Talk: Patricia Falguières – MOTTO@WIELS – 30.01.2013 (7pm)

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Erg and WIELS invite you to the talk by Patricia Falguières, on the occasion of the launch of two books:

White Cube – L’espace de la galerie et son idéologie        
Les Cabinets d’art et de merveilles de la Renaissance tardive. Une contribution à l’histoire du collectionnisme.


Talk: Branden W. Joseph – MOTTO@WIELS – 18.01.2013 (7pm)

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In his book Random Order, Branden W. Joseph provides a penetrating analysis of the most important works in the production of Robert Rauschenberg during the 1950s and 1960s, by placing them in the context of the American neo-avant-garde and with particular emphasis on the relationship that the artist had with the composer John Cage.

Random Order offers a penetrating analysis of the major works of Rauschenberg, a redefinition of the paradigm of neo-avant-garde as a reflection on postmodern subjectivity.

Branden W. Joseph teaches modern and contemporary art at Columbia University (New York) and is one of the founders of the journal Grey Room.

Joëlle Tuerlinck. Lexicon. Wiels.

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Lexicon by Joëlle Tuerlinck

A comprehensive lexicon, written by the artist Joëlle Tuerlinckx, accompanies the exhibition WOR(LD)K IN PROGRESS? in Wiels Brussels (22.09.2012 – 06.01.2013). Accompanied by an illustrated folder containing 3 extracts from the ‘Cahiers du Progrès?’, material for conference and publication.

D 10 €

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Also available in French: Buy it

Leigh Ledare, et al. Elena Filipovic (Ed.). WIELS, Mousse Publishing

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Leigh Ledare, et al, Elena Filipovic (Ed.), published by WIELS, Mousse Publishing.

Leigh Ledare, et al. is published by WIELS Contemporary Art Centre, Brussels, and Mousse, Milan, in conjunction with the exhibition organized by WIELS (8 September – 25 November 2012), in collaboration with the Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Copenhagen (18 January – 12 May 2013).

With texts by Elena Filipovic and Nicolas Guagnini
Interview with Leigh Ledare by David Joselit

Designed by Garrick Gott, New York
Design assistance by Yoshie Hozumi
Typeset in Larish Neue and Life

Printed and bound in Belgium by Die Keure, Bruges

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Jeremy Deller. Joy in People. Hayward Publishing.

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Joy in People, Jeremy Deller

To accompany the Hayward Gallery exhibition of the same name this 216 page catalogue on the artist, filmmaker, curator and cultural archivist Jeremy Deller presents compelling, subversive works from his entire career.

The Turner-Prize winning artist has been hugely influential and this comprehensive catalogue is the first book to cover his entire career. In addition to essays by esteemed cultural theorist Stuart Hall, music historian Rob Young and Hayward Gallery’s Ralph Rugoff, there is also a conversation between Deller and curator Matthew Higgs and a focus piece by the artist’s mother.

Contains 180 colour illustrations.

D 32.80 €

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Michael Van den Abeele. A Toast to the Ghost, the Host. Wiels.

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A Toast to the Ghost, the Host, Michael Van den Abeele.

RENDER ME REAL. Millions of computers are rendering in the night; rendering everything more real, more realistic; rendering a new generation of extraterrestrials looking more real that the ones before; a new generation of dinosaurs, now feathered but covered in fur soon enough, if current rendering is done; of evil midget-like creatures; of astonishing landscapes covered with paramount super-structures and populated by the millions; a new generation of things as yet indescribable, but imperatively more real and convincing than before. The real is chased after like a deer; like the hunter that changed into a deer, now chased by his own dogs…

Includes a conversation between Michael Van den Abeele and Dennis Cooper.

Published on the occasion of Un-Scene II (exposition June 2012) at Wiels, Centre for Contemporary Art.

D 15 €

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Daan van Golden. Apperception. Roma Publications.

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Apperception, Daan van Golden.

From the early geometric abstraction to the recent series of silhouette paintings, passing through photographic works and ephemera never printed before, Apperception offers a comprehensive gathering of Daan van Golden’s work to date. It also includes a list of his work, arranged by medium and chronologically, and the collections that hold them. With essays by Devrim Bayar, Sven Lütticken and Erik Thys.

Daan van Golden was born in 1936 in Rotterdam. He lives & works in Schiedam, The Netherlands.

Roma Publication 182. Design: Inge Ketelers

D 40 €

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Un-Scene II. Wiels.

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Un-Scene II. Wiels.

Record produced to accompany the exhibition Un-Scene II at WIELS. Design by Sara De Bondt studio.


Nel Aerts
Auer & Jurczak
Sophie Nys
Peter Wächtler
Eleonore Saintagnan
Vincent Meesen

and more.

D 15 €

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Bike and Bolex. Mai Hofstad Gunnes. WIELS.

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Bike and Bolex. Mai Hofstad Gunnes. WIELS.

This book is published as a part of Mai Hofstad Gunnes’ solo exhibition at WIELS Contemporary Art Centre in Brussels from 18 February to 11 March 2012.

D 10€

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Sophie Nys and Richard Venlet. Grotto @ Wiels. 20.11.2011

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Book launch & signing of ‘Catecismo – Paraíso Tropical’
A publication by Sophie Nys and Richard Venlet

Text by Dieter Roelstraete:
The Brazilian. Chapters from the Unwritten History of Lusotropical Sexuality.

Sunday, November 20, 4:00-6:00pm
WIELS, Av. Van Volxemlaan 354, 1190 Brussels

Published by Grotto

The book will be on show until November 27 at WIELS within the context of
Ricardo Basbaum’s participative project for the exhibition ‘A Rua’ in M HKA