“Prose and poetry reading for the working class and other laborers.” Contributors: Nora Schultz, Kayla Guthrie, Nicholas Sewitz, Clarice Lispector, Juliana Huxtable, Keren Cytter. 01.05.2016, 7 pm @ Wendy’s Subway, Brooklyn.

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Dear friends and families,

Please join us to celebrate an Asexual international working day on May 1.

With contributions by Nora Schultz, Kayla Guthrie, Nicholas Sewitz, Clarice Lispector, Juliana Huxtable and Keren Cytter.

The event is hosted by Jack Gross.

On the occasion of Motto’s temporary bookstore at Wendy’s Subway, open every Saturday and Sunday from 12pm to 6pm and during evening events, May 1st through May 29th.

**Free Vodka**

May Day for Worker and Communists – “A decidedly non-pagan, asexual May Day celebration is that of International Workers’ Day, a holiday created by socialists and labor organizers in commemoration of the Haymarket Riot of May 4th, 1886 (also called the Haymarket Massacre or, more cautiously, the Haymarket Affair).

In post-Civil War America, the Industrial Revolution was in full blaze and workers were suffering. Machines were replacing skilled laborers, hours were increasing, conditions were worsening, and the wages were inadequate. The revolutionary ideas of socialism and Marxism caught on with many of these disenfranchised and antagonized laborers, and the movement for an eight-hour day had gained powerful momentum. With all of this brewing, disputes and riots ignited again and again. Then at a large protest in Chicago’s Haymarket Square someone threw a dynamite bomb at the cops, which triggered a battle that left at least twelve dead and many more wounded. The riot was followed by a hugely publicized trial and the eventual hanging of four anarchists, the “Haymarket Martyrs.” This violent clash in Chicago became a powerful symbol for radical labor groups. A few years later, the Second International officially initiated the tradition of May Day labor demonstrations that continue still.”

Poetry – “Literary work in which special intensity is given to the expression of feelings and ideas by the use of distinctive style and rhythm; poems collectively or as a genre of literature.”

Prose – “written or spoken language in its ordinary form, without metrical structure.”

Vodka – “an alcoholic spirit of Russian origin made by distillation of rye, wheat, or potatoes.”

Guy Meldem. AMPUTEE LOVE + Maximage. NO NEIN NU! NIET. Opening 28.04.2016 @ Motto Berlin at 6pm.

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Guy Meldem



from 6pm

Exhibition runs from 19.04 until 25.05, 2016

Motto Berlin
Skalitzer Str. 68
D-10997 Berlin

Fireflies #3. Claire Denis & Jia Zhangke. Annabel Brady-Brown, Giovanni Marchini Camia (eds.)

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fireflies_3_motto_1 copyfireflies_3_motto_2 copyfireflies_3_motto_4 copyfireflies_3_motto_5 copyfireflies_3_motto_6 copyfireflies_3_motto_7 copyfireflies_3_motto_8 copyfireflies_3_motto_9 copyfireflies_3_motto_10 copyfireflies_3_motto_11 copyfireflies_3_motto_12 copyfireflies_3_motto_13 copy


Essays: Peter Baxter, Andrew Chan, Jordan Cronk, Dan Edwards, Adam Nayman, Vadim Rizov, Ellena Savage, Oscar Schwartz, Esther Yi

Postcards From The Cinema: James Butler, Mark Cousins, Tomas Hachard, Molly Lukin, Chiara Marchini, Christine Smallwood

Visual Art: Dar Al Naim, Berliac, Anthony Cudahy, Samuel Davison, Pat Larkin, Gaurab Thakali, Amanda Vähämäki, Miguel Angel Valdivia

Poetry: Paul Cunningham, Gareth Evans, Aurelia Yueyi Guo

Fiction: Dom Amerena, Monika Kalinauskaitė, Aoko Matsuda (trs. Asa Yoneda), Tod Wodicka, Justin Wolfers

Interview with Claire Denis by Giovanni Marchini Camia.

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Motto Zurich (re)Opening @ Réunion. 23.04.2016

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Motto Zürich returns at Réunion

The bookstore will open from 12pm with a selection of books and editions on display, followed by an Apero towards the end of the day.


Arron Sands & James Stephen Wright

Still Life

Painter paints person at book shop event in Zürich. Prices on request.
Arron James Sands & James Stephen Wright working collaboratively to mark the release of ‘Still Life Standing Woman’, a new collection of writings by Arron Sands.


Motto Zurich @ Réunion
Muellerstrasse 57
8004 Zurich


Rareness of Everyday Being. Ivana Palečková. Štokovec. Slovak / English.

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Graphic designer Ivana Palečková was born exactly seven days before the Velvet Revolution. She doesnʼt incline to nostalgia or retro. Despite this fact, she choses to work with the “classic” 35mm color negative film. She uses her mobile phone mostly for phone calls. This book is a selection from a large photographic archive of this young artist who sees taking photos of her closest surroundings, visited places and situations around her as a natural addition to creative life of a graphic designer. Without aspiring to make it as a photographer. The artist who works as a graphic designer has put together a visual essay whose words (photographs) can be taken apart and “reassembled” by readers according to their taste. The readers create new sentences of their own (photographic diptychs and triptychs).

