Alexandra Leykauf. Roma Publications @ Motto Berlin. 17.03.2016

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Alexandra Leykauf. Roma Publications @ Motto Berlin. 17.03.2016

Alexandra Leykauf, in conversation with Dominikus Müller about her new book published by Roma Publications
from 7pm

Book excerpt:
Caroline Soyez Petithomme: … the reproduction of your own work is always at stake, and even more so here in the context of the current book: an artist’s book and an autonomous work playing with the publication format as opposed to a conventional exhibition catalogue or a classical artist’s monograph. Was this a way for you to ‘get around’ the reproduction of your works?

Alexandra Leykauf: … I consider installation views not only as documents of a past situation, but as something like shards, pieces of a whole — to stay with the metaphor of the kaleidoscope you introduced. You’ve suggested earlier that there is an “elsewhere” that arises within the various layers of reproduction in my work; maybe here that’s located between the pages of this book.

CSP: And is it also a way to mirror your own process of creation — where the book remains the initial vehicle and source of your work, here to return again as a form, as in the current book …?

AL: … yes, at the end of our conversation we return to the book, but also to the beginning: an observation of the act of looking and of our own position towards that at which we look.

Alexandra Leykauf
Roma Publications
ISBN 9789491843563
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The Lost Park. Maria Barnas

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‘The Lost Park’ is a project including film, music and poetry by Maria Barnas.

Side a is with music by Peter Lunow.
Side b is with sound and music by Nathalie Bruys.
Design: Felix Weigand

D 15€

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On 29th of October, ‘This Week’ will be at Motto Berlin.

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On Friday, 29th of October, ‘This Week’ will be at Motto in Berlin, starting at 7pm.
We officially launch Issue #2 ‘Quarter Report I – Men With Ties’ by Alon Levin. There will be short presentations by each artist of all 3 issues made so far.

They say print and newspaper are an obsolete and dying form of media.
This Week is an art paper reanimating elements of the press. Reflecting on the conditions of this traditional industry This Week uses and abuses forms and issues of newspapers. Each issue is made by a different artist.
So far Felix Weigand and Kasper Andreasen have dealt with headlines and comic strips. ‘Quarter Report I – Men With Ties’ is the title for Alon Levins new issue of This Week.