Öyvind Fahlström. U-BARN. OEI editör.

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U-BARN by Öyvind Fahlström, published by OEI editör

OEI editör in collaboration with Amundön presents the first DVD edition of Öyvind Fahlström’s short film U-BARN from 1968. This edition also includes three booklets with an essay on Fahlström’s relation to film (in fact the first more comprehensive essay on this subject), an interview with Stefan Jarl (who was production manager for U-BARN), and transcriptions in Swedish and English of the dialogue track in the film, as well as images and documents related to Fahlström’s film productions in Sweden.

While well-known for his inventive and various visual art (paintings, collages, installations), for his concrete poetry and his “concretist” manifesto “Hätila ragulpr på fåtskliaben” (“HIPY PAPY BTHUTHDTH THUTHDA BTHUTHDY”) from 1953, and, at least in some contexts, for his radio art, happenings, and plays, Fahlström’s relation to film belongs to the more unexplored territories of his multifarious work. Even so, film was part of his aesthetic interests from the very beginning, and it was an interest that would linger on during the decades to come. Eventually, during the late 1960s and early 1970s, it would also result in the production of a handful of films, of which the most well-known is perhaps Du gamla, du fria (“Provocation”) from 1972.

U-BARN, though, is Fahlström’s most experimental and complex film. The dialogue is extremely literal and embedded in specific contexts of learning and protest. As a conventional subtitling would be impossible due to Fahlström’s highly complex sound work, which actively resists a normalizing treatment, we have chosen to publish the dialogue track as a transcription in a separate booklet (in Swedish as well as in English).

Languages: Swedish & English

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Vis-à-vis en face (J’ai quinze ans). Honza Zamojski. Morava Books.

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Vis-à-vis en face (J’ai quinze ans). Honza Zamojski. Morava Books.

“Vis-à-vis en face (J’ai quinze ans)” is the 12th publication of Morava publishing house. The portraits collected in the book (earlier outlined with his finger on the screen of a smartphone) are a free interpretation of the works in the collection of the ING Polish Art Foundation. In 2010, Zamojski’s drawing was added to the Foundation collection and catalogued as piece 0108. The monotype on the cover of a detective fiction story (Patricia Highsmith “Strangers on a train”) is a mask applied with printing ink to woman’s face. Two years later, while working on “Vis-à-vis en face”, Zamojski created more than 60 portraits defined by page number, drawing number and the collection’s catalogue number. He developed a closed and newly structured catalogue of the Foundation collection. At first glance the book may look like a travesty of other artists’ accomplishments. It can also be associated with a child’s play, which persistently, with surprising consequence, keeps scribbling on a smartphone screen. By applying simple esthetics, Zamojski refers to the idea of a direct and raw view. Vis-à-vis. However, on the cover of the book we see a grid, a steady structure. A number of clues lead the reader’s gaze to perceive portraits scribbled en face.

ISBN: 978-83-933762-2-3
format: 220 x 254 mm, 72 pp., offset printing, softcover, embossing
color: 2+2 (Black, Pantone 4695)
paper: Cyclus offset 140 g
printrun: 350

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O. Niemeyer. Erik van der Weijde. Rollo Press and 4478 Zine

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O. Niemeyer, Erik van der Weijde, published by Rollo Press and 4478 Zine.

Rollo-Press and 4478ZINE have joined forces again and present ‘O. Niemeyer’, the latest artist book by Erik van der Weijde.
This time Van der Weijde travelled to cities like Brasilia, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Paris, Milan, Berlin and many others to photograph the architecture of Oscar Niemeyer. Once more, the obsession with his subject, has led the artist to produce an archive presented in a book that follows the same design and size as This is not my Wife, only now in an oblong format.

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The Recovery of Discovery. Cyprien Gaillard. Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther König

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The Recovery of Discovery, Cyprien Gaillard, published by Verlag der Buschhandlung Walther König.

Die Erhaltung eines Monuments scheint auch immer seine Zerstörung zu beinhalten. Um städtische Architekturen, Kulturdenkmäler und Reliquien zu bewahren, erfolgt nicht selten ihre Überführung an andere Orte. Der Transfer ändert nicht nur die Geschichte des Ursprungsortes, sondern führt auch zu einer brachialen Umdeutung des vor der Zerstörung Bewahrten. Für seine Ausstellung in den KW Institute for Contemporary Art schuf Cyprien Gaillard (geboren 1980 in Paris) eine neue, raumgreifende Arbeit, die erst durch die aktive Mißachtung ihrer Form die Komplexität ihrer Bezüge aufzeigt. Gleich einer öffentlichen Amnesie, verloren in der ausweglosen Interaktion mit dokumentiert in einer langen Kleinbildserie die völlige Zerstörung der Pyramide.
Preserving a monument goes hand in hand with destroying it. In order to preserve architecture, cultural monuments and relics, they are often relocated, allowing urban displacement to arise – leading to the disappearance of the concept of autonomous geography and archeology. The dislocation of a monument does not only alter the history of its original location, but also leads to a radical re-interpretation of the monument itself. For his exhibition at KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Cyprien Gaillard created a new work containing complex implications, which will only be revealed through an act of complete defiance. Similar to public amnesia, lost in the hopeless interaction with the monument, the gradual destruction
becomes a part of the aesthetic of resistance. The catalogue which is published on the occasion of the exhibition “Cyprien Gaillard. The Recovery of Discovery” at KW Institute of Contemporary Art in Berlin, depicts the gradual destruction of the sculpture and includes contributions by Hal Foster, Marion von Osten, and Susanne Pfeffer as well as a conversation with Cyprien Gaillard and Susanne Pfeffer.

