New Reproductions. David Maljković. Mousse Publishing.

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New Reproductions. David Maljković. Mousse Publishing.

Jurga Daubaraitė (Ed.)

“She, the grid system is aware only of her corners, not of her straight lines. She perceives her own space and those persons who traverse her space as flat entities moving swiftly and without substance.” – Maria Fusco.

The artist book New Reproductions, published in conjunction with David Maljković’s exhibition at CAC Vilnius, is a dense object jn which the textual contributions function as poetic and fictional response to the artist’s collaged 48 images. Here, Maljković provides a certain utilitarian take on re-reading, remembering, incompleteness, and exhaustion as artistic positions in order to assemble filiations between works separated by time span and by his changing ideas.

New Reproduction is part of MIDI, an imprint of Mousse Publishing initiated by Åbäke

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Artists’ Cocktails. Ryan Gander. Dent De Leone

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Artists’ Cocktails
. Ryan Gander. Dent De Leone

A compendium of artists’ cocktails with Åbäke, Allora & Calzadilla, Spencer Anthony, Cory Arcangel, Art & Language, Jesse Ash, Mary Aurory, Fiona Banner, David Batchelor, Justin Beal, Jacqueline Bebb, Vanessa Billy, Pierre Bismuth, Martin Boyce, Pavel Büchler, Dinos Chapman, Steve Claydon, Keren Cytter, Jeremy Deller, Joseph del Pesco, Anthony Discenza, Rose Duvall, Sean Edwards, Vivi Enkyo, Aston Ernest, Winnie Ernest, Abbé Faria, Claire Fontaine, Simon Fujiwara, Michael Fullerton, Martino Gamper, Ryan Gander, Mario Garcia Torres, Tom Gidley, Liam Gillick, Matt Golden, Rodney Graham, Irwin Green, Joseph Grigely, Sigurdur Gudmundsson, Drew Heitzler, Anton Henning, Mark Hix, The Hut Project, Pierre Huyghe, Taka Izumi, Christian Jankowski, Alan Kane, Jacob Kassay, Gabriel Kuri, Tim Lee, Gabriel Lester, Benoît Maire, Raimundas Malašauskas, Kris Martin, Christian Matthiessen, Alan Michael, Haroon Mirza, Jonathan Monk, Jody Monteith, Sarah Morris, Olivier Mosset, Shahryar Nashat, John Henry Newton, Carsten Nicolai, Olaf Nicolai, Nishikawa, David Noonan, Roman Ondák, Pratchaya Phinthong, Tobias Rehberger, David Renggli, Amanda Ross-Ho, Eran Schaerf, David Shrigley, Lucy Skaer, Bob and Roberta Smith, Nedko Solakov, Haim Steinbach, Santo Sterne, Jack Strange, Rirkrit Tiravanija, Mark Titchner, Santo Tolone, Simon Turnbull, Uri Tzaig, Francis Upritchard, Yonatan Vinitsky, Carl Michael von Hausswolff, Lawrence Weiner, Terrance E. White, Bedwyr Williams, Jesse Wine, John Wood & Paul Harrison, Cerith Wyn Evans

“I have something for you, I’ll send it over. You know for four years now I have been trying to propagate shiso and it hasn’t grown. I tried everything: freezing and thawing the seeds, leaving them in the dark for a year, different temperatures and humidity… The seeds Taro sent me in February came up no problem, just in fine soil with a sheet of paper over the pot outside, no special equipment or lights. Crazy. The kitchen garden at home is now being taken over by green shiso plants with huge leaves everywhere. We have a glut, as the English call it. Fearful of it not reseeding and growing next year I’ve been stripping the leaves and producing shiso sugar syrup and shiso-infused vodka. The vodka is unbelievably good! I thought of proposing it to ABSOLUT as a new flavour. We’ll see. Anyway, I have a bottle for you! ”

Extract from: [Extracts from… ] A conversation between Ryan Gander and Masako Hosoi

Author / Editor: Ryan Gander, Phil Mayer with editorial assistance by Holly Featherstone, Barnie Page and Anna Stoppa
Design: Åbäke with Delphine Bourit
Year: 2013
Pages: 224
First Edition: 2000 copies
ISBN number: 978-1-907908-16-3

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Originalausgabe / Original Issue. Anita Witek. Dent-De-Leone.

