Mousse #36

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Mousse is a bimonthly magazine published in Italian and English . Established in 2006, Mousse contains interviews, conversations, and essays by some of the most important figures in international criticism and curation, alternated with a series of distinctive columns in a unique tabloid format.

Mousse magazine number 36 including texts by Jens Hoffmann, Boris Groys, Anthony Huberman, Jessica Morgan, Alexander Nagel, Anna Colin amongst others.

Editor In Chief: Edoardo Bonaspetti
Art Director: Francesco Valtolina

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X Initiative Yearbook. Cecilia Alemani. Mousse Publishing.

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X Initiative Yearbook. Edited by Cecilia Alemani.
Published by Mousse Publishing, 2010.

An introduction by founder Elizabeth Dee, and contributions by Carlo Basualdo, Stuart Comer, Christoph Cox, Jeffrey Deitch, Alexander Dumbadze, Hal Foster, Liam Gillick, Massimiliano Gioni, RoseLee Goldberg, Ed Halter, Laura Hoptman, Chrissie Isle, Jeffery Inaba, David Joselit, Emily and Sarah Kunstler, Margaret Lee, Sylvère Lotringer, Kevin McGarry, James Meyer, Ceci Moss, Lee Patterson, Lindsay Pollock, Andrew Roth, Johannes Vogt, McKenzie Wark.

Part anthology, part diary, the book comes as a testament of one of the most important and original initiatives that came to embody and define a new approach to art exhibiting and fruition during the recent recession, one that certainly did not spare the contemporary art world. The X Initiative Yearbook is essential reading to browse retrospectively one dense year of art at 548 22nd West St, and to know more about some of the most significant artists who are shaping the current panorama.

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