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I Myself Am Only A Receiving Apparatus. Joachim Koester, Maureen Mooren, Frédérique Bergholtz and Kristin Schrader. If I Can’t Dance, Amsterdam and kestnergesellschaft, Hanover.

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I Myself Am Only A Receiving Apparatus, Joachim Koester, Maureen Mooren, Frédérique Bergholtz and Kristin Schrader, published by If I Can’t Dance, Amsterdam and kestnergesellschaft, Hanover.

I Myself Am Only A Receiving Apparatus, focuses on the performative and the human body in Koester’s work, which is based on intensive archival research and characterized by what he calls “narrative knots”—the multitude of stories, facts and references that make up his notion of history.

The book is part of a series of six monographs that mark the closure of the projects commissioned by If I Can’t Dance within the framework of Edition III – Masquerade, with artists Keren Cytter, Jon Mikel Euba, Olivier Foulon, Joachim Koester, Suchan Kinoshita and Sara Pierce.

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Hired Hand. Stuart Bailes, Bea Fremderman, Ingo Mittelstaedt and Athena Torri. Vandret Publications.

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Hired Hand, Stuart Bailes, Bea Fremderman, Ingo Mittelstaedt and Athena Torri, published by Vandret Publications.

The artist’s elegant landscapes and still lifes are re-appropreated – collaged, juxtaposed and presented alongside internet stock photographs to make up a softspoken picture poem in which brute force and a slight caress suggest an undefined plot.

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Secret Language The Code Breakers. Stephen Willats. Galerie Thomas Schulte.

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Secret Language The Code Breakers, Stephen Willats, published by Galerie Thomas Schulte.

Since the 1960s, Stephen Willats is counted as one of the most influential protagonists of international conceptual art in England. One of the main focuses of his work has always been the examination of urban realities by means of communication processes, network formation, and self-organising structures. Willats illustrates various systems of social interaction through an array of drawings, diagrams, photo-collages, computer-operated communication-devices, and animations. The artist works directly with people: their relationships to each other – be it in a private or professional environment – as well as their relationship to an omnipresent system of everyday symbols; from architectural structures to objects, materials, and sounds that surround us continually. Willats poses the question as to how the personal values and lebensraum of the individual are perceived within society, and how society defines and adopts them.

Language: German/English

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Ein Du. Dennis Freischlad and Béla Pablo Janssen. Spontan Verlag

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Ein Du ist eine Co-Produktion des Künstlers Béla Pablo Janssen und des Dichters Dennis Freischlad. Gemeinsam suchen sie nach den Orten und Subjekten, die einer Beheimatung gleichkommen (könnten). Prosa, Fotografie, Tagebuchnotizen, Graffiti und Lyrik sind die Mittel, mit denen sie um den Mittelpunkt ihres Gegenwartsgedächtnisses kreisen. Die Themen lesen sich wie eine Bestandsaufnahme, wie ein Festhaltenmüssen des Erlebten: Kunst, Sex, Alltag, Sehnsucht, poetische Momentaufnahmen in Wort und Bild. Im Zwischenraum dieser in die Reflektion integrierten Sujets befindet sich die ständige Frage nach der individuellen und gesellschaftlichen Bewohnbarkeit der Welt.

Béla Pablo Janssen (geb. 1981) lebt und arbeitet in Köln.
Dennis Freischlad (geb. 1979) lebt und arbeitet derzeit in Köln.

Language: German/English

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Pétunia #4

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(Known as the “violence” issue)

With contributions of/and about: Fabienne Audéoud, Alex Bag, Lili Reynaud Dewar; Sonya Dyer, Dorothée Dupuis, Valérie Chartrain, Jean-Charles Massera, Elisabeth Lebovici, Glenn Ligon, Ellen Cantor, Samara Davis, Sarah Ortmeyer, Ellen Harvey, Cassandra Lasch Edlefsen, Bruce Nauman, Luc Jeand’heur, Klara Liden, Alexander Fleming, Valerie Solanas, Caroline Achaintre, Matthew Darbyshire, Olivia Dunbar…

Design : Susanna Shannon / Design Dept
Pages: 93

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Joachim Koester: Book Launch & Book Talk. Motto Charlottenborg.Copenhaguen.12.09.2012

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Launch: I Myself Am Only A Receiving Apparatus
Joachim Koester has in collaboration with the Dutch association If I Can’ t Dance, I Don’t Want To Be Part Of Your Revolution and kestnergesellschaft – Institute of Contemporary Art in Hanover created a monographic publication, I Myself Am Only A Receiving Apparatus, published by Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther König.The publication focuses on the performative and the human body in Koester’s work, which is based on intensive archival research and characterized by what he calls “narrative knots” ―the multitude of stories, facts and references that make up his notion of history.

Book Talk:
Joachim Koester has curated a selection of books that have been influential for his artistic practice, and will introduce his selection in a show-and-tell presentation.