The Readymades. John Holten. Broken Dimanche Press

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The Readymades. John Holten. Broken Dimanche Press

John Holten’s debut novel The Readymades uses and abuses a number of literary genres: found texts from the history of modern art, witness testimonies, press releases and the narrative style of art-historical accounts. The novel emerges from one of Félix Fénéon’s infamous three-sentence ‘novels’ – appropriated mini-stories from French newspapers – and from the starting point of Fénéon’s narrative readymade, Holten has extrapolated a whole missing art movement and their contemporary European picaresque saga.

The action begins during October 2008 in Paris, with John, a young Irish publisher, meeting the jaded Serbian artist Djordje Bojić. Bojić tells John about the manuscript he is writing: the history of the LGB Group – an Eastern European neo-avant-garde collective that arose in the turbulent environment of mid-1990s Belgrade, when Bojić and his friends, recently returned from the war in Bosnia, started to produce art in order to escape the hysterical nationalism all around them.

Bojić’s manuscript makes up the final part of the novel. Starting out as an academic attempt to document the LGB Group, the sober attitude of the art-historical account soon collapses, and the narrative gradually turns into a disclosing life-story of violence and existential decay. As the manuscript moves closer to the horrific truths of Bojić’s own war experiences, the testimony gradually fails, becomes full of mute lacunas in order to finally reach the ineffable climax of the testimony: the aphasia of trauma, the dumbness of loss, and the ultimate silence of Bojić’s own death.

By juxtaposing the experience of war, the urge for artistic creation and the act of narrating the past, The Readymades launches a double strategy in which the artistic gesture becomes an attempt to overcome war, while simultaneously forced to partake in it. Because art (at least since the original Dada gesture) has sought its own raison d’être in an ongoing dialectic of defiance, transgression and negation of the status quo, it must inevitably find its own dynamic intrinsically linked to acts of violence. With a unique book design, this mise-en-abyme presents a book-within-a-book that takes the reader on a journey to the darker corners of contemporary European history. In collaboration with the Serbian artist and filmmaker Darko Dragičević, Holten has produced a catalogue of LGB artworks and memorabilia, presented both in the book and in exhibition-spaces throughout Europe this coming autumn. In other words: The Readymades is not just a novel, but also an on-going ‘fictitious event’, pushing against any sedate conception of what the literary novel can achieve today, at once not afraid of today’s ‘reality hunger’, nor the legacy of postmodernism.

340 pp., 32 b&w ill.
18.5 x 13 cm
ISBN: 978-3-00-032627-1

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The Final Word. RCA CA&D 2011

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The Final Word. – RCA CA&D, edited by David Gibson, Livia Lima, Susanne Stahl, Jigna Chauhan, Vanessa Boni

This publication is a compilation of three books featuring work by Communication Art and Design students at the Royal College of Art. Guest artists, designers, illustrators, alumni and RCA tutors have all responded to three starter topics:

Book 1 – Fact and Fiction in a Digital Context. A text by Holly Francis that discusses the loss of authorship in the online environment, asking, who is the author? And what defines reality?

Book 2 – The Value of Things. An image of a postcard generated by Lola Halifa-Legrand exploring material artefacts in a digital environment, sent to RCA students by email.

Book 3 – New Models for Publishing. An online platform created by Pedro Cid Proença, where users can comment on the text as a whole, a section of it, or on a comment made by another user.

Contributors include Abäke, Europa, Julia, Stewart Smith, Adrian Shaughnessy and Sara de Bondt

D 13€


Part one, Second edition. By Robin Waart

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Part one, Second edition. By Robin Waart

Part one is a collection of pages from English books and (mostly) novels, featuring pages with only the words Part one/Part I/Part etc. The book, designed by Jonas Wandeler, contains 101 pages and was printed in an edition of 101, and nominated one of the Most Beautiful Swiss Books 2010. The second “market” edition was printed in 202 copies and nominated one of The Best Dutch Book Designs 2011.

