Zweikommasieben Magazin #12. Präsens Editionen / Motto Books

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Zweikommasieben magazine #12_Motto books_2015_1Zweikommasieben magazine #12_Motto books_2015_2Zweikommasieben magazine #12_Motto books_2015_4Zweikommasieben magazine #12_Motto books_2015_5Zweikommasieben magazine #12_Motto books_2015_6Zweikommasieben magazine #12_Motto books_2015_7Zweikommasieben magazine #12_Motto books_2015_8Zweikommasieben magazine #12_Motto books_2015_9


(English / German)

Material with/on/by Dale Cornish, Prosumer, Low Jack & Black Zone Myth Chant, Jesse Osborne-Lanthier, CoH & Tina Frank, Public Possession, Charles Cohen & Rabih Beaini, Container, Barnt, Volte-Face, DJ Overdose, Bintus, etc.

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MOTS SLOW issue #3 Up&Down

The third issue of Mots Slow come out November 27th 2015, and apply the theme of Up&Down. 33,4 cm x 26 cm.
Theo Altenberg, Pascale Anziani, Dominique Brancher, Josepha Conrad, Franck Déglise, Jean-Paul Demoule, Saskia Edens, Jérôme Karsenti, Guillaume Lebrun, Levan Manjavidze, Lorenza Mondada, Wajdi Mouawad, Isabella Rush, Frank Smith, Antoine Schmitt, Jean Luc Verna, Anne Vigna.

Indré Klimaite Ilegal design
/Limited edition prints numbered, 365 ex / silk screenprint-Offset /
6 Silk Screenprint, 5 colors, posters folded. 120 gr.

6 Offset colors and black & white posters folded. 50 gr.
Posters from 33 cm x 48 cm to 72 cm x 48 cm. Trilingual, GB, FR, SP/Basel-Toulouse/


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Terremoto 4. Dorothée Dupuis (ed.). Terremoto / Motto Books

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Terremoto 4

Transhistoria (María Sol Barón & Camilo Ordoñez) on the colombian regional artist’s salons;

Juan Canela and Inés Katzenstein on art education in Argentina;

Actions from Teor/ética by Lola Malavasi; Mohammad Salemy and the New Centre for Research and Practice;

Ariel Schlesinger interviewed by Rivet (Sarah Demeuse & Manuela Moscoso);

Pedro Manrique Figueroa, the last student of the Universidad de Los Andes, by Lucas Ospina; Elena Damiani in conversation with Kiki Mazuchelli;

Cristiana Tejo on Walter Zanini and the invention of curatorial field in Brasil;

Painting is not an autistic activity by Sandra Sánchez; Radicalizing the archive, by Fabiola Iza.



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Artist Jokes / Abusive Names for Artists / WHAT TO DO. Ingeborg Scheffers. BASBOEK Publishers

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Artist Jokes / Kunstenaarsmoppen

A fluorescent yellow book in two languages, Dutch and English, with 34 terrible jokes about artists. For example: ‘What do all great artists have in common? They’re all dead.’ The book design is by Ingeborg Scheffers.


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Abusive Names for Artists / Het Scheldwoordenboek voor

Many Dutch find artists irritating. They seem to live off of welfare, do whatever they like, and can even, sometimes, get rich in the process! As a result, there are as many abusive nicknames for artists as there are artistic forms of expression. From this endless landscape, here is a small selection. The book is based on the collection ‘swear words for artists’ from Dutch artist PJ Roggeband.


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When I tell people that I am an artist with a part-time job, they often give me unsolicited advice on how to make money with art. For years I collected these quotes and eventually made the book WHAT TO DO/WAT TE DOEN. Page 23: ‘Make contact with gay people. They don’t have children, lots of money and a refined taste.’ The book design is by Ingeborg Scheffers. Winner of the Sheffield International Artist Book Prize 2013 and the Fundacio Banc Sabadell, Arts Libris, Barcelona 2014.


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Mousse #51. Edoardo Bonaspetti (Ed.)

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Mousse 51 is a photo issue dedicated to exhibitions from 1985 to 1995, the last ten years or so before exhibitions went online, and possibly, before the exhibition view became a requisite genre.

Up to twenty years ago, galleries and museum, art magazines and schools had no websites; viewing a show would mean, quite simply, visiting it. A great number of seminal shows—from small but consequential artists’ debuts in private galleries, to the innovative biennial iterations in new territories and continents, to thematic and now historicized institutional exhibitions—were richly studied, avidly discussed, but poorly photographed, if at all.

