La Città Infinita. Paolo Ventura. Gevaert Editions.

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La Città Infinita. Paolo Ventura. Gevaert Editions.

Thirty prints in a cardboard box. Silkscreen printing on 700g Sirio Black paper. Each print: 15.7 x 12 cm, box: 24.8 x 16.1 x 2.5 cm. Printed by Serigrafia Kroma, Città di Castello.

Edition of 100 copies + 15 A.P.’s signed and numbered by the artist.


D 180€

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New Stationery Department / Limited Edition Print. Sara MacKillop. Motto Books.

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New Stationery Department. Sara MacKillop. Motto Books.

A book by Sara MacKillop.

Published by Motto 2013.

Edition of 500 copies.

D 10€

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New Stationary Department + Limited Edition Print.

By Sara MacKillop.

Edition of 30.

D 40€

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Dreaming the Mainstream. Mark von Schlegell. Merve Verlag Berlin.

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Dreaming the Mainstream. Mark von Schlegell. Merve Verlag Berlin.

»Wir, die wir im 21. Jahrhundert leben, sind nicht die ersten Generationen, die es mit einer veralteten Moderne zu tun haben. Unsere ehemals kritische Obsession für den Modernismus hat sich in ein Begehren verwandelt, denn als Moderne sehnen wir uns danach, modern zu sein, um das wiederherzustellen, was der Modernismus niemals war, aber doch endlich werden muss. Selbst darin sind wir noch Erben einer Tradition.« Mit dem Realometer (Berlin 2009) – als ästhetischem Instrument zur Erzeugung unwahrscheinlicher Wirklichkeiten – hat MVS eine amerikanische Fissur im Modernismus des 19. Jahrhunderts nachgezeichnet.

In Dreaming the Mainstream verfolgt er die Weiterentwicklung des Realometers im kulturellen Mainstream des 20. Jhs. Texte von Emily Dickinson, H.P. Lovecraft, Patricia Highsmith, Bob Dylan, Raymond Roussel und David Hume zeigen Anspruch und Scheitern des Mainstreams, seine fantastischen Versprechen einzulösen. Schlegells fiktiv-kritische Methode macht sich die Möglichkeitsformen zeitgenössischer Kunstkritik zu eigen, und erzeugt so einen futuristischen, textlichen Aktivismus, der die Schranken von Anstand, Plagiarismus, Genre, Gelehrsamkeit und Fantum weit hinter sich lässt.

Mark von Schlegell (*1967), schreibt Science-Fiction Romane (Mercury Station (2009) und Venusia (2005) bei Semiotext(e)), Essays und Kunstkritiken.

Mit Illustrationen von Manuel Gnam und Sergej Jensen.

Übersetzt von Petra Porsche.

IMD 345
German / English
152 Seiten.
ISBN: 978-3-88396-283-2

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Disappears. A New House in a New Town. Sleeperhold Publications.

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Disappears. A New House in a New Town. Sleeperhold Publications.

Sleeperhold #5.3.

“Disappears” with their release called “A New house in a New Town”. Chicago’s Disappears are Brian Case (also of the Ponys and 90 Day Men), Jonathan van Herik, Damon Carruesco and Noah Leger. Their latest album “Pre-Language”, released on Kranky records, features Sonic Youth’s Steve Shelley on the drums. Disappears’ druggy, rythmic rock music has often been compared to Neu!, Spacemen 3 or Jesus and Mary Chain at their noisiest.

This output features the demo versions of 2 new songs and a rework of “Love Drug”, from their acclaimed last album “Pre-Language”, recorded in a single track at their rehearsal space The material could not be more unpolished and this rawness only adds to the magic of the songs. The blown-open sound and potential of these versions is enormous. Brian’s barked, deadpan vocals remind of The Fall’s Mark
E. Smith, while the music shivers on. The drumming on this release is taken care of by a drumcomputer, adding a dry rhythm to underline the repetitive nature of the 3 songs. Disappears’ haunting basslines, monotone singing and shivering guitar sound are just enough to convey the mood of 21th century suburbia, with its nihilism and loneliness, the perfect soundtrack for hazy nights. In a unique blend of krautrock, minimalism and garage the group evocates desolation, despair and catharsis. This record seems to build up to an explosion that never seems to arrive. Their smoggy, narcotic sound makes everything come to a stop and builds up in a dynamic thrust, only to stop again. This is truly a thrilling release. Disappears’ interplay between tention and release is seamless and compelling.


The etched artwork on the b-side of this vinyl was done by Belgian photographer Stine Sampers. The diptych she created, captures the mood of the music so perfectly one could see it as the 4th song of the album.

Sampers’ pictures seem to dissect the beauty of the empty, simple moments within the human lifespan. Her pictures capture the hidden self of her subject. It seems as if the spectator is allowed to gaze into a world that’s completely indifferent to his/her presence. Her work is highly personal, helping her cope with love, loss and regret.

But Sampers doesn’t just register. By taking a picture Sampers builds a visual narrative around the subject, similar to a diary entry. They often speak of despair or disillusion, as often as they evoke happiness. There is no in-between in Sampers’ work.

Listen to a sample here.

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Fotografie. Zbigniew Libera. Raster.

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Fotografie. Zbigniew Libera. Raster.

