Spike #33

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Spike #33.


By Haegue Yang: Jimmie Durham, Abraham Cruzvillegas, Damián Ortega, Yiso Bahc, Beom Kim.

French curator Nicolas Bourriaud and American critic Fionn Meade have different views on the most important exhibition in the world.

Tal Beery, member of Occupy Museums, on the artist as activist.

Krist Gruijthuijsen on »On becoming something else« (2009) by Ben Kinmont.

Marina Fokidis founded Kunsthalle Athena with the goal of bringing the public arena into closer contact with art. A conversation with Filipa Ramos.

47 Canal, the young gallery in Downtown Manhattan owned by artist Margaret Lee and ex-director of Alexander and Bonin, Oliver Newton. By Karen Archey.

Between pathos and horseplay, dirty jokes and serious politics. Joanna Fiduccia on the work of the American painter.

The Austrian artist passed away in July. Pier Luigi Tazzi, Stefan Ratibor, and Gelatin remember him.

The language and symbolism of demonstrations, powerful emotions, crowd surfing, karaoke, glam-rock costumes and 80s-style music videos. Carson Chan in conversation with the performance artist Christian Falsnaes.

The abstract animations of the German artist, an emigrant to LA, were long appreciated only by radical formalists and avant-garde visionaries. Fionn Meade on a rediscovery.

The spectre of communism is haunting the art biennials of Europe. By Nick Currie.

Two records by the elusive ethnomusicologist Arthur Boto Conley. By John Beeson.

By Jon Leon

By Patricia Ellis, Tenzing Barshee, Dani Gal, Eivind Furnesvik, Angela Stief.

Reviews of international exhibitions

Soil happens

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The Gentlewoman #6

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The Gentlewoman #6, Penny Martin (Ed.), published by Fantastic Woman Ltd., Gert Jonkers & Jop van Bennekom.

The Gentlewoman proudly presents the universally adored legend of stage and screen Angela Lansbury as this season’s cover star. She leads a cast of the most remarkable and captivating women who are profiled in this edition; intrepid shopkeeper Leila McAlister, incomparable artist Tauba Auerbach, multi-talented singer-songwriter St Vincent, retail powerhouse Alannah Weston, hardworking actress Michelle Dockery and the xx’s charming Romy Madley Croft. Issue six is also brimming with fantastic fashions; marvellous models Lara Stone, Yasmin Le Bon and Malgosia Bela present ultrafeminine eveningwear, definitive tailoring and cosy jumpers, coats and capes, all selected for super glamorous living this autumn.

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Idioglossia – An art writing glossary

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Idioglossia – An art writing glossary, Joseph Noonan-Ganley (Ed.), published by The Art Writing Guild.

A glossary of texts and terms generated in and around the Goldsmiths Art Writing MFA seminars at the Whitechapel Gallery 2011/2012.

Contributions from Ed Atkins, Hannah Black, Federico Campagna, Joseph Fletcher, Mandi Goodier, Rebecca LaMarre, Julian Lass, George Major, Amélie Mourgue d’Algue, Mary Rinebold, Maru Rojas, Daniel Rourke, Liv Schulman, Beatrice Schulz, Linda Stupart and Iris Tenkink.

Edition of 400

Editing by Joseph Noonan-Ganley
Design by Ken Kirton
Printing by Hato Press

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Ayu Kobayashi. Somewhere.

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Somewhere is a serie of photografies from Ayu Kobayashi. 2012.

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Lodown Magazine. Transience – Art Issue #4

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Transience – Art Issue #4, published by Lodown Magazine.

Everything is in transience, everything is in flux, it just depends on the scale of time you choose to associate it with. Time, our ultimate and elusive tool to comprehend our being. Is there anything that is not transient? As we dig deeper and deeper into the mathematics of our being, it seems that nothing is stable. Only time makes things solid. The illusion of time, as we know by now. Humans recently discovered particles of matter that can go back and forth in time, which makes a present presence obsolete. As far as we have come, the only constant that remains is energy but it is also transient like anything else. How long can you lift a 30 kg stone, before it will drag down your powerful arms? And how long you could hold something without breathing? Energy is transient and matter is e nergy. When will somebody solve this riddle of time, energy, and flux. Will science have the answer? Will art lead us there? Art is fantasy grounded on energy, elusive and unstable, science is bound to our elusive perception: do you really believe you are made of atoms? Science is fantasy and art is fiction. The only thing that can be grasped is floating away transient in time. Energy shall remain positive.

Transience features Yoshimitsu Umekawa, Jonathan Zawada, Tim Noble & Sue Webster, Charles ‘Chaz’ Bojorquez, Usugrow, Niels ‘Shoe’ Meulman, Mishima Akiyoshi, Trevor Paglen, Maurizio Nannucci, Urs Fischer, Frank Thiel, Paul Fryer, Agnes Meyer-Brandis and Laurie Lipton.

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Paul Rooney. Dust and Other Stories. Akerman Daly & Aye-Aye Books.

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Dust and Other Stories, Paul Rooney published by Akerman Daly & Aye-Aye Books.

