Curating Research. Paul O’Neill & Mick Wilson (Eds.). Open Editions.

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Curating Research. Paul O’Neill & Mick Wilson (Eds.). Open Editions.

This anthology of newly commissioned texts presents a series of detailed examples of the different kinds of knowledge production that have recently emerged within the field of curatorial practice.

Language: English
Pages: 266
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 9780949004031

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Mousse #46 – Artists’ Words. Edoardo Bonaspetti (Ed.)

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Mousse #46. Edoardo Bonaspetti (Ed.)

New trimmed format for reader’s pleasure.

Language: English / Italian.

(this issue has 3 different cover colors. please ask in case)

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The Serial Universe by Alexandra Leykauf. MOREpublishers at MOTTO Berlin. 12.12.2014

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The Serial Universe by Alexandra Leykauf
on invitation by MOREpublishers at MOTTO Berlin
Opening reception 12.12.2014 from 7pm

Exhibition 13.12.2014 – 07.01.2015

Relief Journal 2: Drift. Heidi Kawai Smith, Nicholas Smith (Eds.)

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Relief Journal 2: Drift. Heidi Kawai Smith, Nicholas Smith (Eds.)

he theme of the second issue of Relief is Drift a rudimentary translation of the French term dérive popularised by Guy Debord and adopted by the Situationists to describe a way to experience the urban through unplanned drifts. This act traditionally signified a political gesture that strived to create friction in the world of capitalism, (or in the mind of the flâneur at least). Today such acts are perceived as privileged and dated, but the reason that I wanted to focus on this theme was because I believe that the Drift is an extremely prevalent practice within our lives, this process however has been internalised. Alot of what we used to experience outside, we now experience inside, so how we branch out into the world has changed. What does it mean to be in a city? Where is that city? How do we become public? Richard Senate, in his book The Fall of Public Man, announces that The Stage Tells a Story the Streets No Longer Tell, a statement made in 1977 which, seems to now have become inverted in the reflection of the dormant LED monitors that are installed in our workplaces, our homes, our journeys, our person. The Streets Tell a Story the Stage No Longer Tells – our journeys are virtual first and real second, they become real at the point that we choose to become public.

The contributors for this issue have chosen to become public and in doing so have either rendered themselves visible or disappeared. We hope that Relief allows a space for our contributors to become public in a way that is less bureaucratic than a gallery or institution and allows for the fleeting idea to sit next to the major work. Encapsulating the point in between the proposal and finished work we have, in the same way we did with the first issue commissioned new works, reconfigured older works, published archival documents and made talks and lectures black and white. A much more text heavy endeavour this time in a strive to become more ‘journally’ and less ‘ziney’, sticking to the same structure but more words, less pictures.

Owen Hatherley sets the tone to Drift, passing by the situationists, via Warsaw, Southampton, Notting Hill, Depford and a Chinese takeaway in Stockwell to the soundtrack of Pulp and the Manic Street Preachers. ‘An Occurrence’ provided by the editors looks at the work of Chris Marker and his misclassification by art historians in relation to the works of Hito Steryl. Jack Lavender has put together the photographic essay and provided the front cover image, displaying a potent articulation of the artists drift. Damian Griffiths interview’s German born US based artist Josephine Meckseper, her shop window displays that conflate with screens and advertisements, chrome rims, mirrors, underwear models and Brecht – the work is found and made, she talks about her aesthetic journeys and background.

The invited contributors for this issue are; Olivier Castel, who presents a selection of sand drawings from a recent show in London, Powered Cement originally installed with a light that either made the image visible or not, are here displayed in black and white on the static page. Tamarin Norwood has punctuated the publication beautifully with drawings that are between the digital and the analogue, accompanying this work is also a video piece that is available on the Relief website. Victor Burgin has provided what I have come to refer to as the ‘spine’ of the issue, a text originally given as a keynote talk in the Tate; Visible Cities starts in Palomanova and traverses through a version of Dubrovnik made entirely from images on Flickr, he pictures the streets of Naples, Paris and Milan with the use of the films of Roberto Rossellini, Michaelangelo Antonioni and Éric Rohmer. Simon Fatihfull has edited a collection of digital drawings of a journey from the Rivers Cam and Ouse, they are part of large collection of on-going drawings which started in 2000. In Dilatantes Smothered in Velcro George Vasey shares a curatorial diary of his journey in the strange space of making exhibitions, the banality and the sublime blindness of accumulating new knowledge through allowing unexpected situations, objects and systems to interfere with what we may consider as a straight forward profession. Jane Rendell visits three instances; writing spaces through an architectural discourse using of course, the works and lives of artists. In Dear Allan Arjuna Neuman writes to his old tutor and mentor, Allan Sekula, is he aware that these emails will never reach his intended reader?

