12 Contemporaries: Present States Reader / 12 Contemporaneos: Estados Presentes Antologia. Catarina Rosendo (Ed.). Serralves.

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12 Contemporaries: Present States Reader / 12 Contemporaneos: Estados Presentes Antologia. Catarina Rosendo (Ed.). Serralves.

Rethinking the conventional catalogue format, Serralves published a contemporary reader featuring texts by writers, theorists and thinkers, proposed by the exhibiting artists. Edited by Catarina Rosendo, the reader aims to reflect the broader cultural and intellectual context in which the work of the artists featured in the exhibition is produced. Texts by Hans Christian Andersen, Bhagavad Gitá, Camilo Castelo Branco, Blaise Cendrars, David Foster Wallace, Baltasar Gracián, Jane Livingston, Susana Pereira Bastos, Jorge de Sena, Bin Singer, Frances Stark and David Sylvester.

Editor: Serralves Foundation
Date of publication: March 2014
Language: English / Portugese

Price: € 26.50

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Mono.Kultur #36: Ricardo Bofill

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Mono.Kultur #36: Ricardo Bofill.

mono.kultur #36

“I’m interested in my own history of errors.”

‘It is enough to say that Ricardo Bofill is one of Europe’s most famous and prolific architects of the last century. To add any more is to inevitably leave out too much.’ With these words we begin the journey of our new issue mono.kultur #36 into the mind and work of Spanish architect and enfant terrible Ricardo Bofill.

And indeed, where to begin with an architect as over the top as Ricardo Bofill, notorious since the 1970s for his vast city-like housing estates that look like surreal experiments in crossbreeding desert caves with Star Wars; an architect who has designed over 1000 projects in the space of five decades, from perfume bottles to city plans, and pretty much everything in between; who has worked in a style – or a hundred styles – that is as unique as it is impossible to describe; who founded a leftist collective that would eventually end up building airport terminals; whose life reads somewhat like a fairytale itself, taking us from fascist Spain under Franco’s rule to the celebrity frenzy of our modern times, with the Bofill clan holding a somewhat unique position among Spanish tabloids? To add any more is to inevitably leave out too much.

In short, Ricardo Bofill is a gloriously fascinating character with a penchant for the extra-large, in life as well as in work, and we are terribly pleased to dedicate mono.kultur #36 to the Spanish master.

With mono.kultur, Ricardo Bofill talked about fifty years of architecture, the vagaries of ambition and how Modernism killed the city.

Visually, the issue offers a disorienting journey of architectural splendour with plenty of previously unpublished images from the archives of Ricardo Bofill (as well as the odd film still of naked bodies). Using partial high gloss varnish throughout, it is a pleasing juxtaposition of the natural and the artificial, the intellectual and the sexual, the rigorous and the decadent.

Spring 2014 / English / 15 x 20 cm / 48 Pages
Introduction & Interview by Carson Chan
Images courtesy of Taller de Arquitectura
Design by Vela Arbutina & John McCusker
Publisher: Kai von Rabenau

Price: € 5.00

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The Burning Sand Vol. 3. Sarah Lowndes (Ed.).

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The Burning Sand Vol. 3. Sarah Lowndes (Ed.).

Volume 3 of Glasgow-based bi-annual prose poetry and art magazine The Burning Sand, was edited by Sarah Lowndes and designed by Sophie Dyer and Maeve Redmond.

It includes distinctive voices including a new image-text work from artist Kathryn Elkin, a collaborative contribution by Wolf (musician and composer Kim Moore and artist Fergus Dunnet), Jenny Brownrigg’s story, Five art curators consider transforming an interior, three Untitled acrylic paintings composed on pieced newspaper by Tony Swain, Nerea Bello’s eloquent analysis of the controversial annual ritual Alarde parade, Lauren Gault’s evocative composition Such Lush Detail and Luke Fowler’s researches into the live electronic work of maverick Canadian composer Martin Bartlet.

Language: English
Pages: 48

Price: € 4,70

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Fillip #19

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Fillip #19. Kristina Lee Podesva (Ed.)

Spring 2014

In this Issue:

Byron Peters and Jacob Wick
Christopher Regimbal
Bettina Funcke with Andrew Stefan Weiner
Nicholas Gottlund
Zarouhie Abdalian with Aaron Harbour and Jackie Im
Lene Berg with Jacob Wren
Sumi Ink Club
Matteo Pasquinelli

Language: English
Pages: 124
Publisher: Jeff Khonsary

Price: € 10,00

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Charlotte Moth. Serralves.