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Stasis. Kim Ramberghaug, Jessika Thörnqvist

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Stasis, Kim Ramberghaug, Jessika Thörnqvist, 9788269028201 Motto 1 Stasis, Kim Ramberghaug, Jessika Thörnqvist, 9788269028201 Motto 2Stasis, Kim Ramberghaug, Jessika Thörnqvist, 9788269028201, Motto 3Stasis, Kim Ramberghaug, Jessika Thörnqvist, 9788269028201, Motto 4 Stasis, Kim Ramberghaug, Jessika Thörnqvist, 9788269028201, Motto 5 Stasis, Kim Ramberghaug, Jessika Thörnqvist, 9788269028201, Motto 6 Stasis, Kim Ramberghaug, Jessika Thörnqvist, 9788269028201, Motto 8 Stasis, Kim Ramberghaug, Jessika Thörnqvist, 9788269028201, Motto 9 Stasis, Kim Ramberghaug, Jessika Thörnqvist, 9788269028201, Motto 10 Stasis, Kim Ramberghaug, Jessika Thörnqvist, 9788269028201, Motto7

Stasis is the first publication by artist duo Jessika Thörnqvist and Kim Ramberghaug and is made up of a selection of images from the period between 2011 and 2015. It contains paradoxical moments of change and transition when the world and its things are not given, but appear more ambiguously – in their making or dissolution. Capturing moments when light not only illuminates, but itself becomes presence – as reflection, mist, shimmer, haze, shadow and spectra – this literal photography documents a collection of deflected gazes. Instead of being presented as facts to be accepted, these images could rather be characterized as traces of looking away – looking away at the coloured shadow on the wall, or keeping the head turned to the angle at which the sunspot stays in view.

Performed as negation of habitual patterns of attention and perception, these exercises are done with succinct gestural eloquence so that the most transient perceptual objects are approached in a noncoercive relation. The photos in Stasis convey whole experiences of emphemeral phenomenality where reality is suspended, and replaced by something more immediate and sensuous. As Rei Terada (2009) has described, enforcement of the right to look away coincides with a deeply ethical position. The absence of grammar for some feelings reflects a prevailing, and deeply internalized, unfreedom, the alleviation of which only happen on the edge of the aesthetic.

edition of 300 copies


Price: €30.00

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Mousse #53. Edoardo Bonaspetti (Ed.)

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Mousse #53, Edoardo Bonaspetti (Ed.), Mousse, 9772035256103, 20352565, Motto1Mousse #53, Edoardo Bonaspetti (Ed.), Mousse, 9772035256103, 20352565 Motto 3Mousse #53, Edoardo Bonaspetti (Ed.), Mousse, 9772035256103, 20352565, Motto5Mousse #53, Edoardo Bonaspetti (Ed.), Mousse, 9772035256103, 20352565, Motto 8 Mousse #53, Edoardo Bonaspetti (Ed.), Mousse, 9772035256103, 20352565, Motto 7 Mousse #53, Edoardo Bonaspetti (Ed.), Mousse, 9772035256103, 20352565, Motto 6 Mousse #53, Edoardo Bonaspetti (Ed.), Mousse, 9772035256103, 20352565 Motto 5 Mousse #53, Edoardo Bonaspetti (Ed.), Mousse, 9772035256103, 20352565 Motto 4

Taxonomies of Knowledge

by Nicolaus Schafhausen

by John Menick

Double Exposure

by Sam Thorne

by Richard Hawkins and Andrew Durbin

Price: €10.00

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Martin Zet. NEKROLOG / OBITUARY – Book Launch @ Motto Berlin 16.04.2016 at 7pm

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martin zet_Page_1

Martin Zet: NEKROLOG / OBITUARY – Book Launch
Saturday, April 16 at 7pm in Motto Berlin

Accompanied by

KINO TIC – video compilation

COVER PAINTINGS – vitrines installation

BOOK MANIA – a complete survey on the author’s book production.

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08. Lina Scheynius.

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28 €
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Lina Scheynius
A5 size 64 pages
published in February 2016

100 Paintings. Michael Manning. Cura.Books.

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100 paintings, the new publication by the LA based artist Michael Manning, features a selection of 100 digital drawings selected from four distinct series of paintings.

The use of this medium started with Manning’s regular contribution to phone-arts.net, a website dedicated to art made with smartphones, then continuously explored through many software’s possibilities, thanks to Microsoft 8 operating system and its touchscreen interface, together with FreshPaint, a finger painting app. The book features an essay by Brian Droitcour on the mobile practice of the Microsoft Painting series, a contribution by Gene McHugh, who summarizes the influence of Southern California sun on Manning’s palette, and the Amphibious Materiality essay, by Peter Amdam where he describes the gooeyness in Wild Fusion gestural affectivity. Finally, as Manning says in conversation with Lucy Chinen: “It’s like coconut bath wash, sandy hair, palm tree sunset vaped out pelican art lol”.

35 €
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