E.R.O.S. #3: Woman

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E.R.O.S. Issue 3 | Woman

Nina Power, The Purloined Sex – Stalemate, By Way of an Editorial – Naomi Pearce,
Keep Strong (Before the Pain Turns to Tears) – Hannah Black, No Girl No Gun (Notes For a Story About Women) – Linda Stupart, National Velvet – Maija Timonen, The Phantom Film Syndrome – Beatrice Loft Schulz, Seduction as a Virtual Object – AnonID 711391, 711391 (Excerpts) – Clunie Reid, Bodies in Space/Bodies Without a Trace – Lucian, Mother Knows Best (Or, A Young Girl’s Guide to Success) – Edd Bagenal, The Woman who was Mistaken by her Husband for a Hat – Jurgen Mealfeyt, Breasts – Philippa Snow, The Diseases of the Era (Angelina Jolie’s Double Mastectomy) – Rózsa Farkas, Writing Desire, Writing Self – Sami Jalili, Postcards from the Revolution – Cally Spooner, A Solo Event for Thinking (Version Two) – Alice Butler, Unbound, Unleashed, Unforgiving (Kathy Acker’s ‘Non-Fiction’) – Alice Entwistle, Digressing From Nowhere (Remarking Woolf) – Friedrich Nietzsche, Ariadne’s Lament

E.R.O.S. #3: Woman
Publisher: EROS Press
Language: English
Size: 18.5 x 13 cm
Binding: Softcover

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Idioglossia – An art writing glossary

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Idioglossia – An art writing glossary, Joseph Noonan-Ganley (Ed.), published by The Art Writing Guild.

A glossary of texts and terms generated in and around the Goldsmiths Art Writing MFA seminars at the Whitechapel Gallery 2011/2012.

Contributions from Ed Atkins, Hannah Black, Federico Campagna, Joseph Fletcher, Mandi Goodier, Rebecca LaMarre, Julian Lass, George Major, Amélie Mourgue d’Algue, Mary Rinebold, Maru Rojas, Daniel Rourke, Liv Schulman, Beatrice Schulz, Linda Stupart and Iris Tenkink.

Edition of 400

Editing by Joseph Noonan-Ganley
Design by Ken Kirton
Printing by Hato Press

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