This issue is an album of recommendations, for which we are very grateful to all the writers, artists, curators, dealers, and friends who accepted to share with us their favorite shows. We couldn’t find pictures for all of them, but many are here.
Thank you!


- The Artist as Curator, issue #10



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Jonas Mekas: Scrapbook of the Sixties: Writings 1954 – 2010. Anne König (ed.). Spector Books

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jonas_mekas_scrapbook_of_the_sixties_writings_1954_2010_spector_books_anne_konig_motto_distribution_0 jonas_mekas_scrapbook_of_the_sixties_writings_1954_2010_spector_books_anne_konig_motto_distribution_1 jonas_mekas_scrapbook_of_the_sixties_writings_1954_2010_spector_books_anne_konig_motto_distribution_3jonas_mekas_scrapbook_of_the_sixties_writings_1954_2010_spector_books_anne_konig_motto_distribution_4 jonas_mekas_scrapbook_of_the_sixties_writings_1954_2010_spector_books_anne_konig_motto_distribution_14jonas_mekas_scrapbook_of_the_sixties_writings_1954_2010_spector_books_anne_konig_motto_distribution_13jonas_mekas_scrapbook_of_the_sixties_writings_1954_2010_spector_books_anne_konig_motto_distribution_12jonas_mekas_scrapbook_of_the_sixties_writings_1954_2010_spector_books_anne_konig_motto_distribution_11jonas_mekas_scrapbook_of_the_sixties_writings_1954_2010_spector_books_anne_konig_motto_distribution_10jonas_mekas_scrapbook_of_the_sixties_writings_1954_2010_spector_books_anne_konig_motto_distribution_9jonas_mekas_scrapbook_of_the_sixties_writings_1954_2010_spector_books_anne_konig_motto_distribution_8jonas_mekas_scrapbook_of_the_sixties_writings_1954_2010_spector_books_anne_konig_motto_distribution_7jonas_mekas_scrapbook_of_the_sixties_writings_1954_2010_spector_books_anne_konig_motto_distribution_6jonas_mekas_scrapbook_of_the_sixties_writings_1954_2010_spector_books_anne_konig_motto_distribution_5 jonas_mekas_scrapbook_of_the_sixties_writings_1954_2010_spector_books_anne_konig_motto_distribution_15

Scrapbook of the Sixties is a collection of published and unpublished texts by Jonas Mekas, filmmaker, writer, poet, and cofounder of the Anthology Film Archives in New York. Born in Lithuania, he came to Brooklyn via Germany in 1949 and began shooting his first films there. Mekas developed a form of film diary in which he recorded moments of his daily life. He became the barometer of the New York art scene and a pioneer of American avant-garde cinema. Every week, starting in 1958, he published his legendary “Movie Journal” column in The Village Voice, writing on a range of subjects that were by no means restricted to the world of film. He conducted numerous interviews with artists like Andy Warhol, Susan Sontag, John Lennon & Yoko Ono, Erick Hawkins, and Nam June Paik. Some of these will now appear for the first time in his Scrapbook of the Sixties. Mekas’s writings reveal him as a thoughtful diarist and an unparalleled chronicler of the times—a practice that he has continued now for over fifty years.

Jonas Mekas (*1922, Semeniškiai / Lithuania), lives and works in New York. Film-maker, writer, poet and co-founder of the Anthology Film Archives one of the world’s largest and most important repositories of avant-garde film. Mekas’s work has been exhibited in museums and festivals worldwide.

92 black-white images, adhesive bound softcover

Designed by Fabian Bremer and Pascal Storz



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RABRAB JOURNAL #02. Sezgin Boynik & Gregoire Rousseau (eds.). Rabrab Press

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rab_rab_02_sezgin_boynik_Gregoire_Rousseau_Rabrab_Press_motto_distribution_1 rab_rab_02_sezgin_boynik_Gregoire_Rousseau_Rabrab_Press_motto_distribution_2 rab_rab_02_sezgin_boynik_Gregoire_Rousseau_Rabrab_Press_motto_distribution_7 rab_rab_02_sezgin_boynik_Gregoire_Rousseau_Rabrab_Press_motto_distribution_6 rab_rab_02_sezgin_boynik_Gregoire_Rousseau_Rabrab_Press_motto_distribution_5 rab_rab_02_sezgin_boynik_Gregoire_Rousseau_Rabrab_Press_motto_distribution_4 rab_rab_02_sezgin_boynik_Gregoire_Rousseau_Rabrab_Press_motto_distribution_3

The second issue of Rab-Rab is in two volumes, all together in 500 pages. The focus of the second issue is ‘noise against culture.’ The contributions deal with the formal theory of noise, politics of contradictions, the device of estrangement, materialist film, music and violence, Futurism, Russian avant-garde, improvisation, void, heterophonies, swearwords, communism, ideologies of marriage, class wars and electricity.