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Charlotte Moth. Serralves.

Charlotte Moth (Carshalton, UK, 1978) has created over the past 10 years a body of work that is essentially photographic but emerges primarily through the experience of sculpture, architecture and cinema. For the 2011 edition of the Sonae/Serralves Project that took place at the Instituto Araújo Porto, the artist produced a film and presented an installation where she transformed the pages of this book into a ‘sculpture’. This artist book is composed of 50 photographic sheets and a brochure with texts by Ricardo Nicolau (exhibition curator), Sean Dower (artist) and Quinn Latimer (writer and art critic).

Language: English / Portugese

Price: € 20,00

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Konzert Minimal & Ensemble Quiver plays Antoine Beuger @ Motto Berlin. 12.06.2014

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Konzert Minimal & Ensemble Quiver plays Antoine Beuger
Thursday, June 12th @ Motto Berlin
from 7pm
Free entrance / Suggested donation

Konzert Minimal meets Quiver
to play Antoine Beuger’s Ockeghem Octets

in the Courtyard of the Motto bookshop

A celebration of Konzert Minimal’s first CD release on the British label:
‘Another Timbre’ featuring the piece ‘Tschirtner tunings for Twelve’ by Antoine Beuger

Preview: http://youtu.be/8AA1VA4mcH0

This CD, and others by the different members of the ensembles,
will be for sale in the Motto bookshop.

Konzert Minimal (Berlin)

Johnny Chang – viola
Catherine Lamb – viola
Koen Nutters – bass
Rishin Singh – trombone

Ensemble Quiver (Melbourne)

Aviva Endean – clarinets
Jonathan Heilbron – bass
Rebecca Lane – flutes
Matthias Schack-Arnott – percussion




Zweikommasieben #9. Präsens Editionen / Motto Books.

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Zweikommasieben #9. Präsens Editionen / Motto Books.

New bilingual edition (English / German)

Featuring Andy Stott, The Haxan Cloak, Truss & Tessela, Cyclobe, Helena Hauff, Ensemble Economique & AUN, Terranova, Call Super, Vatican Shadow.

Pages: 108
Size: 27.5 x 18 cm

Price: €12.00

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Remco Torenbosch & Patricia Reed. Black Dog Publishing @ Motto Berlin. 14.06.2014

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Remco Torenbosch book promotion european bleu

Bookpresentation with a talk between Remco Torenbosch (artist) and Patricia Reed (artist and writer)
June 14, 2014
from 7pm

This publication is the result of an extensive period of research into the history of the European Flag, opening up intriguing discussion on the changing socio-economics of EU nations, the disappearance of once booming textile industries and the strong individual identities of a union in flux.

This publication profiles the documents, design proposals and written correspondence between Heitz, Lévy, and further collaborators they would form the painstakingly diplomatic development of an iconic vexillological moment.

As part of the book’s research, a collection of fabric monochromes woven by weavers from all 28 member states of the EU in th base colour of the flag was compiled. These collated monochromes as such become a map themselves of the socio-economic shift within EU member communities, an embodiment of the disappearing textile industries of Europe.

— Contributors: Charles Esche, Mihnea Mircan, Council of Europe Archive

European contextualising (…)
Hardback: 244 pages
Publisher: Black Dog Publishing London
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1908966696
ISBN-13: 978-1908966698

San Rocco #9: Monks and Monkeys. Matteo Ghidoni (Ed.).

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San Rocco #9: Monks and Monkeys. Matteo Ghidoni (Ed.).

Spring 2014

2A+P/A on grey furniture
Michael Abrahamson on sculpture
Andrea Balestrero on Francesco Lo Savio
Erin Besler and Ian Besler on scale models
Marco Biraghi on Mies van der Rohe’s recent fortunes
Lorenzo De Chiffre visits Herzog & de Meuron’s Stone House in Tavole
Kersten Geers on Stirling’s minimalism
Simon Walker on Sol LeWitt
With photos by Giulio Boem and video stills by Sophie Nys

and much more!

Language: English
Size: 23 × 17 cm
Binding: Softcover

Price: €15.00

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Camera Austria #126. Reinhard Braun (Ed.)

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Camera Austria #126.

Contributors include Shuruq Harb, Omar Kholeif, Özlem Altin, Vanessa Joan Müller, Malak Helmy, Jens Maier-Rothe, Alanna Lockward.

Language: English-Deutsh
Pages: 94
Size: 30 x 21 cm
Binding: Softcover

Price: €16.00

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