D 49€


Flash Tattoo Collection No 1 – FUZI UV TPK

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Flash Tattoo Collection No 1 – FUZI UV TPK

All drawings by FUZI UV TPK
Concept and design by David Keshavjee, Marietta Eugster, and Rémi Brandon
Offset version printed in an edition of 500
Back cover: Dépot du Val d’Argenteuil, photograph by RAP, 1996

D 20€


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Michal Pěchouček: Lessons in Art. Book launch @ Motto Berlin. 01.09.2011

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Michal Pěchouček: Lessons in Art
Catalogue launch with a screening and talk at Motto Berlin, September 1st, 2011
Start 7pm

Czech artist Michal Pěchouček will present his latest catalogue, published on the occasion of a solo exhibition on two floors of The Stone Bell Gallery in Prague earlier this year, with two groups of works one could easily mistake as from two different authors. First being a romantic figural painter who changed paint for embroidery and fabrics. Second being a minimalist photographer, exploring the forms of his medium through routines, cycles, and it’s liminal narrations.

Pěchouček’s solo exhibition Virgin’s Lives will open at Jiri Svestka Gallery the following day on September 2nd in Berlin.

IT’S NOT A GARDEN TABLE. Book launch @ Motto Zürich. 01.09.2011

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IT’S NOT A GARDEN TABLE – Kunst und Design und im erweiterten Feld
Sammelband, herausgegeben von Jörg Huber, Burkhard Meltzer, Heike Munder, Tido von Oppeln

Künstler, Designer und Theoretiker diskutieren die Konsequenzen eines selbstreferenziellen Designkonzepts, der Ästhetik der Lebenswelt im Kunstkontext und andere damit verknüpfte Themen mit einem besonderen Fokus auf die Objektkategorie des Möbels. Die Publikation schlägt drei Zugänge für eine erweiterte Auffassung von Design heute und ihre Beziehung zum Kunstkontext vor:

– „Unterscheiden“: mit Texten von Sven Lütticken, Klaus Spechtenhauser, Tido von Oppeln, Mateo Kries, Burkhard Meltzer

– „Teilnehmen“: mit Texten von Alexander García Düttmann, Monika Kritzmöller, Jennifer Allen, Judith Welter und einem Gespräch zwischen Martin Boyce, Frédéric Dedelley und Max Borka

– „Herstellen“: Interviews mit Jerszy Seymor, Julia Lohmann, Jurgen Bey, Martino Gamper, Front Design, Martin Boyce, David Renggli, Matthew Smith, Andrea Zittel, Florian Slotawa und Mamiko Otsubo

Herausgegeben anlässlich einer Forschungszusammenarbeit zwischen dem Institut für Theorie (ith) der ZHdK und dem migros museum für gegenwartskunst Zürich.

Gestaltung: flag/
Erscheint bei JRP|Ringier,, Verfügbar ab September 2011
Ausgaben: Deutsch ISBN 978-3-03764-237-5 / Englisch ISBN 978-3-03764-211-5
Softcover, 165×220 mm, 270 Seiten, über 200 Abbildungen, davon 32 in Farbe, CHF 48

Heimat und Wahnsinn. Viertel-Verlag

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Heimat und Wahnsinn. Viertel-Verlag

«Heimat und Wahnsinn» ist die erste Ausgabe der riesengrossen Heftserie mit dem Namen «A&0», die in regelmässigen Abständen auf Plakatformat (A0) Texte, Gespräche, Versuche, Gedanken, Lieder, Bilder und Zitate veröffentlicht. Die erste Ausgabe des grössten Hefts von Europa wird nun fabelhaft und furios vernissiert. Wir laden euch darum ein, nach Oberegg, auf «Epfeltorte», auf wilde Geschichten.

