On 29th of October, ‘This Week’ will be at Motto Berlin.

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On Friday, 29th of October, ‘This Week’ will be at Motto in Berlin, starting at 7pm.
We officially launch Issue #2 ‘Quarter Report I – Men With Ties’ by Alon Levin. There will be short presentations by each artist of all 3 issues made so far.

They say print and newspaper are an obsolete and dying form of media.
This Week is an art paper reanimating elements of the press. Reflecting on the conditions of this traditional industry This Week uses and abuses forms and issues of newspapers. Each issue is made by a different artist.
So far Felix Weigand and Kasper Andreasen have dealt with headlines and comic strips. ‘Quarter Report I – Men With Ties’ is the title for Alon Levins new issue of This Week.


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