Skalitzer 68: Natalie Czech + Camera Austria. Berlin. 04.08.2012

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Skalitzer 68. 04.08.2012
Camera Austria – Magazine presentation, drinks and BBQ
Natalie Czech – Book launch, presentation and Q&A
Starts at 7.00 pm.

The theme of Camera Austria’s new issue (#118) is “Photography_Text”, which ensues from the observation that contemporary photographic artists are increasingly associating text and image mediums; a practice at the base of German artist Natalie Czech.
At “Skalitzer. 68″ the magazine and the artist will plan a joint presentation, following the intense collaboration they had in the creation of this issue, where author Jens Asthoff discovers how Natalie Czech, through her photographs, investigates language as a space of contingency, probes boundaries of meaning, experiments with word-image relations, and encourages stratifications of intertextuality to intersect with and permeate one another. In his literary contribution, Barry Schwabsky poses exploratory questions about Czech’s work: “Is it possible to see her work as one enormous love letter: a billet-doux to poetry?” and notes that the last thing lovers want to give up is the possibility of gazing at the beloved: “Photographing poetry means gazing at it.”
In the same occasion, Natalie Czech’s recently published monography “Je n’ai rien à dire. Seulement à montrer. / Ich habe nichts zu sagen. Nur zu zeigen. / I have nothing to say. Only to show” (Spector Books, 2012) will be officially presented and open to discussion with the artist.

Further programme details

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