Wiggle – “Best of” USB Drive

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Wiggle “Best of” USB Drive
A USB drive disguised as a cassette tape created for the Berlin concert at Panke Gallery in 2023. Contains tracks selected from all of their releases to date (1996-2023) as well as a megamix of most of their songs.

Handmade by Gil Kuno using glitching techniques on a laser cutter.

Wiggle “Best of 1996-2023”

01 Boik
02 Warning
03 Daisuki Me (Alternative Mix featuring Sexy Funko)
04 Signal Fault (featuring Cristian Vogel)
05 Feedback
06 Headbash (featuring Ken Ishii)
07 Krictl
08 Wadjala Spirit (featuring Ken Ishii)
09 Pejuta (featuring Tatsuya Yoshida [Ruins])
10 Let It Wiggle (featuring Ken Ishii)
11 Fridgeon
12 Amphibian
13 Discoship
14 Megamix

Wiggle members (past and present): Gil Kuno, Simon Bennett, Brett Boyd, Tatsuya Oe, Linda, RinaRina, Murochin, Eiichiro Suzuki

Wiggle website: wiggle.band

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THE ANNIHILATION OF SPACE AND TIME. Giovanni Antignano (Ed.). zerofeedback

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Zerofeedback presents a collective publication that delves into the transformation and paradox of our hyper-connected yet fragmented world. A collective effort exploring the theme of The Annihilation of Space and Time. It features the work of 78 photographers, designers, and artists capturing the essence of our changing world, from the physical spaces we inhabit to our perceptions of time. An investigation into the human experience, our ability to adapt, transform, and create new possibilities.

Bruno Silva, Maja Renn, David Bard, Clare Stimpson, José Witteveen, Jeong Hur, Marie Michalikova, M. A. Dubbs, Daniela Dib, Sunniva Hestenes, Franziska Ostermann, Giacomo Infantino, Maria Makridis, Gerasimos Platanas, Stijn Terpstra, Valeria Arenda, wimpy af, Diana Fedoriaka, Katharina Siegel, Laura Sperl, Axelle VM Philtjens, Gabrielle Hall-Lomax, Valerio Figuccio, Alejandra Vacuii, Italo Ferrante, João Salgueiro Baptista, Grant Beran, Andrea Soverini, Johan Brooks, Julie Calbert, Micael Dias Afonso, Federico “Monty” Kaplan, Karol Szymkowiak, Aga Zdziabek, Eleonora Scoti Pecora, Thalles Piaget, Francesca Macis, Till Rückwart, Shota Tsukiyama, Maria João Salgado, Magda Pacek, Jenny Papalexandris, Darnia Hobson, Matteo Capone, Sviatlana Stankevich, Nikos Kapetanios, Marta Mengardo, Özge Ertürk, Bénédicte Blondeau, Antonio Rodriguez, Cian Burke, Marcus Reistad, Vitaly Severov, Valerie Kabis, Konrad Juściński, Jenni Toivonen, Marco Rocha, Thea Josefin Cedervall, Charlotte Mariën, Sam Evans, Nicola Toffolini, SingaSongontheGround, Violeta Morano, Diego Drudi, An Ting Teng, Javier Talavera, Oleg Tymchii, Alison Lubar, Leon Gallo, Yannis Konstantinos, Hanna Moritz, Antoine Grenez, Louisa Boeszoermeny, Carin Iko, Luis Barbosa, Mizue K, Frédéric Rennes

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Yves Klein Japon. Éditions Dilecta

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Yves Klein (1928–62) first traveled to Japan as a young man in 1952, motivated primarily by his interest in judo. During his 15 months abroad, Klein had numerous important creative and philosophical revelations that culminated in the launch of his artistic career upon his return to Paris.

Prepared in collaboration with the Yves Klein Archives, this volume details Klein’s relationship with Japan through nearly 150 archival documents, photographs and letters, inviting the reader on his journey from martial arts to fine art at the very beginning of his career. Along the way we learn of Klein’s important encounters with art critic Takachiyo Uemura, painter Keizo Koyama and design professor Masaki Yamaguchi. “Yves Klein Japon” provides essential insight into the origins of Klein’s oeuvre as both a groundbreaking visual artist and prolific writer whose short-lived career helped to transform postwar art.

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Coming Back. Yasutaka Kojima. Omoplata

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Coming BackComing back6 Coming back5 Coming Back2Coming back1Coming back 8 Coming back 3

Yasutaka Kojima’s Coming back compiles a series of photographs of cityscapes in Tokyo since 2008. Kojima’s beautiful selection of photographs, which shift effortlessly between monochrome and colour, and past and present, observe cities existing in a time during which our identity and subjectively has been somewhat lost in the urban environment, evoking a sense of evanescence. This beautiful publication arrives courtesy of the amazing Superlabo (Tokyo).

Coming Back – 33€
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New York – 43€
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TYO-WTC. Taiji Matsue. Akaaka Art Publishing

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TYO-WTC-Taiji Matsue -motto-01TYO-WTC-Taiji Matsue -motto-02TYO-WTC-Taiji Matsue -motto-03TYO-WTC-Taiji Matsue -motto-04TYO-WTC-Taiji Matsue -motto-05


Matsue’s message is that in a city there has only ever been and will always be development, only generation, and to this there is no alternative. Construction works have always been starting everywhere. After finishing, they start again. A city is an unceasing cycle of construction and destruction. And this in Tokyo, an amorphous place, almost entirely bereft of green, and peerless in its absence of planning. With no retraceable origin and no possibility of future completion, there is only development, ever-repeating generation. It is the bold challenge of capturing this within the depth of a limited time which has brought us TYO-WTC.

Author: Taiji Matsue
Publisher: Akaaka Art Publishing
Language: English/Japanese
Pages: 112
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 9784865410020


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Colpoesne – Hanayo

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colpoesne – hanayo

`colpoesne` is a new book by Hanayo. First you see the monochrome images of public sceneries and some of her private sceneries inside when you cut each pages out.
68 pages
color & black and white
covered binding
Published by Utrecht

Price: €18.00

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