Jean-Luc Manz Notebooks (1989–2014). Julie Enckell Julliard (Ed.). Musée Jenisch, JRP Ringier

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Jean-Luc Manz’s paintings, which he has been making since 1977, could be described as geometric abstractions. However, they share very little with the Swiss Concrete art tradition. They refer instead to the practices of John M Armleder and Helmut Federle. Their geometric vocabulary is infused with expressive stances and appropriation, as if they wanted to recreate, through the act of painting, a relationship with the world. Manz’s notebooks, published here for the first time in this 1,000-page volume, prove that his compositions are anchored in a system of correspondence with the art of the past—from Islamic decorative art to Egyptian memories, everyday encounters, and his personal life.


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Pierrette Bloch. (Retrospective monograph). JRP-Ringier. Musée Jenisch

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Born in 1928, Swiss artist Pierrette Bloch has been active in the field of postwar abstraction and contemporary drawing since the 1950s. A student of Henri Goetz and André Lhote, she developed a corpus of drawings, collages, and three-dimensional pieces whose key principles are an economy of means (ink, paper, mesh, and horsehair), the use of primary forms (dots, curls, and lines) and seriality, and the reduction to black and white.

For this first complete monograph dedicated to Pierrette Bloch’s practice from the 1950s to the 1980s, the editor of the book and Musée Jenisch diretor Julie Enckell Julliard has invited contributions from an international panel of authors and art critics including Catherine de Zegher, Pamela M. Lee, and Philippe Piguet. Their essays address the different components of the artist’s work, from a very attentive approach to her drawing practice to a reflection on her position within art history. A complete biographical essay by Laurence Schmidlin concludes the book.

Edited by Julie Enckell Julliard. Author(s): Julie Enckell Julliard, Pamela M. Lee, Nicolas Muller, Philippe Piguet, Laurence Schmidlin, Catherine de Zegher

English / French
November 2013
ISBN: 978-3-03764-329-7
Hardcover, 280 x 270 mm
180 pages
Images 80 color / 36 b/w

Published with Musée Jenisch, Vevey (Switzerland).

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Super Green Horn. Erik Steinbrecher. JRP-Ringier Special Edition.

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Super Green Horn. Erik Steinbrecher. JRP-Ringier Special Edition.

In 100 copies of his new publication, “Super Green Horn,” Erik Steinbrecher has inserted
grass between the front cover and the first page. The book is a product for the exhibition Graphic Detour at Stichting Nationaal Museum voor Grafische Vormgeving De Beyerd.

Design: Norm, Zürich and Erik Steinbrecher.
The book is signed and numbered in the inside back cover.

D 70€

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Bruno Serralongue

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The series of images Bruno Serralongue produces, explains critic Pascal Beausse, “are the result of protocols which lead him to confront the concrete conditions under which information is produced and disseminated. Breaking with the supposed self-sufficiency of art, he travels regularly to places where news is happening.” Working alongside photojournalists or on commissions, he uses these professional procedures to produce his work while at the same time readily abandoning some of the prerogatives and decisions that are usually attached to artistic activity. “His pronounced refusal,” says Beausse, “of his own signature effects, places him in a clear documentary lineage. His critical approach to the status of news images is that of a line of thinking deriving from Conceptual art and the interventionist strategies of the early 1990s.”

This publication offers an overview on Serralongue’s work, organized in series and by typologies. It is accompanied by a discussion between the artist and curators Marta Gili and Dirk Snauwaert, as well as with a new essay by Carles Guerra.

Published by JRP Ringier with Jeu de Paume, Paris; Wiels, Brussels; and La Virreina Centre de la Imatge, Barcelona..

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Erik Steinbrecher . Arabesque à gogo

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Erik Steinbrecher Arabesque à gogo

A project by the Swiss artist for his exhibition at Pasqu’Art in Bienne.

This book contains a series of images collected by the artist (barricades, barbed-wire enclosures, bamboo stockades, wood fences), illustrating the theme of frontiers and their limits.

Co-published with the Centre Pasq’Art, Bienne and JRP Ringier. Designed by Cornel Windlin.

Softcover, 240 x 314 mm
94 pages
Images 90 b/w

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