Paul Rooney. Dust and Other Stories. Akerman Daly & Aye-Aye Books.

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Dust and Other Stories, Paul Rooney published by Akerman Daly & Aye-Aye Books.

Paul Rooney is an artist and writer, and winner of the 2008 Northern Art Prize. This collection of short fiction includes 19 stories all written in his trademark style, which has echoes of Iain Sinclair, Samuel Beckett and Donald Barthelme all offset by Liverpudlian humour. These stories take us away from the crowd to abandoned people, places and mythologies. Through them we mine unregarded moments and complex histories, all uncovered with writing that mixes absurdity, comedy and artifice. I Can Travel Far From Here implores us to join a wayward evangelical mission. In Lost High Street a tourist realises he is trapped forever on a sightseeing bus as punishment for an act of espionage. And in Thin Air a student believes a university building is speaking to him about European wars and revolutions. Rooney’s writing is admired by poet George Szirtes and has been reviewed by The Guardian, Art Review, The Wire and MAP Magazine, among others.

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