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original_issue_anita_wisek_motto_distribution_01original_issue_anita_wisek_motto_distribution_03 original_issue_anita_wisek_motto_distribution_05original_issue_anita_wisek_motto_distribution_04original_issue_anita_wisek_motto_distribution_02
Originalausgabe / Original Issue. Anita Witek. Dent-De-Leone.

“This fundamental difference between reality and representation, between material and image, between original and reproduction, the conditions of contemporary image production between everyday culture and questions inherent in art, is the starting point for Anita Witek’s artistic works.” (Franz Thalmair) published here for the first time in the shape of a Vogue magazine.

Language: English and German
Editor: Anita Witek & Åbäke
Text:Walter Moser, Franz Thalmair

Price: D €35

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B-side of Onomatopeic Music. Form Next To Form Next To Form. All The Knives. Dent-De-Leone.

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B-side of Onomatopeic Music. Yuri Suzuki. Dent-De-Leone, Clear Edition & Gallery.

Is it a bird, is it a book? No, it’s BOOM, a visualisation of Yuri Suzuki’s sonic works. If an image is worth a thousand words, it can probably be worth a soundscape, a song or both, however cacophonic. Contributions by DMX Krew, Simone Grant, Tim Hunkin, Momus, Nobumichi Tosa (Maywa Denki) and Åbäke

Edition: 808 copies
Year: 2012
Language: Mostly visual, captions in English
Binding: Thread bound in black thread
Editor: Yuri Suzuki & Åbäke
Text read by: Momus

29 €

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Form Next To Form Next To Form. Nova Paul. Dent-De-Leone.

…is a book made from stills from Nova Paul’s 16mm film This is not Dying (2010). Two pieces of writing are included, Karl Steven’s liner notes on musician Ben Tawhiti and Gwynneth Porter and Nova Paul’s essay The Virtues of Trees that like a tree grew from conversations over a year, spanning into ideas of sovereignty, resistance, film analysis, genealogy and care of self and the world around us. RGB print processes were used in its design to echo the RGB optical process of three-colour-separation film itself. Whakarongo Mai, played by Ben Tawhiti on slide and steel guitar for This is not Dying, is reconfigured here on 7″ LP.

Year: 2012
First Edition: 1000 copies
Binding: Sewn
Special! with a vinyl

19 €

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All The Knives. Åbäke (Ed.). Dent-De-Leone.

Any printed story on request.

Monsieur, aimez-vous l’art? asked the man with the hat. On a positive response Robert Filiou would show an exhibition contained in a hat to a stranger. All The Knives, the box, modestly listens to Mr Filiou to reveal stories from a pocket, yours?

An exhibition curated by Åbäke with Yair Barelli, Jochen Dehn, Dirk Elst, Aurélien Froment, Vladimir Ivaneanu, Sally OäReilly, Matt Rogers and Adva Zakai, Z33, Hasselt, Belgium, 18 November 2012 — 16 February 2013. Coproduction of Frans Masereel Centrum & Z33.

13 €

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Turtles. Marie Lund. Mousse Publishing

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Turtles. Marie Lund. Mousse Publishing

This monograph on the artist Marie Lund comprises a two-sided reflection – the first mute, iconographic; the second speculative, text-based – on how we approach sculpture when it is reproduced on paper, or rather, how we approach an image of three-dimensional reality when we are offered a single, flat vantage point. It is the very act of “paging through” sculpture after sculpture, in this publication, that powerfully accentuates the texture of the materials, ranging from alabaster to steatite. Materials that have been transubstantiated into images, conceived by the artist to make our gaze wander over the stone surfaces and our mind wander through the disorienting awareness of a disallowed spatiality.