The streets of a city steeped in martial law, the flat of a suicide victim, a mental hospital, a prison, the pages of fictitious newspapers, the camp of the last of the Europeans… Zbigniew Libera was there with his photo camera. 169 photographs collected for the first time in a single volume are an effect of an uncompromising, 30-year journey through the ashes of modern civilization.

Language: Polish / English
Pages: 192
Binding: Hardcover
ISBN: 978-83-927804-7-2

D 30€

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Temporary Yours (1995-2012). Dan Perjovschi. Idea Editura, Zavod P.A.R.A.S.I.T.E.

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Temporary Yours (1995-2012). Dan Perjovschi. Idea Editura, Zavod P.A.R.A.S.I.T.E.

“I am in the flow and I respond to the flow. That is my basic practice that collaterally produces durable things, objects or drawings (on paper, in newspapers, as newspapers, as video projections, in notebooks or at the National Technical Library in Prague). From time to time, I lay down my repertoire somewhere, somehow. But the great show passes with me. I am its sole director and actor.”

Dan Perjovschi

bw offset print, hard cover, 23 x 16 cm
edition: 500

D 10€

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Interpretation. Lili Reynaud Dewar. Paraguay Press, Kunsthalle Basel.

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Interpretation. Lili Reynaud Dewar. Paraguay Press, Kunsthalle Basel.



French / English
128 Pages
ISBN: 978-2-918252-12-2

D 25€

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Le catalogue et ses hybrides / The Catalog’s Mongrels. Charlotte Cheetham. officeabc.

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Le catalogue et ses hybrides / The Catalog’s Mongrels. Charlotte Cheetham. officeabc.

Le catalogue et ses hybrides / The Catalog’s Mongrels is a proposal of one possible way to document/trace the same name exhibition.

The exhibitions The Catalog and its hybrids – curated by Charlotte Cheetham – introduced publishing projects reflecting the diversity of publications that are associated with the exhibition context… The catalog of the project, designed by officeabc, tries to embody its own statement…

These printed sites of encounter – a format of interaction between an art space (art center, gallery, museum…), a curator, an artist, a graphic designer, a theorist… – question, particularly, the potential of the book object to be an alternative to the exhibition space.

From a documental object – the catalogue – to a composite printed form – the artist book – some of these publications offer a more complex treatment of the documentation of artistic production and curatorial practices.

A source, trace or extension of the ephemeral, each of these printed experiences, which are reactivated at each new reading, constitute an alternative space of living memory, a new context for the existence of a work of art.

– Introduction & Promenade (Charlotte Cheetham)
– A kind of bibliography The Catalog and its hybrids
– An extract of the The Catalog and its hybrids collection
– Seth Siegelaub: to exhibit, to publish… (Jérôme Dupeyrat)
– A case of tic, tac, toe et Notes about a flyer (officeabc)

• a tumblr bookmark
• sticker Museum of Museum
• cards “teaser/clue to a catalogue”

Design: officeabc
Typography: Devanture par Sarah Kremer
Translation: Mafalda Dâmaso & officeabc
Print: Print it

A project supported by Toulous’up, label et bourse de la ville de Toulouse.

Price: €15.00

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APE#026 Hana Miletić, The Molem Collective. Art Paper Editions

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The Molem Collective gathers a collection of hip hop sneakers of the young Morocco-born Zakaria Haddou aka Zak from Molem. He was commissioned by the Croatian-Belgian artist Hana Miletić to portray his collection of 24 pairs of sneakers, bought during the last eighteen months. The succession of different sneakers can be regarded as a short historiography of the hip hop subculture.
The bold aesthetics, reflecting a rather objective approach, is very close to Miletić’s own artistic practice. Haddou is holding up every shoe against a slightly different background which consists of different walls of his bedroom; every close-up is shot from the same side angle.
A record of rap songs, selected by the youngster, reveals more about the remarkable collection and his owner. Here the rigour of the photographic series is played out against the personal tone of the project. Against the background of his favourite songs, Zak shares stories related to his collection that introduce the audience to some landmarks of the hip hop culture. But along the lines of dress codes and status symbols, a more personal story is told, related to the boy’s experience of ‘coming of age’.
The Molem Collective is released as a limited edition LP record (Art Paper Editions #026, 2013). The yellow record sleeve and the blue vinyl label refer to the flag colours of Sint-Jans-Molenbeek, better known as ‘Molem’ in slang, the multi-ethnic neighbourhood the young man inhabits.
The Molem Collective is part of a larger socio-artistic research project by Miletić, Molem ( This versatile project has an organic structure where meetings and experiences can lead to a further exploration of this contested Brussels area. Resulting in an interactive archive consisting of digital photographs and videos made by a multicultural group of young individuals from Brussels, Molem is a very generous project, on the part of the artist as well as of the participating youngsters. (Tanja Boon)

Hana Miletić (b.1982) is a Croatian-born photographer and video artist based in Brussels, Belgium. Her work documents, gathers and questions distinctive contemporary phenomena related to cultural identities, often located in the margins of European capitals. Miletić studied art history and archaeology at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel and photography at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp. She currently researches and lectures in photography at LUCA School of Arts in Brussels.

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Sara Mackillop. New Stationery Department @ Motto Berlin. 29.03.2013

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Sara Mackillop – New Stationery Department

Opening reception 29.03.2013

From 7pm

New Stationery Department
32 pages
Edition of 500
Published by Motto Books