Auflage: 600 Exemplare

D 8€


Pool #1: Warsaw – Tokyo – Vienna. Summer 2011

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Pool #1: Warsaw – Tokyo – Vienna. Summer 2011

POOL — intercontinental magazine published in Tokyo (52°41’N, 139°46’E), Warsaw (52°35’N, 21°05’E) and Vienna (48°13’N, 16°22’E). — Contributors: Anrealage, Wendy&Jim, Ania Kuczynska, Petar Petrov, Birgit Megerle, Yohei Yoshida, Alexander Nussbaumer, Mario Grubisic, Lukas Gansterer, Christoph Pirnbacher, Kasia Korzeniecka, Szymon Roginski, Tomasz Kowalski, Maurycy Gomulicki, Daphne Ahlers, Andrzej Sobolewski, Lucie Stahl, Philipp Ruthner. — A seasonal artbook curated by Yosuke Demukai — Japanese photographer based in Warsaw/Tokyo and the Polish artist Marcin Zarzeka, who lives in Vienna/Warsaw. — The magazine printed on paper in an edition of 1000 copies. — Touch and smell summer issue. — POOL.

D 15€


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27-28.08.2011: Motto/Corner College/Lehni&Trueb RE-OPENING. Zürich

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Saturday, August 27: Motto/Corner College/Lehni Trueb RE-OPENING.
Start 2pm:

“Selection Maison – Bring Dein Ding” exhibition.

Kueng Caputo design furniture auction led by Garrett Glen Mikael Nelson.

6:30pm: Artist talk between Susanne Kriemann and Axel John Wieder, about the book ‘Reading Susanne Kriemann’, published by Sternberg Press. 2011

Sunday, August 28 2011, 1-5 pm

San Keller
Eine partizipative Lesung serviert mit Tee, Torten und Digestivs

Einen Verdauungsspaziergang nach dem Kunstgenuss bot San Keller den Besucher/innen der Kunsthalle Fridericianum in Kassel an, nachdem diese sich die jeweils aktuellen Ausstellungen angesehen hatten. Im gemeinsamen Gespräch wurde das Gesehene kritisch reflektiert und Gedanken ausgetauscht. Die aufschlussreichen, teils kontroversen Unterhaltungen hat San Keller anschließend in insgesamt fünf Heften publiziert. Am Sonntag 28. August lesen San Keller und Rein Wolfs Auszüge aus den Gesprächen. Dabei ist aktive Beteiligung gefragt: Das Publikum darf sich in die Rolle der Ausstellungsbesucher/innen versetzen und Teile der Texte im Zwiegespräch mit San Keller rezitieren.

Gastronomica #11:3, Fall 2011

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Gastronomica #11:3, Fall 2011

Fall 2011 • Volume 11 Number 3

Cover: Mauro Holanda, Octopus Cube, 2009.

Table of Contents

from the editor
Going to Extremes | Darra Goldstein

Rumblings from the World of Food

orts and scantlings
Hue and Eye | Mark Morton

feast for the eye
John Singer Sargent’s “Devils” | Emily Arensman

Cinderella | Michele F. Cooper

Meanwhile: San Francisco Farmers’ Market Farmers in Their Own Words | Wendy MacNaughton

The Whip In: A Taste of Austin-Americana | David Wright

Building a Better Tomato | Barry Estabrook

Meret Oppenheim’s Fur Teacup | Mary Ann Caws

Esquire Mans the Kitchenette | Elizabeth Fakazis
From the Crisis of Food to Food in Crisis | Martin Bruegel

Cooking Up Color | Jude Stewart

Germs Preserve Us | Thomas Greene

Harvest Tunes | Leah Koenig

Summer Kitchen, Penobscot Bay, Maine | Jonathan Levitt

Egg Whites, Sugar, Ice Cream, and a Peach: A Recipe | Judith Gorfain

Eat Me at the Fair: America’s Love Affair with Food Installations | Francine Kirsch

eating out
Miscellaneous Food in a Feverish Haste | Jon Grinspan

working on the food chain
Digging for the Roots of the Urban Farming Movement | Jason Mark

The Norton Grape: American Viticulture’s Native Son | Chris Opfer

chef’s page
An Interview with Erik Cosselmon, Kokkari, San Francisco | Janet Fletcher

review essay
Watching Our Waste Lines | Christina Eng

the bookshelf
Books in Review

Seeing Red | Craig Kanarick

University of California Press
160 pages

D 16 €


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