Fabian Marti. and then we mad & qijyss nlff isssw myttl.

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and then we mad & qijyss nlff isssw myttl. Fabian Marti

This catalogue is published in conjunction with the exhibitions
“Fabian Marti, Time for the Monkeys to Move into Hyperspace”
Manor-Kunstpreis Kanton Zurich, 2011 Kunstmuseum Winterhur, and
“and then we mad & qijyss nlff isssw myttl” in Kunstverein Braunschweig e.V. 2012.

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Paul Thorel. Un-Vrai-Semblable. Mousse Publishing.

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Un-Vrai-Semblable, Paul Thorel, Mousse Publishing

This catalogue was published on the occasion of Un-Vrai-Semblable, an exhibition of the work of Paul Thorel, presented at the Maison Européenne de la Photographie in Paris. Contains colour reproductions of the works on display, exhibition biography of the artist, and an introduction by the curator Jean-Luc Soret.

Paul Thorel was born in 1956. He lives and works in Naples, Italy.

Hardcover with 79 pages
Size: 31 x 22.8 cm

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Latitudes. Amikejo. Mousse Publishing.

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Amikejo, Latitudes (ed), Mousse Publishing.

Amikejo has been produced in coordination with a series of four exhibitions by artist duos, curated by Latitudes (Max Andrews & Mariana Cánepa Luna) at Laboratorio 987, the project space of the Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Castilla y León, MUSAC. The title refers to a tiny state that existed from 1908 to 1920 between the Netherlands, Belgium and present-day Germany, founded to foster more effective international communication through the synthetic language Esperanto – Amikejo means ‘place of friendship’ in Esperanto. This episode-place was a unique synthesis of cartography, language, nationhood, politics, economics and subjectivity, and is evoked as a twin site to Laboratorio 987, lending its name and conceptual borders to the exhibition series and the book.

Texts by: Giorgio Agamben, Theo Beckers, Latitudes, Peter Osborne, Georges Pérec, Menno Schilthuizen, Ryszard Zelichowski

Hardcover, with text in English & Spanish.
Pages: 216
Size: 22.5 x 15.5 cm

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Invernomuto. “Simone”. Mousse Publishing.

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Invernomuto. “Simone”, Xing, Mousse Publishing

Simone represents an initial stop on a tour that began with the exhibition of the same name by Invernomuto at the Padiglione d’Arte Contemporanea of Ferrara, for Art Fall 2011.

Through a long conversation with Xing to analyze and narrate different cycles of work produced by the duo, Simone retraces almost ten years of research of Invernomuto. The book, neither an artist’s book nor a traditional catalogue, is a voyage through imagery extending from visual art to music, crossing the widest range of sources and their recombination in the dense imaginary of the artists.

Hardcover, with text in English & Italian.
Pages: 144
Size: 21.5 x 14.8 cm

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Narratives – Relazioni. Baghdad. Red Zone, Green Zone, Babylon. Giovanna Silva. Mousse Publishing.

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Narratives – Relazioni. Baghdad. Red Zone, Green Zone, Babylon. Giovanna Silva. Mousse Publishing.

The first volume of a series that narrates, through images, the history of countries at war or in situations of crisis. Through a combination of evocative images that describe the country in an abstract but precise way, each place is revealed through a narrative path that is simply suggested by the author and can be freely modified by the reader. The images are only halfway legible and can be viewed entirely only by extracting the individual pages – which are not bound, like a newspaper – whose sequence can be freely reorganized each time.

In this first volume the protagonist is Baghdad, described as a fortified city, as a place still defended by walls and thus comparable to its historical precursor, Babylon. After Baghdad, the series will continue with portraits of Afghanistan, the Gulf of Aden, Egypt and Syria.

Format: 14 posters in a folder (26.5 x 38 cm)

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Peep-Hole Sheet #11: Pedro Barateiro – The Artist As Spectator. Mousse Publishing.

