Coterie Photo Magazine KYUSHU I. Miki Matsuoka, Yoshinbu Uchida, Yuya Ozaki

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coterie_photo_magazine_kyushu_i_miki_matsuoka_yoshinbu_uchida_yuya_ozaki_motto_books_1coterie_photo_magazine_kyushu_i_miki_matsuoka_yoshinbu_uchida_yuya_ozaki_motto_books_2  coterie_photo_magazine_kyushu_i_miki_matsuoka_yoshinbu_uchida_yuya_ozaki_motto_books_4 coterie_photo_magazine_kyushu_i_miki_matsuoka_yoshinbu_uchida_yuya_ozaki_motto_books_5 coterie_photo_magazine_kyushu_i_miki_matsuoka_yoshinbu_uchida_yuya_ozaki_motto_books_6 coterie_photo_magazine_kyushu_i_miki_matsuoka_yoshinbu_uchida_yuya_ozaki_motto_books_7 coterie_photo_magazine_kyushu_i_miki_matsuoka_yoshinbu_uchida_yuya_ozaki_motto_books_8coterie_photo_magazine_kyushu_i_miki_matsuoka_yoshinbu_uchida_yuya_ozaki_motto_books_3

Date of Issue: Sep. 4th, 2014

Binding Specification: Wireless stitch

No. of Issues: 300 copies


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Bookstores from Tokyo @ Motto Berlin. 22.03.14 – 05.04.14.

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Bookstores from Tokyo

Motto Berlin presents the small fair ‘BOOKSTORES from TOKYO’ for two weeks; a project which introduces new & old Japanese books selected by five independent bookstores in Tokyo:

Archipelago Books

Book Apart

Book Storage

Nostos Books

Snow Shoveling

Accompanying the publications is a collection of unique stationery products made in Japan.

The project is conceived and curated by Jun Harada.

BOOKSTORES from TOKYO @ Motto Berlin. 22.03-05.04.2014

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Japanese books and stationery fair @ Motto Berlin
Saturday 22 March – Saturday 5 April 2014
Opening on 22 March – from 5 pm

Five independent bookstores from Tokyo are coming to Berlin:

Motto Berlin presents the small fair ‘BOOKSTORES from TOKYO’ for two weeks. A project which introduces new & old Japanese books selected by five independent bookstores in Tokyo, run by young owners in their 20s to 30s, as well as a collection of unique stationery products made in Japan.

Study. Go Itami. Rondade. Motto Berlin. 2-6.08.2013.

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Study. Go Itami. Rondade.

Photographs by Go Itami

1976: Born in Tokushima, Japan / 2011: Sraunus / 2012:
The 2012 Unpublished Award, Unseen Photo Fair, Offprint,
Offprint Paris (Paris Photo), KiOSK (Paris Photo), 10×10
Japanese Photobooks at ICP (NY Art Book Fair), Space
Cadet Actual Exhibition#1 / 2013: sktnkyshi at Vacant
Tokyo, Compilation Tokyo

Published by the Tokyo-based music and art label RONDADE.

Size: 29.6 x 41.7 cm

28 €
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Setsuko Hara. Richard Bevan & Tamsin Clark. The Block.

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Setsuko Hara. Richard Bevan & Tamsin Clark. The Block.

Photos and film stills of the Japanese actress Setsuko Hara, who is known for performing in, among many other films, Yasujirō Ozu’s “Late Spring” and “Tokyo Story.”

Published in London 2013
Designed by Wolfram Wiedner Studio
96 Pages
ISBN 978 0 9566757 4 3

D 9€

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hanayo. Doppelgänger N Da Hood. limArt

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hanayo. Doppelgänger N Da Hood. limArt

This book was published in August 2012 for an exhibition at limArt.
ISBN: 978-4-9905254-8-4
D 32€

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Akaaka / Japanese books @ Motto Berlin. 12.2012

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Following Akaaka’s presentation on November 23, Motto Berlin keeps a selection of japanese books on display until christmas.

(vitrine installation by Yu Yamauchi)

HOT BOOK. Ken Kagami. Misako&Rosen

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HOT BOOK. Ken Kagami

Published in conjunction with the exhibition “Hot” at MISAKO & ROSEN, Tokyo, in 2012.

D 11€

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CMBMC Magazine Ann Issue. CMBMC

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Participating Artists:
Victoria Long
Ten Yetman
Natsuki Mukai
Miki Kishida
Yoko Sakamoto
Nina Hartmann

Publisher : CMBMC PRESS
Date : 2012 spring/summer
Size : 148 x 210 mm
Pages : 32p
Edition of 500
printed by colonbooks


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SWISS. Yurie Nagashima. Akaaka

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“No matter how grand the vision, when a person thinks of something the image that he sees is no more than the trifling and ordinary scene that he is so accustomed to–as one’s bedroom.” From the artist’s statement accompanying the exhibition of SWISS+ In 2007, Nagashima participated in an artists residence program in the Village Nomade of Switzerland and the photographs she made at that time are reproduced in this volume, which are of flowers along with views of her residence and her son. The images were inspired by a set of flower photographs she found in a box of her recently deceased grandfather’s home. The photographs in that box were made by her grandmother twenty-five years prior. Nagashima’s work is characterized by her documentation of her family. Through the pictures of flowers and her diaristic entries, she has found a new means of creating a document of her family despite the separation of time and distance. Wedged into the pages randomly–not unlike a scrapbook– are airline tickets, memos, and blank sheets of craft paper. The sense of shuffle and easy re-ordering dispenses with linear narrative in favor of an accidental, open-ended reading. This makes the book’s art direction and design are integral components of the project, blending together visual and text elements with found matter. Her diary-style entires are printed on tracing paper and seem to be typed out with a typewriter with keys out of register. The deliberate slowness of the book’s aesthetic is the vehicle for presenting the photography.

Language: Japanese
Pages: 214
Size: 215 × 290 mm
Weight: 900 g
Binding: Hardcover (in 20 different colors!)


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