Talk: Patricia Falguières – MOTTO@WIELS – 30.01.2013 (7pm)

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Erg and WIELS invite you to the talk by Patricia Falguières, on the occasion of the launch of two books:

White Cube – L’espace de la galerie et son idéologie        
Les Cabinets d’art et de merveilles de la Renaissance tardive. Une contribution à l’histoire du collectionnisme.


Talk: Branden W. Joseph – MOTTO@WIELS – 18.01.2013 (7pm)

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In his book Random Order, Branden W. Joseph provides a penetrating analysis of the most important works in the production of Robert Rauschenberg during the 1950s and 1960s, by placing them in the context of the American neo-avant-garde and with particular emphasis on the relationship that the artist had with the composer John Cage.

Random Order offers a penetrating analysis of the major works of Rauschenberg, a redefinition of the paradigm of neo-avant-garde as a reflection on postmodern subjectivity.

Branden W. Joseph teaches modern and contemporary art at Columbia University (New York) and is one of the founders of the journal Grey Room.

Book launch: ‘Spirit of Ecstasy’ – A novel by David Evrard – MOTTO@WIELS ( 21/11/12 – 7pm )

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With Anne Bossuroy, Jean-Daniel Bourgeois, Isabelle Copet, Jonathan Dewinter, Jenny Donnay, Lucie Ducenne, François Francescini, Jonas Locht, Xavier Mary, Gérard Meurant and Nicolas Verplaetse.
 « ‘Spirit of Ecstasy’ is a novel that reads like a long acid trip in which places, epochs, characters and things, both imagined and real, all intermingle and where people wake up just to go and watch the sun rise.  The book seems to be constructed of visions.  It is pink, orange and purple and shimmering.  It contains smoke, mind-blowing geometric forms, dance, sex and rhythm.  There are uppercuts and swings.  Its chronology is elusive, and you almost need a map to guide you through it.  ‘Spirit of Ecstasy’ is a novel written by David Evrard that conveys his joyful experience of exhibitions.  At the core of the story is a large exhibition, a crazy curator with copper teeth who, incidentally, doesn’t organise anything, and artists who talk, have fun, and who construct spaces and forms ».
Jill Gasparina.
Published by Komplot and Black Jack Editions.
Designed by Pierre Huyghebaert from Speculoos, with Aurélie Commerce.
Distributed by Les presses du réel and Motto.
Realised with the support of the Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles.

Michael Van den Abeele – A Toast to the Ghost – MOTTO@WIELS 28/11/12 ( 7pm )

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Presentation of the book A Toast to the Ghost, the Host by artist Michael Van den Abeele, published by WIELS. For this occasion, the artist will give a public reading/performance rather than an explanatory presentation, based on the book. The lecture will be followed by a talk with Phillip Van den Bossche (Mu.ZEE director).

sunday # 018, Gabriel Kuri – MOTTO@WIELS ( 04/11/12 – 4pm )

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sunday # 018, Gabriel Kuri’s (untitled) edition, takes its departure from a quote by David Hume. ‘All knowledge resolves itself into probability’.

Gabriel Kuri added  a variation to this quate;  ‘All probability resolves itself into form’.

Both sentences are applied to the use and manipulation of a sheet of standard millimetre paper.

The edition consists of a A1 print that is folded to A4. The grid that was formed through these folds open up different variations of these two sentences.

The images of the folded millimetre paper echo the actual folds of the edition-format.

By manipulating the edition  a variety of formal combinations is created.  Through this manipulation both sentences cover each other, becoming new variations on and among one another.

Forming different compositions between knowledge, probability and form.

 sunday # 018 is published in an edition of 100 copies, signed and numbered.

In addition, a limited ‘bootleg’ version will be presented. This version comprises a series of prints that have variable ways of folding.