“Departing from our programme based on the understanding of art practice as a confrontation between formal and political inquiries, our aim in this issue is to use noise as the name for this difficult, disturbing, loud and coercive exploration. In many cases the formal and political aspects of noise are two separate things: the former is seen as an issue of information or perception, whereas the latter is usually reduced to a metaphor of spontaneity. But if we change these parameters of discussing the noise from measurable coefficients of failed communication, or from elusive metaphors of contingencies, towards the conceptual references related to ideology and class struggles, then what is understood as noise turns into something else. It can become a valid concept of inquiry, refusing to be pinpointed to conventional academic banalities silly phenomenological artistic fantasies immersed in .”

Contributors to the second issue are Aeron Bergman, Bruno Besana, Sezgin Boynik, Michel Chevalier, Christine Delphy, Antti ‘Eze’ Eskelinen, Giovanna Esposito-Yussif, Dror Feiler, Peter Gidal, Grupa za Politiku, Henrik Heinonen, Anthony Iles, Jaakko Karhunen, Mazen Kerbaj, Martin Krenn, Mattin, Jean-Claude Moineau, Ivana Momčilović, François Nicolas, Rahel Puffert, Ozren Pupovac, Gert Raeithel, Grégoire Rousseau, Max Ryynänen, Alejandra Salinas, Jyrki Siukonen, Darko Suvin, Milica Tomić, Taneli Viitahuhta, Ben Watson and Kari -Annala.


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Do Your Own Littérature d’Exposition Packaging @ Friends with Books: Art Book Fair Berlin, 11-13.12.2015. + Motto Berlin event 12.12.2015

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Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 16.39.25

Saturday, December 12th @ Motto Berlin from 7-10pm

With new editions from:
Saâdane Afif
Kasper Andreasen
Claude Closky
Natalie Czech
Jason Dodge
Sophie Nys

And also : Ida Ekblad, Jacob Kassay, Lefevre Jean-Claude, Benoît Maire, Emilie Pitoiset, Sinziana Ravini, Clément Rodzielsky, Mark von Schlegell, Jessica Warboys (…)

On Display @ FriendswithBooks Art Book Fair

12–13 December 2015
Hamburger Bahnhof – Museum für Gegenwart
Invalidenstraße 50–51 Berlin
Hours: 11am-7pm
Admission is free
Friday, 11 December, 6-8pm

Thanks to : Ill Studio (graphic design), Marie Delas (curatorial assistant), Sylvie Boulanger (Cneai), Friends with Books, Galerie Gaudel de Stampa (Paris)

Contact : jmaxcolard(at) / orders(at)

[theatro]. Maria Lalou. Onomatopee

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[theatro]_Maria_Lalou_Motto_Berlintheatro_maria_lalou_onomatopee_motto_distribution_10 theatro_maria_lalou_onomatopee_motto_distribution_8theatro_maria_lalou_onomatopee_motto_distribution_2theatro_maria_lalou_onomatopee_motto_distribution_9 theatro_maria_lalou_onomatopee_motto_distribution_11 theatro_maria_lalou_onomatopee_motto_distribution_4   

[theatro] is a rhythmical reading experience, a 5,5 meters long transcript of a seminar performance, reflecting it’s original pulse and duration. [theatro] expands on the notion of ’view’ (‘thea’ in Greek, where the word ’theatre’ comes from). The word ‘view’ is also the root of the word ‘theory’ [coming from the junction of the words ’thea’(=view) and ‘oro’( =to perceive)]. Aiming towards theory as practice, [theatro] is a new work of Lalou in the form of a book written in two languages Greek and English.

Introduction by Alena Alexandrova

Graphic design : Yin Yin Wong / Werkplaats Typografie
Size closed 12 x 16 cm, open: 49.3 x 16 cm (leporello)

Edition of 500


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2005. Thora Dolven Balke

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A debut monograph of Polaroid photographs taken 2005 – 2012 by Thora Dolven Balke.

Essay by Sam Thorne
Conversation with Tacita Dean, moderated by Gaby Hartel.
Designed by Young Professionals, NY
Self published


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