Const Literary (P)review #1+2

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“We lacked an outlet for challenging fiction and poetry in Sweden 2012, and decided to start CONST Literary (P)review.
As literary publishing becomes more and more commercialised the publication of quality literature is decreased and marginalized. It is pushed from the mainstream to the niches where visual art and theater is already found. Where we decided to meet the writers with open arms. During spring 2012 we requested challenging texts written in swedish. The response was huge. We’re now done with the the cherry-picking and getting ready for the release of the first issue.
If we were to talk in terms of fine art, maybe we imagine the equivalent of Louise Bourgeois or a messy painting by Francis Bacon. Beautiful but difficult. Perversions that give pleasure, or days when you see God.
We like it when literature is understandable without being stupefying, exciting without involving brutal murders. Literature that burns and says something about our society without being a grand political pamphlet.
Do you feel the same? If so, you can look forward to the first issue of CONST Literary (P)review that will be released in late September this fall. 10 new texts written in Swedish, from both established authors and first time authors, are published in both English and Swedish in CONST Literary (P) review. The ambition is to make a magazine, but you might as well think of it as an anthology. We want to give you a preview of what we think is the best literature in Sweden 2012. For interested Swedes, but maybe more importantly for people in other countries who are curious about what is happening here.”

Language: English – Swedish
Pages: 287
Size: 17 x 23 cm
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 978-91-637-1357-6

Price: €15.00

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Ravel Ravel Unravel. Anri Sala. Manuela Editions

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This book, conceived by Anri Sala and Christine Macel, is first and foremost intended to be a research tool, and to provide the reader with an entry point to the issues that the artist was exploring in the process of creating Ravel Ravel Unravel.
A range of different texts offer a variety of perspectives, which complement and enter into dialogue with each other in order to convey a complex reality: on the one hand, we have the historic statements by Maurice Ravel, Paul Wittgenstein and Marguerite Long (a famous pianist and friend of Ravel’s), texts taken from novels by Alexander Waugh (a Wittgenstein specialist) and Jean Echenoz (extracts from his novel Ravel), a text about John Cage and the Harvard anechoic chamber by Dana Samuel or about the left hand musical technique written by Hans Brofeldt, and finally essays by Laurent Pfister (on the notion of copyright in different countries), by Peter Szendy (a musicologist and philosopher) and Christine Macel (commissioner of the French Pavilion).
Similarly, the illustrations stem from, and illustrate, various different aspects of the project: archive images and illustrations, preparatory drawings by the artist and images from the films he produced for the Biennale.
Quentin Walesch’s design for the book coveys a sense of movement, of a discrepancy between the musical tempi: the pages are given a sense of rhythm by vertical black strips that run across the entire publication, the fore edge slides from the back to the front cover.
This books is just as much an informative work as an artist’s book, and offers both an immersion into the eventful story of a piece of music and into Anri Sala’s mind as he conceives a work and develops its main themes and principles.

Texts by Hans Brofeldt, Jean Echenoz, Theodore Edel, Marguerite Long, Christine Macel, Laurent Pfister, Maurice Ravel, Dana Samuel, Peter Szendy, Alexander Waugh, Paul Wittgenstein

Publisher: Manuella Éditions, Institut Français, Centre National des Arts Plastiques
Language: English – Français
Pages: 160
Binding: Hardcover
ISBN: 978-2-917217-48-1

Price: €30.00

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Exercises In Kinesthetic Drawing And Other Drawing. Aaron Carptenter. Or Gallery

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Publisher: Or Gallery
Binding: Hardcover
Language: English
ISBN: 978-1-895005-41-7

Price: €20.00

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Add Metaphysics. Jenna Sutela (Ed.). Aalto University

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Add Metaphysics is a publishing project at the Aalto University Digital Design Laboratory. Borrowing from a schoolbook format, it presents an experimental curriculum for designers and artists in the midst of a changing electro-cultural field of material.
In discussion with mechanical engineers and material scientists, the project builds a case for critical, inquisitive practice that converges around not only the material and the digital but also the metaphysical: molding the perception of the material world as much as materials themselves.
Out in spring 2013, the first publication in the series focuses on devising literacies for a digital materiality. It includes essays and assignments by select practitioners and researchers, such as Jane Bennett, Vera Bühlmann, and Graham Harman.

