Phantom City – Kim Bouvy

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Phantom City – A photo novel, Kim Bouvy

In this photographic novel, Dutch artist Kim Bouvy explores the way urban surroundings are perceived and valued – and how that is reflected in the visual culture, including art and architecture. Bouvy focuses on the city of Rotterdam through 160 images culled from newspaper clippings, promotional materials, postcards, and other images, which she mixes with photographs she took around Rotterdam between 2003 and 2009. Through these images and texts, Bouvy weaves a tale about a phantom city, a place that everybody recognizes but no one knows, where the present, future and past collide and merge into an unexpected narrative. Another thought-provoking work from this poet of the “condition urbaine.”

D 32€
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Anfang gut, alles gut. @ Motto Berlin. 29.4.2010

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Thursday, April 29, 2010, 6.30pm @ Motto Berlin.

Anfang gut, alles gut. Beginning good. All good.
Presentation of the first Fanzine with a short introduction, sound recordings.

Actualization of „Pobeda nad solncem“ (Victory over the Sun) (1913) with contributions by Thomas Baldischwyler, Mareike Bernien & Kerstin Schroedinger, Nine Budde, Ruth May, Avigail Moss, Peter Wächtler, Susanne M. Winterling

The futurist opera “Victory over the Sun”, which was written and staged in 1913 in Petersburg wanted to “establish a collective work on the basis of word, painting and music”. Those are the words of the opera’s authors, the painter Kasimir Malewitsch, the musician Michail Matjuschin and the poets Alexeij Krutschenych and Welimir Chlebnikov, who wanted to create an ‚antiharmonious’ work – against the spirit of their times.
In Beginning good. All good, an actualization of „Pobeda nad solncem“ (Victory over the Sun), will translate this programmatic on the basis of the historical text and documentation of its stagings and reception into the present. The project brings together about 40 artists, musicians, theoreticians and people from other disciplines in order realize the exhibition project in May 2011 – one year after the publishing of this issue. With the project we would like to dismantle the opera’s self-enclose form into those artistic fragments and traces, which seem to correspond with the present, to than reconstruct them as actualized reformulations. To make the pre-production visible, we will produce a series of three subsequent fanzines for may 2010, october 2010 and january 2011.

The project is initiated by Nina Köller and Kerstin Stakemeier.

May #3

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May #3

Grève humaine (interrompue)
Fulvia Carnevale and John Kelsey in conversation / Conversation entre Fulvia Carnevale et John Kelsey

“Besides, With, Against, and Yet: Abstraction and The Ready-Made Gesture”*
Caroline Busta

La Grande Parade **
Dork Zabunyan

Qu’est-ce qu’une mauvaise exposition ?
What Is a Bad Exhibition ?
Paul Sztulman

The Complete Poem / Le poème complet
Chris Kraus

Leçons d’Éric Rohmer  / Lessons from Éric Rohmer
Julien Mahon

CityCat, deflected in response to a system built up from under-examined details. 2 December, 2006 and 9 May, 2009, Brisbane River
Dave Hullfish Bailey

Shaping, Structuring, and Editing the Past
Interview with Richard Hertz
Catherine Chevalier

Édition limitée / Limited Edition
Lili Reynaud Dewar

D 10€
Available for distribution.
(Issue #1 and #2 are still available).

Ultraviolet Magazine – The “And Justice for All” issue

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Ultraviolet Magazine, The “And Justice for All” issue.
This magazine was compiled by Nessie De Witte.

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Angst #1

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Angst #1

ANGST is the new magazine from publisher/editor Fiona Bryson. The first issue of the A5-format magazine contains articles about photographer Sibylle Bergemann, artist Cyprien Gaillard, designer Gosha Rubchinskiy and actor/musician River Phoenix as well as photo-stories from Anastasia Freygang, Alexandra Catiere and Atlanta Rascher, among others.

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032c #19

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032c #19

featuring William T. Vollmann, Cy Twombly, Rick Owens , Matthew Barney, Lord George Weidenfeld and more.

D 10€

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Fantastic Man Spring / Summer 2010

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Fantastic Man Spring / Summer 2010

featuring Wolfgang Tillmans, Fabio, Alexis Taylor from Hot Chip and more.

D 7.50€


PA/PER VIEW 22-25- Wiels, Brussels (Photo report)

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In Point of Fact – Darri Lorenzen

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In Point of Fact, Darri Lorenzen
This booklet is published by Krome Gallery on the occasion of Darri Lorenzen’s exhibtion In Point of Fact at Krome Gallery, December 12, 2009 – February 13, 2010.

D 10€

The Countdown Poster Magazine – Nora Schultz

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The Countdown Poster Magazine
A collaboration between Nora Schultz and Manuel Raeder.
This catalogue is published by the Kölnischer Kunstverein on the occasion of the exhibition 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 by Nora
Schultz, Kölnischer Kunstverein, 23.04.09 – 07.06.09

D 7€