Paul Lee – Stills

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Paul Lee – Stills

96 Pages
Edition of 200
Published by: An Art Service

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FirstPerson Magazine – Issue 4 – “Discomfort of Sculpture”

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FirstPerson Magazine

Issue 4 “Discomfort of Sculpture”
Limited letterpress edition with hand-silkscreened poster

CONTRIBUTIONS: Daniel Arsham, Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy, Lynda Benglis, Lee Bontecou, Louise Bourgeois, Maya Deren, Ryan McGinley, Yoko Ono

D 11 €
Available for distribution


Robert Walser – Answer to an Inquiry

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Answer to an Inquiry – Robert Walser

“You ask me if I have an idea for you, sir, you ask me to draft a sketch, a play, a dance, a pantomime, or something else that you could use, that you could abide by.…”

The Swiss author Robert Walser’s Answer to an Inquiry is a short work written in the form of a letter. Walser assumes the voice of a great man of the theater responding to an aspiring actor’s request for advice. The young actor is given very simple, practical suggestions on how best to perform absolute anguish. This new edition, featuring a new translation accompanied by more than 40 drawings is a collaboration between translator Paul North and artist Friese Undine. Answer to an Inquiry should serve as a practical handbook for anyone wanting to convey deep suffering.

Illustrator: Friese Undine
Translator: Paul North
Publisher: Ugly Duckling Presse

D 15 €
Available for distribution


Pierre Le Hors

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Pierre Le Hors – rgb transferences

rgb transferences, 2010
offset-printed on newsprint, unbound, 16 pages
15″ x 11 1/2″
ed. 1000

rgb transferences is a newsprint book produced on the occasion of my mfa thesis exhibition. it concerns red, green and blue colored smoke and the traces it leaves onto other surfaces: snow, silver dishes, mirrors, and finally the burned and emptied smoke cartridge. the title refers to the transfer of one element into / onto another.

D 10 €


The World in Your Hand. On the Everyday Global Culture of the Mobile Phone. Spector Books

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The World in Your Hand. On the Everyday Global Culture of the Mobile Phone – Olaf Arndt, Günter Burkart, Kenichi Fujimoto, Dominic Johnson, Christiane Mennicke-Schwarz, Sadie Plant, Paul Feigelfeld & Jan Wenzel, Miya Yoshida.

Over the past decades, almost no other technological innovation has been able to find such widespread dissemination so easily, or so rapidly, nor take such all-embracing possession of our daily lives, as the portable telephone. As camera, Walkman, organizer, navigating device, and post box for private and business messages, the mobile phone does not only represent a connection to the world for the affluent parts of the planet the cell phone conquers public urban spaces as well commercial ones and dissolves previous borders between them. Its use causes fundamental shifts in cultural codes and intervenes in social textures.

With essays from the fields of cultural and media studies, philosophy, sociology and art: Olaf Arndt, Günter Burkart, Kenichi Fujimoto, Dominic Johnson, Christiane Mennicke-Schwarz, Sadie Plant, Paul Feigelfeld & Jan Wenzel, Miya Yoshida.

Text in German and English

Published by Spector Books

D 22€

Available for distribution

A Selection of Snapshots – Felix Gonzalez Torres

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Snapshots – Felix Gonzalez Torres

This book presents a selection of snapshots, and accompanying inscriptions, sent by Felix Gonzalez-Torres to Doug Ashford, Julie Ault, Bill Bartman, Susan Cahan, Amada Cruz, David Deitcher, Suzanne Ghez, Ann Goldstein, Claudio González, Jim Hodges, Susan Morgan, Robert Nickas, Mario Nuñez, and Christopher Williams between the years 1991–1995.

The snapshots are quick poetic communiqués, a visual report on Felix’s outlook at particular moments in time, small gestures of hope, pleasure, and desire. They give evidence to some of his multiple fascinations: pets, furniture, collectible dolls, politics, art, friendship, beauty, love and optimism.

Published by A.R.T. Press

D 32€

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Nuclear Plants Super Trumpf. Flxlabs

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Nuclear Plants Super Trumpf from flxlabs
D 20€

la boîte II, revue en 4 images n°31 > 60 + index. Céline Duval

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la boîte II, revue en 4 images n°31 > 60 + index
édition documentation céline duval, houlgate, 2009
format 23 x 17 x 3,2 cm
impression offset n&b, 400 ex
D 60€


Larry’s 6. The design issue

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Larry’s 6. the design issue
colour, DINA3; featuring a photo story with Natascha Goldenberg and Alexander Semino

D 15€


Diselbrugger Apokalypse Emanuel Halpern. Nieves

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Diselbrugger Apokalypse
Emanuel Halpern (Zurich, Switzerland)
Published by Nieves. 2010

When someone as peaceful as Emanuel Halpern (Zurich, 1948) draws an apocalypse, things must be pretty bad with the world. His fifty large-scale coloured pencil drawings telling the story of the destruction of Dieselbrugg confirm this prediction. This is his comic version of Dürrenmatt‘s valley of confusion. Reality, which is usually slouching towards tragedy, can be described only by comic means. Both talented storytellers subscribe to this truism. They give us solid citizens with image and text collages that are almost excessively artistic and hypertrophic. But the images underline the fact that this is the only way that we can tackle and escape from the mess.

In the Dieselbrugg Apocalypse, Halpern manages to move between pilgrimage and the misery of refugees with the sure-footedness of a somnambulist. “You can‘t really be as dozy as that” he seems to be muttering. “Come into my yurt In here you will hear peace bells ringing,
you‘ll see bathing towels fluttering. This is Dieselbrugg.”

Guido Magnaguagno

D 37€