Larry’s, Susanna Browne, Dirk Wright @ Motto Vancouver. 28.05.2011

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Saturday, May 28 · 2:00pm – 4:00pm

Office Hours: Publications Launch

Larry’s se7en
Susanna Browne: Country War Songs
Dirk Wright: Taking Pictures

Motto Vancouver is pleased to present a reception for the release of three publications as part of the exhibition Office Hours

Susanna Browne: Country War Songs
Country War Songs compiles country songs produced in the wake of the events on 9/11 as an exposé into the poetics and politics of contemporary country music. Published by Publication Studio Vancouver. For more information see:

Dirk Wright: Taking Pictures
Taking Pictures is a collection of mobile phone photographs–images captured through a live streaming website over the course of a three hour window during which the the iPhone’s MMS encryption was hacked. Self published with an accompanying essay by Amy Zion.

Larry’s se7en
Published over the course of the Office Hours exhibition, the seventh edition of Larry’s will also be available. Larry’s se7en was produced by sending content from Berlin through Dropbox to a printer in Vancouver. This raw material, manipulated through a re-digitizationation process, was then edited to produce its final form specifically for the exhibition. Established in 2007 by Maxwell Simmer, Martin Thacker & Mathieu Malouf, Larry’s is a multi-platform publication and creative initiative of Art, Design & Lifestyle from Berlin, Germany. For more information see:

Motto Vancouver
555 Hamilton Street
Vancouver, BC

Larry’s 6. The design issue

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Larry’s 6. the design issue
colour, DINA3; featuring a photo story with Natascha Goldenberg and Alexander Semino

D 15€


Splurge on a designer suit / Its going to pay for itself almost immediately

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Splurge on a designer suit / Its going to pay for itself almost immediately, Maxwell Simmer

A Larry’s Publication, 2010

D 4€

Larry’s and Asher Penn @ Motto. 18.07.09

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Larry’s + Asher Penn @ Motto. 18.07.09

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D 150€