SHELTER PRESS and OCCULTO MAGAZINE – Motto@WIELS ( 29/10/12 – 7 pm )

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Shelter Press is a Paris / Brussels based independent publishing company founded in 2011  and run by the publisher / graphic designer Bartolomé Sanson and the artist / musician Felicia Atkinson, from the fundaments of Kaugummi Books (2005-2011).
Shelter Press program focuses on contemporary art, writings, and experimental music through art books (from Julien Langendorff to Nicolas Poillot), mutliples and records (from Pete Swanson to Ben Vida)
Plants, abstraction, noise music, darkness, patterns, poetry, masks, cosmic sex, sunsets, landscapes, ceremonies, or stones can be found as recurrent topics of the images and sounds you will stare at from their garden.

Occulto Magazine has been founded in 2009 by Alice Cannava and Irene Lumpa Rossi. Laura Nozza has joined the team in 2011 as co-editor.
Occulto main editorial office is based in AC Galerie in Berlin Pankow.
Occulto explores new possibilities in the popularisation of science in connection to other fields such as the visual arts, parascientific theories and history of ideas.


JE SUIS LE PETIT CHEVALIER (dark drone synth, FR/BE)
It isn’t exactly a small amount of digital or physical releases our Paris-born girl Felicia Atkinson has been putting out on her Bandcamp the past four years, both “solo” in addition to her other project Je Suis Le Petit Chevalier, born in upstate New York in the summer of 2010. On An Age Of Wonder, the newest vinyl release of Je Suis Le Petit Chevalier, miss Atkinson continues to float in her peculiar borderland between ambient and drone, darker and more hideous than what we remember from, for instance, Green & Grey. ( No Fear Of Pop)
DuChamp is an Italian scientist, musician, curator based in Berlin. A true pedal junkie, she make drones using accordion, bass guitar, baritone guitar, keyboard and voice. Her attempt is re-creating the sense of bliss of the hair dryer sound that she used to hear when she was a child.

Stephanie Kiwitt & Ben Cain ( Launch ) + openings … @ Motto@WIELS ( 12/09/12 – 7pm )

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Stephanie Kiwitt shows her recent book Wondelgemse Meersen, published by Kodoji Press.

In photographic sequences of mud, destroyed dwellings, waste and rampant nature, the book describes the precarious, chaotic state of the marshes of Wondelgem, a wasteland that Stephanie Kiwitt photographed in the north of Ghent.

The book was created as part of the research project ‘De fotograaf in de stad’ at the School of Arts / KASK, Ghent.


Ben Cain – BY-Product

This book follows two days of collective work during which outcomes, even objects, were temporarily formed and disbanded, leaving behind exhaustion, rumour, and around three thousand photographs, some of which are shown in the pages of this book.

The term ‘collective’ refers here to a group of four dancers and myself– this group’s activity produced a series of objects that are at once fleeting and monumental. The intention was in part to use bodies and movements as the raw material for making the twenty-six letters of the Latin alphabet, as well as other forms –both messy and succinct- that relate to but also depart from those letters.

As objects, these products of action have special properties which are defined not only by their temporal appearance and their unsettled forms, but also, and more importantly by the fact that these objects are made by, and are comprised of thinking and feeling subjects.

Being negotiated by people, and comprised of people, or bodies, these objects are work, workers, and products, all bound in one irreducible form.

This book isn’t interested in recording single outcomes but rather all the action, the attempts, the ‘practice’ that takes place pre- and post- object.


The Wiels project room presents a new work from the artist in residenceLaura Wiedijk, developed during the last year, a spatial installation titled “Waver”.


In “Tenant”, the family home becomes the stage to re-enact a scripted dialogue that takes as a starting point a story about Mrs. Schumacher who was the lodger of the artist’s grandfather in Berlin during the Second World War. She was a communist and helped Vladimir Lenin travel from Switzerland to Russia in 1917 after the February Revolution broke out. The relationship between language and physical movements explores roles that these two elements play in the creation of knowledge and social relations.

The film by the artist in residency Grace Schwindt has been completed in 2012 is 82 minutes long and has been commissioned Film London Artists Moving Image Network and Collective Gallery, Edinburgh. The format is HD Video.

