Occasional Papers @ Motto Vancouver. 17.09.2011

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Born in Flames: Screening and Talk @ Motto Vancouver
September 17, 5 – 8pm

Motto Vancouver and Fillip are pleased to present a special launch event in conjunction with the recent release of Born in Flames published by Occasional Papers, London. Based on Lizzie Borden’s 1983 film of the same name, the book investigates New York’s radical feminist and lesbian communities through an account of a fictional dystopia set ten years after a peaceful Socialist revolution.

Artist Kaisa Lassinaro and publishers Sara De Bondt and Antony Hudek will join us from London via Skype to introduce the project, followed by a screening of Borden’s film (running time: 80min).

The launch will occur alongside a special presentation of Occasional Papers’ back catalogue, on view at Motto Vancouver through October. Founded in 2008 by De Bondt and Hudek, Occasional Papers is a non-profit publisher devoted to the histories of architecture, art, design, film and literature.

For more information see: http://occasionalpapers.org/

Larry’s, Susanna Browne, Dirk Wright @ Motto Vancouver. 28.05.2011

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Saturday, May 28 · 2:00pm – 4:00pm

Office Hours: Publications Launch

Larry’s se7en
Susanna Browne: Country War Songs
Dirk Wright: Taking Pictures

Motto Vancouver is pleased to present a reception for the release of three publications as part of the exhibition Office Hours

Susanna Browne: Country War Songs
Country War Songs compiles country songs produced in the wake of the events on 9/11 as an exposé into the poetics and politics of contemporary country music. Published by Publication Studio Vancouver. For more information see: www.publicationstudio.biz.

Dirk Wright: Taking Pictures
Taking Pictures is a collection of mobile phone photographs–images captured through a live streaming website over the course of a three hour window during which the the iPhone’s MMS encryption was hacked. Self published with an accompanying essay by Amy Zion.

Larry’s se7en
Published over the course of the Office Hours exhibition, the seventh edition of Larry’s will also be available. Larry’s se7en was produced by sending content from Berlin through Dropbox to a printer in Vancouver. This raw material, manipulated through a re-digitizationation process, was then edited to produce its final form specifically for the exhibition. Established in 2007 by Maxwell Simmer, Martin Thacker & Mathieu Malouf, Larry’s is a multi-platform publication and creative initiative of Art, Design & Lifestyle from Berlin, Germany. For more information see: www.larrys.eu.

Motto Vancouver
555 Hamilton Street
Vancouver, BC

German Parliaments. Linda Pollack. Edition Solitude

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German Parliaments. Linda Pollack
Edition Solitude, 1997.
(2 books)

D 10€

Fillip #13

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Fillip #13
Contributors: Antonia Hirsh, Jan Verwoert, Candice Hopkins, Carson Chan, Anthony Downey, Jeff Khonsary, Claire Tancons and Jesse McKee, Lisa Marshall, Haema Sivanesan, Ryan Trecartin and Kristina Lee Podesva.

D 12€


Available for distribution.

25th International Biennial of Graphic Arts Ljubljana. 2003. Jrp-Ringier

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25th International Biennial of Graphic Arts Ljubljana.

This catalog brings together all the projects represented at the 25th Biennal of Ljubljana.

Organised in six chapters, it includes an introduction by Christophe Cherix, an overview of the history of the Biennal, artists’ texts, and interviews, as well as numerous illustrations in black and white. With contributions by artists such as John Armleder, Isa Genzken, Lucy McKenzie, Robert Morris, Seth Price, and Allen Ruppersberg.

Published in collaboration with the International Centre of Graphic Arts, Ljubljana. Edited by Christophe Cherix. Designed by Gilles Gavillet, and given an award at the “Most Beautiful Swiss Books” competition, 2003.

English / Slovenian
June 2003
ISBN: 978-2-940271-26-9
Softcover, 189 x 229 mm
274 pages
Images 88 b/w

D 23€


Tokyo Tokyo. Wassik Lundgren. Kodoji Press. Artbeat Publishers

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Tokyo Tokyo. Wassik Lundgren
published by Kodoji Press, Artbeat Publishers

D 32€

Available for distribution

Komma (after Dalton Trumbo’s Johnny Got His Gun), Antonia Hirsh.

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Komma (after Dalton Trumbo’s Johnny Got His Gun), Antonia Hirsh
Includes an accompanying pamphlet with essays by Maria Muhle and Kristina Lee Podesva.

The companion piece to a 16 mm film installation by the same title, Antonia Hirsch’s book is based on Hollywood scriptwriter Dalton Trumbo’s seminal anti-war novel Johnny Got His Gun. As a modified facsimile of the original book’s first edition, the project re-imagines Trumbo’s novel through its syntactical idiosyncrasy, the omission of all commas.

The word “comma” is derived from the Greek komma, meaning “something cut off,” reflecting eerily on the plight of the fictional Johnny—a young American soldier who has been brutally mutilated as a result of combat.

Addressing issues of silencing, censorship, and instrumentalization, the project is refracted through the original novel’s historical context and Trumbo’s personal history. Komma proposes to represent the suppressed or “negative space” of the novel by isolating the text’s missing commas, rendering visible a subtext that the author made traceable only through an absence.

2011, English
14 x 20.3 cm, 316 + 16-page pamphlet
ISBN: 978-0-9738133-9-5
Published by Fillip Editions, an imprint of Fillip, Vancouver, specializing in books of critical writing and artists’ publications.

D 30€


Available for Distribution.

Motto Vancouver Store launch. 9.12.2010

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December 9, 6pm
Motto Vancouver launch (permanent store!)

The opening takes place of the occasion of the Or Gallery Edition Sale: A one-night artists’ edition sale with work from Artspeak, the Or Gallery, the CAG and others. Fillip will also also present a portion of the AAAARG Library Card Catalogue project.

Motto Vancouver
at the Or Gallery
555 Hamilton Street
Vancouver BC
Canada V6B 2R1

Motto Vancouver is organized in collaboration with Fillip publisher Jeff Khonsary.

I can’t see. Oscar Tuazon. Paraguay Press / DoPe Press

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I can’t see. Oscar Tuazon., Edited by Oscar Tuazon, with Thomas Boutoux, Pierre-François Letué and Dorothée Perret
Texts in English, German and French
Paraguay Press/ DoPe Press
2010. Edition of 2000
272 pages

Produced in the aftermath of the solo exhibitions recently organized at the Centre international d’art et du paysage de l’île de Vassivière (France); the Kunsthalle Bern (Switzerland) and the Parc Saint Léger – Centre d’art contemporain (France), I CAN’T SEE stands as the first comprehensive monograph on the work developed by American artist Oscar Tuazon since 2002. It was co-published with Do.Pe Press and features more than 250 pages of images of works and documents, a series of short texts authored by Ariana Reines, Matthew Stadler, Cedar Sigo, Karl Holmqvist, Thomas Boutoux, Carissa Rodriguez, Eileen Myles and David Lewis as well as a long interview with the artist done by Chiara Parisi, Sandra Patron and Philippe Pirotte, the curators of his recent shows.

D 28€
Buy: orders@mottodistribution.com
Available for distribution.

MONO KULTUR #16: Miranda July

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Miranda July is the protagonist of the new issue of Mono Kultur!. Again inventively packed, the cover unfolds as a nice double sided poster with text and lots of images!!

mono kultur #16010420081382

D 4€