Wiggle – “Best of” USB Drive

Posted in Japan, music on January 2nd, 2024
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Wiggle “Best of” USB Drive
A USB drive disguised as a cassette tape created for the Berlin concert at Panke Gallery in 2023. Contains tracks selected from all of their releases to date (1996-2023) as well as a megamix of most of their songs.

Handmade by Gil Kuno using glitching techniques on a laser cutter.

Wiggle “Best of 1996-2023”

01 Boik
02 Warning
03 Daisuki Me (Alternative Mix featuring Sexy Funko)
04 Signal Fault (featuring Cristian Vogel)
05 Feedback
06 Headbash (featuring Ken Ishii)
07 Krictl
08 Wadjala Spirit (featuring Ken Ishii)
09 Pejuta (featuring Tatsuya Yoshida [Ruins])
10 Let It Wiggle (featuring Ken Ishii)
11 Fridgeon
12 Amphibian
13 Discoship
14 Megamix

Wiggle members (past and present): Gil Kuno, Simon Bennett, Brett Boyd, Tatsuya Oe, Linda, RinaRina, Murochin, Eiichiro Suzuki

Wiggle website: wiggle.band

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