Michael Van den Abeele. A Toast to the Ghost, the Host. Wiels.

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A Toast to the Ghost, the Host, Michael Van den Abeele.

RENDER ME REAL. Millions of computers are rendering in the night; rendering everything more real, more realistic; rendering a new generation of extraterrestrials looking more real that the ones before; a new generation of dinosaurs, now feathered but covered in fur soon enough, if current rendering is done; of evil midget-like creatures; of astonishing landscapes covered with paramount super-structures and populated by the millions; a new generation of things as yet indescribable, but imperatively more real and convincing than before. The real is chased after like a deer; like the hunter that changed into a deer, now chased by his own dogs…

Includes a conversation between Michael Van den Abeele and Dennis Cooper.

Published on the occasion of Un-Scene II (exposition June 2012) at Wiels, Centre for Contemporary Art.

D 15 €

Buy it

Daan van Golden – Apperception – Launch @ Motto@WIELS ( 27/06/12 – 7pm )

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From the early geometric abstraction to the recent series of silhouette paintings, passing through photographic works (Youth is an Art and appears in its entirety) and ephemera never printed before, Apperception offers the most comprehensive gathering of Daan van Golden’s work to date. It includes, moreover, a comprehensive list of his work, arranged by medium and chronologically, and the collections that hold them.

In the presence of the artist.

Paperback, 295 x 235 mm, 224 pages, col. ill
Published by WIELS & Roma Publications
Texts by Devrim Bayar, Sven Lütticken and Erik Thys.
In English (  + free supplement with translations in French and Dutch )

The Inevitable Structure Of The Book – MOTTO@WIELS. 28.04.2012 – 2pm

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An afternoon conference on the structure, demands and implications of the book from the perspective of artistic practitioners. With lectures by Simon Hempel, Mette Edvardsen, Theo Cowley and Simon Thompson.

Simon Hempel uses the artists’ book as an alternative structuring device analogous to his spatial installations where the emphasis is not on the singular photographic image, the tableaux – but on the notion of the table, the sequence linked to serial images. Photography is reviewed as medium emblematic for the division of subject and object that predominates western thinking.

Simon Hempel is an artist based in Hamburg, DE. He studied at Universität Hamburg, HAW Hamburg and Jan van Eyck Academie, Maastricht. His work has been presented at Kunsthaus, Hamburg; Kunstverein Harburger Bahnhof, Hamburg-Harburg; Goethe Institute, Madrid; and Deichtorhallen, Hamburg. His artist’s book ‘Plants and soil – The visual development of a structure’ was published in 2009. A new artist’s book will be published in 2012 with the support of the Department for Culture, Hamburg.

Mette Edvardsen is a choreographer and dancer based in Brussels. Her work is situated within the performing arts field, also exploring other media or other formats such as video and writing.

Conceived as an integral part of a performance, the book ‘Every now and then’ is being read by the audience sitting in the theatre while the performance evolves on stage. The book is direct, tactile and persistent, giving the audience another access to the piece. How do we read the theatre space when we think of it as a page in a book? And the other way around, how do we experience the performance on the page? With every turning of a page a new space appears in layers on top of each other. How can we imagine such architecture? Pages after pages of spaces bound together in a complex architecture called ‘book’?

Theo Cowley is an artist based in Brussels, working mostly in film, video, and performance. He recently published ‘Compo de rheto’ a book based on another book held in the national library of France, made in 1600/01 by an actor known for playing the role of Harlequin in the commedia dell’arte. Both these books, his own and the original, have a specific yet undefined relationship to performance, theatre and history. Certain problematics come to the fore regarding the changing status of these books.

Simon Thompson is an artist who lives and works in Brussels. He will talk about Blanchot, the book to come and the non-relations of the work and of the book.

Organised by Theo Cowley.
Free entrance, in English
Part of the Wiels Artist-in-residency program

*Maurice Blanchot, Le livre à venir (The book to come)