OMP 39. Gert-Jan Prins – A cavity: the capacitive version

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Onomatopee #39
Gert-Jan Prins. A cavity: the capacitive version
D 30€

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Zeitlosschrift #3

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Zeitlosschrift #3. Featuring: Rick Reuter, Ricardo Domeneck, Martin J Pulvermann, Ortwin Ruf, Jakob Hauser, Brett Lloyd, Walter Pfeiffer, Cyprien Gaillard,

Issue 1, 2, 3 available
D 10€


Susan Philipsz: You are not alone book launch and presentation @ Motto Berlin. 06.06.2010

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Susan Philipsz: You are not alone book launch and presentation.
Sunday 06.06.2010
Start: 3pm

Modern Art Oxford, Isabella Bortolozzi Galerie and Motto invite you to the launch of a new publication by the Turner Prize 2010 nominated artist Susan Philipsz. Designed by Fraser Muggeridge Studio, the publication documents a recent commission made with Modern Art Oxford entitled ‘You are not alone’, specially created for the Radcliffe Observatory, Green Templeton College, University of Oxford. The publication features an introduction by Director of Modern Art Oxford, Michael Stanley and text by Joerg Heiser. For the event Philipsz will also install a special presentation of the work, ‘You are not alone’.

Taking the original function of the building as her starting point, Philipsz developed a new sound work that, with remarkable potency, engaged with the uniqueness of this historical site. Built in the 18th century, the Radcliffe Observatory was modelled on the Tower of the Winds in Athens, a first-century BC clock tower embellished with sundials and crowned with a weather vane.

In her work, Philipsz recalls Guglielmo Marconi’s suggestion that sounds, once generated, never die; they fade but continue to reverberate as sound waves around the universe. A pioneer of radio technology later used in radio telescopes, Marconi may have been driven by this thought to investigate the potential of wireless telegraphy; to literally tune into the universe. In her evocative new commission, Philipsz elicits something of the existential and philosophical concerns present in Marconi’s proposition and in the nature of the Observatory itself, as metaphorical frontier to the stars.

The artist has recorded herself playing radio interval signals (brief musical sequences typically played before or during breaks in radio transmission) sourced from around the world, on vibraphone. In a new departure for the artist, Philipsz, for the first time used radio transmission as the audio source for her work. Four distinct recordings are broadcast from separate FM transmitters on the rooftop of Modern Art Oxford to receivers, placed at the Observatory, which picked up the individual transmissions and relayed them to visitors through four speakers on the inside. Adding a distinct sculptural device in her use of time and space and the physical journey of sound across the city of Oxford, visitors to the Observatory experienced a lament of sound, given a distant, ethereal and haunting quality by the use of the vibraphone.

The commission was made possible through the generous collaboration and support of Green Templeton College and is the first in a series of three proposed commissions for the Radcliffe Observatory.

Modern Art Oxford
Isabella Bortolozzi

Unit : Design / Research 02

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Unit : Design / Research 02
Space and structure

Unit Editions



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Candy Apple Grey. Julia Pfeiffer

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Candy Apple Grey. Julia Pfeiffer
Published by Montgomery, Berlin
D 10€

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Alena Williams. Akademie Schloss Solitude @ Motto Berlin. 31.05.2010

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Book presentation:

Time travel: 1929, 2009. An interval of approximately 80 years exists between the films of the 1920s and those of the present moment that are discussed in this book. LIGHT IS A KIND OF RHYTHM began as a series of screenings at the Institut im Glaspavillon der Volksbühne am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz in Berlin, which was lead by Heike Föll with Philipp Ekardt, Matt Saunders, Jan Kedves, and Katarina Burin. It traces the relationship of light to the moving image from an early moment in the history of film – seen in the work of Viking Eggeling, László Moholy-Nagy, Man Ray, Hans Richter, and Ralph Steiner – to that of the present day. The featured contemporary artists – Jan Hammer, Jutta Koether, Andreas Wutz, Die Tödliche Doris, and Matthias Müller – return to an earlier aesthetic engagement with cinema; in their films, videos and digital slides, the moving image offers an alternative mode for thinking through abstraction. Static paintings, collages, and walls are reconstituted as animate, reflective objects, while transient light effects are extracted from life and assigned entirely new meanings.

Keyed to a wider international audience with interests in critical theory, film/media studies, and contemporary art, LIGHT IS A KIND OF RHYTHM includes an essay setting out a theoretical background for the analysis of the interrelation of cinema and aesthetic reception, as well as three new English translations of seminal articles by the film theorist Siegfried Kracauer (1889-1966) and interviews with each of the contemporary artists.

Book design by Schroeter und Berger and Christian Werner
Published by merz&solitude, Stuttgart, December 2009

On sale among others at Motto, Berlin; Pro qm Berlin; bbooks, Berlin; Printed Matter, New York; and at selected events.

Readings and the following Film Projections:

* Ralph Steiner H2O, 1929, 35 mm, b/w, silent, 9 minutes
* Jutta Koether Metalist Moment, 2006/2007, digital slide show, 7.30 minutes, loop
*Conservation on Kracauer, Expressionism, and Living Time with Wolfgang Müller: Die Tödliche Doris Die Gesamtheit allen Lebens und alles Darüberhinausgehende (The Sum of All Life and Everything Beyond), 1987 Super-8, 1.83 – 2.44 seconds (variable)

Total run time: 30 minutes

Alena Williams is an art historian and curator who lives in Berlin. She is currently completing her dissertation »Movement in Vision: Cinema, Aesthetics, and Modern German Culture, 1915–1930« at Columbia University in New York, and is a fellow in the research group »Media of History« at the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar. Previously, she was a fellow within the art, science & business program at Akademie Schloss Solitude, Stuttgart. Her upcoming traveling exhibition on the land art, films, video, and site-specific installations of the American artist Nancy Holt will open at the Wallach Art Gallery at Columbia in Fall 2010.

+ Other Akademie Schloss Solitude publications will also be on display

Asher Mixtape Hell 2 – Asher Penn

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Asher Mixtape Hell 2 – Asher Penn

D 40 €


Coconuts – Bill Hayden

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Coconuts – Bill Hayden
D 30€


Alexandra Leykauf – Chateau De Bagatelle

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Chateau De Bagatelle – Alexandra Leykauf

This book has been published on the occasion of Alexandra Leykauf’s exhibition at the Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris, from March 25 until June 27, 2010.

D 24 €


Motto Storefront. Artspeak. Vancouver. 15.05-22.07.2010

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Motto Storefront @ Artspeak, Vancouver.

May 15 – July 22, 2010

Organized by Artspeak and Fillip, with Motto.

Upcoming Events
May 15: Opening and talk by Alexis Zavialoff at 2pm
May 22: Talk by Stuart Bailey at 2pm
May 29: Talk by Rob Giampietro at 2pm

233 Carrall Street
V6B 2J2 Canada
Vancouver, BC

Tel. 604.688.0051
Tuesday – Saturday, 12-5pm
Admission is free