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Peep-Hole Sheet #11: Pedro Barateiro – The Artist As Spectator

Peep-Hole Sheet is a quarterly of writings by artists.
Each issue is dedicated solely to one artist, who is invited to contribute with an unpublished text whose content is completely free in terms both of subject and format.
The texts are published in their original language, with accompanying translations in English and Italian. All images are deliberately avoided. Peep-Hole Sheet is meant for those who believe artists are catalysts for ideas all around us, and who want to read their words without any filter.
Over time it aspires to build up an anthology of writings that might open new perspectives for interpreting and understanding our times.

Written in 2005 and unpublished until now, The Artist as Spectator is conceived as a flux, a collection of thoughts that accompany the work of Pedro Barateiro: “I will be re-writing my own words for the rest of my life, that’s for sure. I will go on for my own reasons, creating my own language.”
A work which delineates, above all, a reflexive act and possibility of a “release from seizure,” departing from the awareness that we are all coopted into the logic of the Market/Spectacle that art, in some way, foretells. The invitation is therefore that of recovering the gaze toward ourselves and the world, always staying on the scene of the crime, always on the verge of disappearance. The object, the video, the artistic means becomes a gun pointed to the temple: we can wait for something (the world, time) to change, or decide to aim the weapon.

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New York: Directions, Points of interest. Massimo De Carlo. Mousse Publishing.

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New York: Directions, Points of interest. Massimo De Carlo. Mousse Publishing.

Trying to describe the contemporary art scene in New York is complicated, like trying to rigidly define a city that over the course of its history has embraced positions and interests that are often diametrically opposed. The exhibition “New York: Directions, Points of Interest” curated by Elena Tavecchia for Massimo De Carlo Gallery is a path that winds through a selection of eight of the most interesting artists on the NY scene, who have decided to pursue their research in this urban context.
The works in the show reflect an imaginary itinerary through the concrete grid and layers of a city that has been, and continues to be, one of the cultural reference points of the global stage. The catalogue published for the show contains texts by Elena Tavecchia and Alex Kitnick.

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Roman Ondák. Guide. Mousse Publishing, Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther König

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Roman Ondák. Guide. Mousse Publishing and Walther König

Guide is an artist’s book co-published by Mousse and Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther König for the exhibitions at Villa Arson-Centre National d’Art Contemporain, Nice, Salzburger Kunstverein and Fondazione Galleria Civica-Centro di Ricerca sulla Contemporaneitá in Trent. Conceived as a true “guide”, the book examines all the work of Roman Ondák, presenting and analyzing in detail nearly one hundred works by the artist.

With writings by Luca Cerizza, Max Delany, Silvia Eiblmayer, Luigi Fassi, Ryan Gander, Francesco Garutti, Patricia Grzonka, Jens Hoffmann, Adam Kleinman, Simone Menegoi, Roman Ondák, Vivian Rehberg, Elodie Royer, Chris Sharp and Andrea Viliani.

Pages: 174
Language: English

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A proposito di Marisa Merz. Mousse Publishing

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A proposito di Marisa Merz. Mousse Publishing.

A Proposito di Marisa Merz (Speaking of Marisa Merz) is the first volume of a new editorial project of MAXXI, edited by Carolina Italiano, that foresees the publication of a series of monographs dedicated to artists whose work will be acquired by the museum. This series wants to offer the most ample apparatus of historical and biographical notes in relation to the new acquisitions, while providing a deeper reading of the artist’s body of work. Speaking of Marisa Merz features an introduction to her practice by Anna Mattirolo, followed by two essays. The text by Luigia Lonardelli outlines the artist’s productions from the Sixties to today, and the contribution by American critic Christopher Bennet discusses Marisa Merz’s work in relation to its contemporary international context.

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Kuehn Malvezzi – Index. Mousse Publishing.

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Kuehn Malvezzi – Index. Mousse Publishing.

The presentation of Kuehn Malvezzi’s new monograph, titled KUEHN MALVEZZI – INDEX is strikingly straightforward: the projects created by the Berlin-based architects over the last decade are exclusively narrated through images, with the sole textual presence consisting of selected reprints of previously published theoretical treatises and interviews. Nothing was added to the volume that would interfere with the narratives, evoked here by the juxtaposed visual sequence of public, private and exhibition spaces. All references are listed on the cover jacket, which also acts as the index.

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