Paul Rooney is an artist and writer, and winner of the 2008 Northern Art Prize. This collection of short fiction includes 19 stories all written in his trademark style, which has echoes of Iain Sinclair, Samuel Beckett and Donald Barthelme all offset by Liverpudlian humour. These stories take us away from the crowd to abandoned people, places and mythologies. Through them we mine unregarded moments and complex histories, all uncovered with writing that mixes absurdity, comedy and artifice. I Can Travel Far From Here implores us to join a wayward evangelical mission. In Lost High Street a tourist realises he is trapped forever on a sightseeing bus as punishment for an act of espionage. And in Thin Air a student believes a university building is speaking to him about European wars and revolutions. Rooney’s writing is admired by poet George Szirtes and has been reviewed by The Guardian, Art Review, The Wire and MAP Magazine, among others.

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Encens Magazine # 29. A personal uniform.

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Encens Magazine # 29. A personal uniform. Edited and published by Samuel Drira & Sybille Walter.

ENCENS a personal uniform.Armani, Dior by Hedi Slimane, Comme des Garçons, Rick Owens, Issey Miyake, Chanel by Karl Lagerfeld and more!

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Revolution: A Reader. Paraguay Press.

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Revolution: A Reader, Lisa Robertson and Matthew Stadler (eds.), published by Paraguay Press.

Revolution: A Reader collects texts from across many cultures and times and organizes them roughly along a chronology of living, from “beginning,” to “childhood,” “education,” “adulthood,” and “death.” The book brings the embodied fact of revolution into the lived present by engaging readers with language that takes us there, no matter where we are to begin with. We are all in revolution, now.

Reading can make this fact primary and conscious and shared. Heavily annotated throughout, the book is, quite literally, a conversation. The annotations, by Lisa Robertson and Matthew Stadler — composed simultaneously and in response to one another — stitch a web of argument that links the book into a single thing, a reader. The book also features a narrative bibliography of revolution by David Brazil.

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Art & Project Bulletins 1–156 (September 1968–November 1989). Louise Riley-Smith (Ed.)

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Art & Project Bulletin 1-156 (September 1968-November 1989). Louise Riley-Smith (Ed.). Published by Cabinet Gallery London, 20th Century Art Archives and Cambridge & Christophe Daviet-Thery, Paris

Exhibition catalogue / monograph published in conjunction with show held at Cabinet Gallery, London, October 17 – December 23, 2011; & Christophe Daviet-Thery Livres et éditions d’artistes, Paris, October 27 – December 23, 2011. Text by Clive Phillpot. Interview between Adriaan van Ravesteijn and Tin Geerts. Edited by Louise Riley-Smith. Designe by Jérome Saint-Loubert Bié.

Documents the 156 Art & Project Bulletins published between 1968 and 1989 produced by artists: Charlotte Posenenske, CCC / Jan Slothouber / William Graatsma, Gruppe X, Willy Orskov, Paul Schuitema, Aldo van den Nieuwelaar, Ad Dekkers, Gianfredo Camesi, Ed Sommer, Stanley Brouwn, Jan Dibbets, Bernd Lohaus, Lawrence Weiner, Rainer Giese, W. Knoebel, Joseph Kosuth, Peter Struycken, Robert Barry, Sol LeWitt, Ger van Elk, Gilbert & George, Yutaka Matsuzawa, Douglas Huebler, Keith Arnatt, Daniel Buren, Emmy van Leersum, Gijs Bakker, Hideto Yamazaki, Mel Bochner, Hanne Darboven, Boezem, Ian Wilson, John Baldessari, Bas Jan Ader, David Askevold, Willem Breuker, William Leavitt, Alighiero Boetti, Marcel Broodthaers, Naomi Spector, Robert Ryman, Carl Andre, Ulrich Rückriem, Stephen Rosenthal, Martin Maloney, Richard Long, Roy Colmer, David Tremlett, Stephen Antonakos, Alan Charlton, Carel Visser, Barry Flanagan, Allen Ruppersberg, Francesco Clemente, Hamish Fulton, Daan van Golden, Mimmo Paladino, Sandro Chia, Jaap Berghuis, Andrew Lord, Nicholas Pope, Salvo, Bruce McLean, Toon Verhoef, Enzo Cucchi, Joris Geurts, Emo Verkerk, Narcisse Tordoir, Tomas Rajlich, Adam Colton, Tony Cragg, Jan Commandeur, David Robilliard, Zadok Ben-David, Didier Vermeiren, Leo Vroegindeweji, Han Schuil, Ab van Hanegem.

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Fantastic Man #16

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Fantastic Man #16, Jop van Bennekom & Gert Jonkers (Eds.), published by TOP Publishers BV.

It is a total pleasure that today’s recommendation is the brand new 16th issue of FANTASTIC MAN. It’s a magnificently hefty one, weighing in at 294 pages, and features an idyllic romp through the British Isles with photographer ALASDAIR McLELLAN, an instructional manual for the noble pursuit of ironing, a vast range of practical fashions shot in the Alps, a uniquely Dutch proposal for eating and a number of interesting men such as THOMAS JONES, NICHOLAS LOWE, MARK LEE, ROMAN COPPOLA, RYAN McGINLEY, HOLLY JOHNSON, GIORGIO MORODER, JONATHAN SAUNDERS and, of course, cover star OLIVER SIM, the singer of THE XX, who is pretty much the most exciting man in popular music today.

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