Designed by Abäke
52 Pages

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The Final Word. RCA CA&D 2011

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The Final Word. – RCA CA&D, edited by David Gibson, Livia Lima, Susanne Stahl, Jigna Chauhan, Vanessa Boni

This publication is a compilation of three books featuring work by Communication Art and Design students at the Royal College of Art. Guest artists, designers, illustrators, alumni and RCA tutors have all responded to three starter topics:

Book 1 – Fact and Fiction in a Digital Context. A text by Holly Francis that discusses the loss of authorship in the online environment, asking, who is the author? And what defines reality?

Book 2 – The Value of Things. An image of a postcard generated by Lola Halifa-Legrand exploring material artefacts in a digital environment, sent to RCA students by email.

Book 3 – New Models for Publishing. An online platform created by Pedro Cid Proença, where users can comment on the text as a whole, a section of it, or on a comment made by another user.

Contributors include Abäke, Europa, Julia, Stewart Smith, Adrian Shaughnessy and Sara de Bondt

D 13€


L’ile de La Répétition, Benoît Maire (ed). Published by Dent De Leone

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L’ile de La Répétition, Benoît Maire (ed).
Published by Dent De Leone and designed by Åbake.

John Keats, Thomas Chatterton, Søren Kirkegaard, Emily Dickinson live their lives and die for ever on this Island. The concept of Cordelia takes physical shape and becomes the obsession of John. based on Benoît Maire’s film & exhibition:
L’Ile de La Répétition (Repetition Island) and L’Espace Nu.

D 4€


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Drawing Room Confessions #2: Jason Dodge

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Drawing Room Confessions #2: Jason Dodge

Edited by Manuela Ribadeneira and Vincent Honoré
Editorial board: Åbäke & Michèle Smith
Published by Drawing Room Confessions and Mousse Publishing

D 11€
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Pre Specifics: Access X!

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Onomatopee 52: Research project
Pre-specifics: access x!
Get access to the “X” imposed by designed culture!

Not only humankind might have an “X” Factor; an environment or a product may equally have one. If a person has an “X” Factor, his power increases. Similarly, as soon as an environment or a product has an “X” Factor, it gains control over us… Let’s make this production more accesible!

PRE-SPECIFICS: ACCESS X! not only showcases luring products, spaces and concepts by contemporary artists, designers, architects and others, but actually also provides insight into their strategies. The exhibition thus features both sensory works and accountable strategies and motivations. The accompanying publication offers further notions into designed culture’s X: its productive conditions and modes of mediation.

Over recent years, ‘Design’ has progressed into a collective term for various activities of research, conceptualisation, production and even criticality. As ‘Design’ became synonymous to widespread professional authority, ‘Design’ became the name for physically imposed control and personally imposed power at large: from the spatial design of McDonald’s to the branding of the new hybrid car, from the executive stance of the spin doctor to the services of the shrink and beyond. Li Edelkoort, design guru and former director of the Design Academy, even expressed a demand for the designer-politician…. The research project PRE-SPECIFICS: ACCESS X! offers you both a rich scope of forms of “X” as an instrumental toolbox to engage the “X” in our designed culture, offering ACCESS to X!

Onomatopee commissioned a variety of proposals, first of all to map out to what extent the addressed ‘design’ practice touches upon conditions of such a type of production and, second, to situate X in practice by means of a newly produced work. The proposals have been exhibited at Röda Sten Kulturforening Göteborg. From these proposals, Onomatopee has selected the majority to be actualised at Onomatopee Eindhoven during the Dutch Design Week.

Contributors: Platform for Pedagogy (US), Uglycute (SE), Olaf Nicolai (DE), Dexter Sinister (US), Joana Meroz / Andrea Bandoni / Saron Paz (NL), Unfold (BE), Metahaven (NL), Lust (NL), Claire Fontaine (FR), Société Réaliste (FR), Ryan Gander / Abake (UK), Dave Hullfish Bailey (US) Florian Conradi / Michelle Christensen (DE).

Curators: Freek Lomme (NL) & Michael Capio (US)
Exhibition design: Dave Keune (NL)
Graphic design publication: Eric de Haas (NL)

D 15€

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