Relief is a project that is created in-between artistic practices, jobs and many personal commitments, not only on my behalf as the editor but everyone who contributes to this publication. I would like to thank the contributors for being so generous and you for your support through buying Relief, as your support will allow us to continue publishing and providing a dynamic and insightful dialogue between our audience and our contributors.

Front cover image: Jack Lavender Unit 9, 2014, Courtesy The Approach, London
19 x 24 cm
116 pages

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Zora Mann’s Magical Coloring Book. Chert Berlin, Motto Books

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Zora Mann’s Magical Coloring Book
. Zora Mann. Chert Berlin, Motto Books.

Printed on Bio Top paper by ourpress, in Berlin
Cover: Linoprint, printed at Druckwerkstatt im Kulturwerk des BBK Berlin, on Finnish Holzpappe
1st Edition, 220 copies
Plus 30 special editions, colored, signed and numbered

Published by Chert & Motto, Berlin December 2014

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80€ (Special Edition)
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buch 3b de 10. Kristen Mueller. & So.

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buch 3b de 10. Kristen Mueller. & So.

buch 3b de 10 is the tenth in a series of books based on Dieter Roth’s bok 3b, a collection of comic book pages in which numerous holes were die cut before the pages were re-bound, published in the ‘Collected Works, Volume 7′ by edition hansjörg mayer in 1974. Using Roth’s book as a template, holes were hand-cut into a selection of papers found in books in Berlin. buch 3b de 10, exhibited from 17 October to 7 December 2014 in the vitrines lining Motto Berlin’s courtyard, consists of 56 double-page spreads which together form an entire 3b buch.

Each double-page spread consists of three unbound papers which can be folded as a 12-page booklet or displayed open as a single spread.

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John Fahey: Paintings. Inventory Press

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John Fahey 0

John Fahey1john Fahey 5John fahey4John fahey2john Fahey 7John fahey3John Fahey

John Fahey: Paintings. Inventory Press

The much-revered avant-garde guitarist John Fahey (1939–2001) incorporated influences ranging from folk, blues, and bluegrass to classical music, musique concrete, and noise in his primarily acoustic guitar-based compositions. Considered a legend by many, Fahey released upward of three dozen LPs in his lifetime.

Relatively late in life, Fahey extended his so-called American Primitive approach beyond music, and into the creation of a substantial body of paintings created in makeshift studios in and around Salem, Oregon. Painting on found poster board and discarded spiral notebook paper, working with tempera, acrylic, spray paint, and magic marker, Fahey’s intuitive approach echoes the action painters and abstract expressionists. The same alluring and tranquilizing aesthetics that defines much of Fahey’s musical output are equally present in his paintings.

The first publication focusing on his visual output, John Fahey: Paintings is illustrated with 92 plates and is accompanied by essays from Keith Connolly, founding member of No-Neck Blues Band, and the critic Bob Nickas.

Design: Project Projects
Language: English
Pages: 128
Size: 21.9 x 26.7 cm
Price: €38.00

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e. Jean-Michel Wicker. Motto Books.

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Beechwood, acrylic, varnish, silicone
Labeled cardboard box
Signed and numbered
Manufactured by Christian Lettow, Berlin
Published by Motto Books in an edition of 38 plus 2 gay proofs
#1-10 350€ each (+tax)

please email for further details:
orders (at)

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Dream Home Experience. Kasia Fudakowski. Städtische Galerie Delmenhorst, Motto Books.

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Dream Home Experience. Kasia Fudakowski. Städtische Galerie Delmenhorst, Motto Books.

Catalogue of the homonymous exhibition at Städtische Galerie Delmenhorst, curated by Annett Reckert
Editor: Städtische Galerie Delmenhorst, Annett Reckert
Design: Santiago da Silva
with texts by Annett Reckert, Anna Sabrina Schmid, Anna Szaflarski

Language: English
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 978-3-944683-06-5
Edition: 500

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Zora Mann’s Magical Coloring Book. 07.12. + 14.12.2014

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Zora Mann´s
Magical Coloring Book

Sunday, December 7th, starting at 12 am until 5 pm
@ Kinderbauernhof auf dem Görlitzer Park
Wiener Str. 59, 10999 Berlin
Sunday, December 14th, at 3pm:
@ Motto table at Friends with Books

This large format coloring book, fresh from the printer, presents 23 illustrations by Zora Mann.
The book has a handmade lino print double cover and is also avaliable with a special edition color cover.

Printed on Bio Top paper by ourpress, in Berlin

Cover: Linoprint, printed at Druckwerkstatt im Kulturwerk des BBK Berlin, on Finnish Holzpappe
1st Edition, 220 copies

Plus 30 special editions, colored, signed and numbered

Published by Chert & Motto, Berlin December 2014

isbn 978-2-940524-30-3