Publisher: Aalto University
Language: English
Pages: 117
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 978-952-60-4954-0

Price: €20.00

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Petunia # 5

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Petunia # 5

(Known as the “family” issue)
With contributions by/about : Cécile Bicler, Liz Cohen, le corps collectif, Natalie Czech, Olivia Dunbar, Dorothée Dupuis, Marina Faust, Claire Guezengar, Sonia Leimer, Sylvère Lotringer, Daria Martin, Kobena Mercer, Eileen Myles, NG, Josephine Pryde, Lisa Robertson, Martina-Sofie Wildberger, Cathy Wilkes.
Designe : Claire Moreux.

Language : English
Pages : 95

Price : 5 €
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Three Sheep. Daniel Gustav Cramer.

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Three Sheep. Daniel Gustav Cramer.

Series of 10 C-prints, framed
Published as part of the exhibition Ten Works at La Kunsthalle Mulhouse. France, 31 May – 25 August 2013.
Edition of 500

ISBN: 978 3 942911 17 7

Price : 9 €
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Nuances of No. Hanne Lippard.

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It is with great pleasure for BDP to announce the publication of Hanne Lippard’s Nuances of No, the first comprehensive collection of the artist’s text work. Over the last number of years Lippard has built up an impressive and equally idiosyncratic practice based at the meeting point of words, performance and visual art.

When composing her texts Lippard relies on the sounds that they trigger in her mind when she is writing but crucially also when she is speaking. The use of her voice has gained for her a typographical insistence, becoming her main medium of expression whether it be through the linearity of a mechanical narrator or through the use of her voice as a more personified melodic rhythm during her compelling live performances.

Her affinity with common speech ensures that hers is nothing less than a poetry that all of us can recognize. Common sayings, turns of phrase, everyday chitchat become for her a repeated chorus rather than a coherent meaningful construction of words: with Lippard they become melodies in themselves.

Aphorisms, love-songs, voicemails, quotes and slogans lose or gain value depending on how they are re-arranged and performed – in Nuances of No Lippard reclaims language for her own end to try and overcome any overruling claim to authorship. At times graphic, playful and intimate, this is an artist using language in all its forms in an effort to create an original aesthetic of the word.

Hanne Lippard (b. 1984, Milton Keyes) graduated from the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam in 2010. Her most recent exhibitions have been in Galerie Nord, Berlin, Marres, Maastricht, Suvi Lehtinen Gallery, Berlin in collaboration with Kati Kärki, TETO projects, Amsterdam and Spike Island, Bristol. She has most recently performed in Badische Kunstverein in Karlsruhe, ARCO Madrid 2012, The Showroom, London, Frutta Gallery, Rome, Poesia en Voz, Mexico City.

Lippard has been most recently shortlisted for the inaugural Berlin Art Prize.

Publisher: Broken Dimanche Press
Language: English
Pages: 94
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 978-3-943196-13-9

Price: €12.00

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1:1 Book Show: Zines #1 @ Motto Berlin. 6-8pm. 28.05.2013

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The whole exhibition in one book:
This volume consists of copies of about 1600 pages from the 60 magazines shown at the exhibition “Zines #1 1971-1975″ in Zentralinstitut für Kunstgeschichte in Munich in February 2013.
Come and have a look.

in der Galerie Stella A
Gipsstr. 4, 10119 Berlin
parallel zur Ausstellung Wols zum 100. Geburtstag

Skalitzer Str. 68, im Hinterhof, 10997 Berlin, U1 Schlesiches Tor
Am Mittwoch 29. Mai 2013 von 15.00 – 18.00 Uhr

Bruno Opening. Venice. 01.06.2013

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At the door, Swallow, First / Dew – Care Of Editions

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Though based in Berlin, musically, Care Of Editions focuses on the Los Angeles experimental music scene, with artists whose work is rooted in variants of musique concrète, with defining components of drone and noise.
The latest release, Ezra Buchla’s At the Door, is the most accessible record so far. The LP comprises four tracks, three on the a-side and a single 20-minute musing on the flip side. Buchla creates immersive, intricate, and at times overwhelming soundscapes carried by masterful viola and synth renditions, broken up only by his dark yet soft, almost hushed voice.
Scott Cazan’s Swallow is an album that lingers at the borders between memory, ambience and feedback. It’s built on a patch made of innumerable compositions, the overabundance of which tends to cloud he program’s internal logic. What we hear is the resonance of an impossible space that is, at once, immersive and peripheral.
Boris Hegenbart’s First / Dew branches away from the very beginnings of Hegenbart’s TAU series. It takes his debut album. Hikuioto (a self-published CD released in 1996), and re-imagines it on vinyl. Doing so not only accentuates the array of materials, it proposes an alternate history.

First / Dew, The Hikuioto Selection. Boris Hegenbart
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At the door. Ezra Buchla
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Swallow. Scott Cazan
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