es gibt immer was zu tun in V9. ladies is trouble. a -> d. Popup Press.

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es gibt immer was zu tun in V9. ladies is trouble. a -> d. Popup Press.


es gibt immer was zu tun in V9 2013
linus gerstner
daniel künzler
adrian kaeser
A5 48 pages
in an edition of 50

10 €
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ladies is trouble 2013
numi mousie
diana buraka
A5 24 pages
in an edition of 50

5 €
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a -> d 2013
adrian kaeser
diana buraka
A3 28 pages
in an edition of 50

15 €
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Kempens Informatieblad. Jef Geys. Jef Geys & WIELS.

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Kempens Informatieblad. Jef Geys. Jef Geys & WIELS.


Paperback, 440 x 305 mm, 28 pages, ill. z/w.

Published by Jef Geys & WIELS

texts by Jef Geys, Nader Ardalan, Negar Azimi, Laleh Bakhtiar, Liesbeth Decan, Hans Ulrich Obrist & Dirk Snauwaert

Trilangual ( EN, FR, DU )


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Mousse #36

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Mousse is a bimonthly magazine published in Italian and English . Established in 2006, Mousse contains interviews, conversations, and essays by some of the most important figures in international criticism and curation, alternated with a series of distinctive columns in a unique tabloid format.

Mousse magazine number 36 including texts by Jens Hoffmann, Boris Groys, Anthony Huberman, Jessica Morgan, Alexander Nagel, Anna Colin amongst others.

Editor In Chief: Edoardo Bonaspetti
Art Director: Francesco Valtolina

D 9€

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Horizon Pages @ Motto Melbourne. 02.11.12

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Horizon Pages and Motto Melbourne present the launch of Horizon Pages’ third publication, Small Entry by Sydney based artist and musician Matthew P Hopkins.

Including performances by Matthew Hopkins and Peasant Genes (Christopher L G Hill and Alex Vivian).

Small Entry by Matthew P Hopkins
Broadsheet Poster and one sided flexi-disc
Edition of 250

5pm – 8pm

Motto Melbourne
15-25 Keele St.
VIC 3066

Performances start at 6pm.

Sydney Launch: November 6th at The AV Club, Leichardt with Hair Hochman (Yoni of Holy Balm) and Moffarfarrah (Christopher L G Hill)

indexnewspaper #2.

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indexnewspaper #2, Amélia Brandão Costa and Rodrigo Costa Lima (Ed.).

Indexnewspaper is a trimonthly magazine of architecture printed in newspaper paper. It is a publication with a bilingual edition, English and Portuguese, and worldwide distribution. The editorial contains an interview, a visit to an office, projects and works, and essays. The front cover has an ” artwork ” designed by an invited artist.

Issue #2 (Apr-Jun 2012) includes:
INTERVIEW/Manuel Aires Mateus, ATELIER/Camilo Rebelo, PROJECTS/De Vylder Vinck Taillieu/Emilio Marin/Ensamble Studio/Tetsuo Kondo Unulaunu, ESSAYS/Eduardo Castillo/Moritz Agné

D 5 €

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Narratives – Relazioni. Baghdad. Red Zone, Green Zone, Babylon. Giovanna Silva. Mousse Publishing.

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Narratives – Relazioni. Baghdad. Red Zone, Green Zone, Babylon. Giovanna Silva. Mousse Publishing.

The first volume of a series that narrates, through images, the history of countries at war or in situations of crisis. Through a combination of evocative images that describe the country in an abstract but precise way, each place is revealed through a narrative path that is simply suggested by the author and can be freely modified by the reader. The images are only halfway legible and can be viewed entirely only by extracting the individual pages – which are not bound, like a newspaper – whose sequence can be freely reorganized each time.

In this first volume the protagonist is Baghdad, described as a fortified city, as a place still defended by walls and thus comparable to its historical precursor, Babylon. After Baghdad, the series will continue with portraits of Afghanistan, the Gulf of Aden, Egypt and Syria.

Format: 14 posters in a folder (26.5 x 38 cm)

D 5€

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YYY #1.

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YYY #1.

YYY is an experimental photography zine.
For each issue two photographers are invited for a ride, to make a photographic conversation of sorts within the pages of a tabloid magazine. The printed publication is planned to be published on a biannual basis.
Issue 1 is made with Teemu Lehmusruusu and Shira Igell. YYY font and logo are made by Mikko Varakas.
YYY is curated, published and self-funded by Katri Naukkarinen.

D 5€


Peep-Hole Sheet #11: Pedro Barateiro – The Artist As Spectator. Mousse Publishing.

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Peep-Hole Sheet #11: Pedro Barateiro – The Artist As Spectator

Peep-Hole Sheet is a quarterly of writings by artists.
Each issue is dedicated solely to one artist, who is invited to contribute with an unpublished text whose content is completely free in terms both of subject and format.
The texts are published in their original language, with accompanying translations in English and Italian. All images are deliberately avoided. Peep-Hole Sheet is meant for those who believe artists are catalysts for ideas all around us, and who want to read their words without any filter.
Over time it aspires to build up an anthology of writings that might open new perspectives for interpreting and understanding our times.

Written in 2005 and unpublished until now, The Artist as Spectator is conceived as a flux, a collection of thoughts that accompany the work of Pedro Barateiro: “I will be re-writing my own words for the rest of my life, that’s for sure. I will go on for my own reasons, creating my own language.”
A work which delineates, above all, a reflexive act and possibility of a “release from seizure,” departing from the awareness that we are all coopted into the logic of the Market/Spectacle that art, in some way, foretells. The invitation is therefore that of recovering the gaze toward ourselves and the world, always staying on the scene of the crime, always on the verge of disappearance. The object, the video, the artistic means becomes a gun pointed to the temple: we can wait for something (the world, time) to change, or decide to aim the weapon.

D 10€


Eleven To Liverpool-Street. Katja Stuke. Böhm/Kobayashi.

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Eleven To Liverpool-Street. Katja Stuke. Böhm/Kobayashi.

Katja Stuke
11 to Liverpool-Street
December 2011
Edition of 150, numbered and signed
48 pages, 21 colour plates

D 35€


One Question, Nine Possible Answers, Three Rooms #1. Melanie Bonajo.

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One Question, Nine Possible Answers, Three Rooms #1. Melanie Bonajo.

Room 1 – psychics:
Connie, Cynthia, Danny, Destiny, Elza, Gadesha, John, Linda and Lisette.

Room 2
9 posters by Melanie Bonajo

Room III
Özlem Altin, Bianca Casady, Simone Gilges, Sabina Maria van der Linden, Alexandra Leykauf, Kinga Kielczynska, Joseph Marzolla, Emmeline de Mooij, Shana Moulton.

This publication is part of the installation Afterlife – An Unexplored Continent shown at the exhibition Afterlife – art on the final destination, which takes place at Nederlands Uitvaart Museum Tot Zover and is published on the occasion of Melanie Bonajo project space grant of the Mondrian Fonds, at the Künstlerhaus Behtanien, Berlin.

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