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Rebuilding the Bog
Summer Islam

Oltre Terra

Seeing the Landscape
Janna Bystrykh and Paul Overby

Watery Constellations
Sara Frikech

Public Works at the Periphery:
AMLO and the Urban Improvement Program

Departmento del Distrito
Francisco Quiñones and Nathan Friedman

David Gissen, “The Archies tres
¡Disabilitv: Buildings, Cities, and Landscapes beyond Access.
by Jos Boys.

Anna Bokov and Steven Hillyer Curators,
“Vkbylemas: Laboratgry of Modernism, 1920-1930.
Expibition’at the Arthur A, Houghton J, Gallery, The’Cooper Union, by Dan Jonas-Roche

Patricio del Real, “Constructing Latin America: Architecture, Politics, and Rad at the Museum of Modem Art,” by Luis E. Carranza

Adam Nathaniel Furmandigshua Mardell, eds.,
*Queef Spaces: An Atlas of LGBTQ+ Places and Stories, by Jätter Kolb

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550km Past_Present_Future. Marcin Matuszak. MONO DUO TRI / RttCL

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In mere 100 years from now, the Baltic coastline as we know it will be nothing more than a beautiful memory lost somewhere in history – according to the leading experts studying climate change. The melting glaciers will swallow up Swinoujscie, whilst turning Gdańsk into the modern day Atlantis and Poznan (the author’s hometown in the Western Poland) into a slowly submerging seaside resort town. 

In view of these predictions and out of sheer curiosity, Marcin Matuszak, Poznan-based designer and artist (accompanied by his friend, Tomasz Peukert – music producer who was collecting the field recordings), decided to walk along the entire current Polish seaside, to document the current state of it and to prepare a photo album from the material collected during the journey: “500km”. 

The project of the year-long walk, divided into 12 stages of several days was called “550 km” – as the estimated coastline of the Polish Baltic Sea. After walking the entire length, it turned out to be nearly 607 km from the German to the Russian border.

The project documents the Baltic Sea through four seasons, in the full sun and when it rains, with the wind and against the wind, with stormy horizons and calming sunsets. Against this backdrop, the sand, the shells, the seals, and also the cliffs breaking off with tree roots tell the story of the shifting coastline. 

The material presented, however, is not purely documentary. It is a photo record of a moment. A maximum of a three-second pause. A snapshot that cuts the future from the past.

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Rasto. Mircea Sorin Albuțiu.

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You see what I see? On the bed, we see the soft touch of the light filtered by the curtains that open to the morning’s gestures.
Each day images appear, certain of new discoveries in a foreign land. In the silence of the journey towards creating a picture, feet scratch the sand and the body inscribes a shape in our gaze. Now, places are inhabited by languid, curious gestures and unspoken words. In Mircea’s images, bodies speak, movements express a time saturated with waiting. The echo emerges from the artist’s expression, through the unconscious perspective of lenses, mediators of a broader vision.

Tu vês o que eu vejo? Sobre a cama, vemos o toque suave da luz coada pelas cortinas que se abrem aos gestos da manhã. A cada dia surge o registo, na certeza de uma nova descoberta no país dos outros. No silêncio do percurso para o desenho, os pés riscam a areia e o corpo inscreve uma forma no olhar. Agora, os lugares são habitados por gestos languidos, curiosos e pelas palavras não ditas. Nas imagens de Mircea, os corpos falam, os movimentos expressam um tempo saturado da espera. O eco surge na expressão do artista, através do inconsciente ótico das lentes mediadoras de uma visão maior.

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Hide. Philip Pecker. Mosses

Posted in photography on April 13th, 2023
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A journey of escape
The closer he gets to the border
The more he feels
What is truly disappearing
Press the shutter
Compress your thoughts
Through the aperture
Hidden in photographs
Becoming the shadow of light
On the barren snowfield
Perhaps you’ll begin to miss home 

“We are all dust.” – Philip Pecker

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Between The Light and Darkness.  Yan Kallen. Mosses

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Landscape. Stefan Marx. Nieves

Posted in Zines on March 30th, 2023
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Stefan Marx (*1979) is a Hamburg based artist. His T-shirt label The Lousy Livincompany is a platform for his drawings published on T-shirts. He has worked for numerous skateboard and T-shirt labels worldwide. His artist books are published by Nieves, Rollo-Press, and Christoph Keller Editions/JRP Ringier – beside these releases he publishes regulary by himself. All Smallville Records releases are visually defined by Marx’ drawings. Smallville Records is also the label of his band The Dead Sea. He has lectured widely in Germany and taught Drawing at the Bauhaus University in Weimar.

GOOD LIFE. Meike Männel.

Posted in photography on February 23rd, 2022
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Good Life was awarded with the German Photo Book Prize 21/22 in silver. 
Good Life is a hybrid of a photobook and an artist catalog that summarizes the work from 2017 to 2021 by artist Meike Mann& (b. 1991 in Nuremberg, Germany). It’s the first book Mannel published after her graduation from Academy of Fine Arts in Nuremberg, Germany and goes hand in hand with her exhibition at Kunsthaus Nurnberg in Nuremberg. in order to realize this project, she applied for a debutant promotion. 
Meike Marine’ works mainly on different ongoing series, a selection of which is presented in the first part of the artistbook. After a paper change beginning halfway, there are two texts about Manners work by art historian Dr. Teresa Bischoff (former professor of Academy of Fine Arts Nuremberg) and writer Anna Hofmann (masters study at Deutsches Literaturinstitut Leipzig). In the back of the book, her more experimental photo silkscreens and photo installations are shown. 
Marine seeks to preserve the ephemeral with this project. The shown motifs deal with the longing for distance, the uncertainty and the question of survival. In loud and softer colors it presents a world that often lies unnoticed in front of us and whose aesthetics one takes for granted, without recognizing what is special about it. 

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