – October 10, 2013.
The essay by Matthias Weichelt was written especially for this occasion.
Translated by Caroline Rued-Engel.
Printed by New Goff, Ghent.
Edition of 800 / Special edition: 30

Language: English-Deutsch
Size: 30 × 21 cm
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 9782940524082

Price: €10.00
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Palpable Language? Kasper Andreasen, Achim Lengerer & Annette Stahmer @ Motto Berlin. 3.12.2012

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Palpable Language? Kasper Andreasen, Achim Lengerer & Annette Stahmer @ Motto Berlin. 3.12.2012
Start 7pm

An evening with presentations and talks by Kasper Andreasen, Achim Lengerer and Annette Stahmer on Monday, December 3rd, 2012, 19 hours at Motto Berlin. The evening will be centered around 3 publications that investigate authorship and the materiality of language:

“Parole #2: Phonetic Skin / Phonetische Haut” (edited by Annette Stahmer) is the second issue of a series of publications investigating the materiality of language. It is concerned with skin and its relation to language. The term “skin” is used here as a metaphor. It represents the surface, the protective sheath of not only the human but also of other “bodies” like the walls of a house, a product’s packaging, the earth’s surface, and so on. Skin describes the boundary between within and without, and is simultaneously a sensitive instrument for communication, directing external information inwards, as well as outwardly expressing inner states. “Phonetic Skin” is a poetic term serving as a starting point for a discussion on the connection between communication/language and skin.
With contributions by: Maria José Arjona, Janet Beizer, De Geuzen, Paul Dickinson, Mladen Dolar, Leif Elggren, Steven Feld, Leonardo Guelman, Anish Kapoor, Brandon LaBelle, André Lepecki, David Locke, Petra Maria Meyer, Jürgen Partenheimer, Naomi Segal, Annette Stahmer, Imogen Stidworthy, Trikoton, Allen S. Weiss.

“Hope to Hear From You” (edited by Kasper Andreasen) is an artists’ publication where the contributors made text-based drawings inspired by a collection of misleading emails. Using the specific qualities of waterless offset, these texts were etched directly into the printing plates that were used to produce the book. The pages show how the gesture writing is closely related to authorship, and that this position is an act of mimicry.
With contributions by: Geela Eden, Johannes Markus Frerichs, Martha Gloyer, Ada Grull, Alice Kuczminski, Alexander Kurzhöfer, Marc André Offenhammer, Gönül Salgin, Hagen Verleger, Marina Veselova.

“Scripting” is a publication series that collaborates with artists, writers, graphic-designers, performers as well as publishers – all of which are working with the formats of “script” and “text” within their processes of production. The latest issue #27 Fragile Exhibition (edited by Achim Lengerer) explores the tentative and poetic relationship of objects and their translation into the printed form.
With contributions by: Geela Eden, Katrin Grimm, Eva Hartmann, Alexandra Haase, Nadja Haase, Jonas Hasselmann, Catharina Hoops, Marleen Krallmann, Max Kühl, Charlotte Ladiges, Elina Martian, Omar Nicolas, André Offenhammer, Jakob Runge, Björn Schmidt, Selina Schnetger, Evelyn Solinski, Jan-Peter Thiemann.

Annette Stahmer (ed.): “Parole #2: Phonetic Skin / Phonetische Haut”
Salon Verlag (in collaboration with Errant Bodies Press), 2012
22 x 32,5 cm
112 pages + CD + postcard
ISBN: 978-3-89770-375-9
distributed by: Vice Versa (Germany), Les presses du réel (France), DAP (USA)

Kasper Andreasen (ed.): “Hope to Hear From You”
Artist’s book
Muthesius Academy of Fine Arts and Design Kiel, 2011
Offset, 20 x 28 cm (outside), 17 x 24.8 cm (inside)
Waterless drypoint etchings
40 pages

Achim Lengerer (ed.): “Scriptings #27 Fragile Exhibition”
Scriptings and Muthesius Academy of Fine Arts and Design Kiel, 2012
distributed by: Scriptings and Raum für Publikation (Germany)

Kasper Andreasen

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Land Route – Kasper Andreasen & Louis Lüthi

Land Route is a companium volume to a permanent installation made by Kasper Andreasen for the museum of Literature in the Hague.

D 15€



Speaking of which… – Kasper Andreasen & Lous Lüthi

Compiled with Louis Lüthi. A cabinet of curiosities. Liège, BE: Le Comptoir.

D 13€


On 29th of October, ‘This Week’ will be at Motto Berlin.

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On Friday, 29th of October, ‘This Week’ will be at Motto in Berlin, starting at 7pm.
We officially launch Issue #2 ‘Quarter Report I – Men With Ties’ by Alon Levin. There will be short presentations by each artist of all 3 issues made so far.

They say print and newspaper are an obsolete and dying form of media.
This Week is an art paper reanimating elements of the press. Reflecting on the conditions of this traditional industry This Week uses and abuses forms and issues of newspapers. Each issue is made by a different artist.
So far Felix Weigand and Kasper Andreasen have dealt with headlines and comic strips. ‘Quarter Report I – Men With Ties’ is the title for Alon Levins new issue of This Week.