Camera Austria #123

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Camera Austria #123


Eric Baudelaire
Phil Collins
Jo Ratcliffe
Adam Broomberg & Oliver Chanarin
Kolumne / Column
Kaelen Wilson-Goldie
Nataša Ilić
Rory Bester
Adi Ophir
T.J. Demos

English / German

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Camera Austria & Stephanie Kiwitt & Sven Johne @ Motto Berlin. 19.06.2013

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“Camera Austria International” No. 122 was released in June. We’ll present the issue with artist Stephanie Kiwitt as well as the artist book “Where the sky is darkest, the stars are brightest” by Sven Johne (Edition Camera Austria) in conversation with Maren Lübbke-Tidow and Reinhard Braun. Come celebrate with us at Motto store in Berlin, from 7pm

Photo: Stephanie Kiwitt, from the series: GYM, 2012/13.

Skalitzer 68: Natalie Czech + Camera Austria. Berlin. 04.08.2012

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Skalitzer 68. 04.08.2012
Camera Austria – Magazine presentation, drinks and BBQ
Natalie Czech – Book launch, presentation and Q&A
Starts at 7.00 pm.

The theme of Camera Austria’s new issue (#118) is “Photography_Text”, which ensues from the observation that contemporary photographic artists are increasingly associating text and image mediums; a practice at the base of German artist Natalie Czech.
At “Skalitzer. 68″ the magazine and the artist will plan a joint presentation, following the intense collaboration they had in the creation of this issue, where author Jens Asthoff discovers how Natalie Czech, through her photographs, investigates language as a space of contingency, probes boundaries of meaning, experiments with word-image relations, and encourages stratifications of intertextuality to intersect with and permeate one another. In his literary contribution, Barry Schwabsky poses exploratory questions about Czech’s work: “Is it possible to see her work as one enormous love letter: a billet-doux to poetry?” and notes that the last thing lovers want to give up is the possibility of gazing at the beloved: “Photographing poetry means gazing at it.”
In the same occasion, Natalie Czech’s recently published monography “Je n’ai rien à dire. Seulement à montrer. / Ich habe nichts zu sagen. Nur zu zeigen. / I have nothing to say. Only to show” (Spector Books, 2012) will be officially presented and open to discussion with the artist.

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