Mousse #27

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Mousse Magazine no. 27

In December, Ute Meta Bauer and Dan Graham met up in New York for a conversation whose scope was determined by their many shared interests and long friendship, as well as a passion for literature that, inevitably, is connected to an extraordinary storytelling ability. Hans Ulrich Obrist and Stuart Comer got together with William (Bill) Leavitt for a long conversation just a few months after his first retrospective at Los Angeles MOCA, an event that John Baldessari celebrates in his introductory portrait of the artist.

For PART OF THE PROCESS, Ronald Van de Sompel talked with Sven Augustijnen about the artist’s new film, Spectres, which focuses on the decolonization of the Belgian Congo, especially the circumstances surrounding the murder of Patrice Lumumba. A dark work that tracks the phantoms of history into their most hidden retreats.You need to read Chus Martínez’s text at samba rhythm. Samba is a movement of the body that reverberates in the movement of the social body. It is also a way to neutralize the system, as the author explains. The art world is flooded with printed matter. Dieter Roelstraete analyzes this phenomenon for PORTFOLIO in relation to the work of Zin Taylor, who is unquestionably an exquisite narrator. To Andrew Berardini, the greatest achievement of Brian Bress’s work is that it makes us keenly aware of how much television entertainment has shaped our mental processes. Yarn Man and his bizarre friends make this clear to us.Building houses out of nothing and against all odds. Abraham Cruzvillegas has translated the experience of autoconstruccion into several initiatives, which he talked about with Vincenzo de Bellis. Fiete Stolte lives in a parallel reality. Not a different world from ours, but the same one according to a different model of time. One where nights are not always dark, nor days always light. Jennifer Allen tried to synchronize herself with the artist’s new calendar, for HARK!

ARTIST PROJECT: Jeremy Deller, introduced by an interview with Peter Eleey.

TEN FUNDAMENTAL QUESTIONS OF CURATING, a project curated by Jens Hoffmann, sponsored by Fiorucci Art Trust and Mousse Publishing, explores the multifaceted physiognomy of the curator. The third of ten dossiers features João Ribas answering the question “What to do with the contemporary?” plus selected illustrations by Matthew Buckingham

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