New Stationery Department. Sara Mackillop. Motto Berlin. 30.03-19.04.2013

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New Stationery Department. Sara Mackillop.
Motto Berlin. 30.03-19.04.2013

New Stationery Department / Limited Edition Print. Sara MacKillop. Motto Books.

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New Stationery Department. Sara MacKillop. Motto Books.

A book by Sara MacKillop.

Published by Motto 2013.

Edition of 500 copies.

D 10€

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New Stationary Department + Limited Edition Print.

By Sara MacKillop.

Edition of 30.

D 40€

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Sara Mackillop. New Stationery Department @ Motto Berlin. 29.03.2013

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Sara Mackillop – New Stationery Department

Opening reception 29.03.2013

From 7pm

New Stationery Department
32 pages
Edition of 500
Published by Motto Books

For Lal, or Henry. Sean Edwards. The Block.

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For Lal, or Henry. Sean Edwards. The Block.

Six booklets that fold out into posters.


Cabinet Making and the Kit of Tools
On the Life of Forms – Anne McQuay
The Moments Before the Banal Became Something You Could No Longer Believe In
Context for Reading – Sara MacKillop
I Saw Something Else (CBS)
Maybe Something Like the Way It Should Have Been – Ryan Gander

Published in London 2012
Designed by Wolfram Wiedner studio

D 15€

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Ex-library Book. Sara MacKillop. Pork Salad Press

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Sara MacKillop. Ex-library Book. Pork Salad Press

An Ex-library book is the least desirable book in book collecting terms. The term is used for books that once belonged to a library. Ex-library books are generally unattractive, as they have usually been stamped, taped, glued or had a card pocket glued to them. The books have often been damaged by the patrons of the library themselves.

Binding: Softcover
Language: English
Pages: 80
ISBN: 978-87-91409-68-4
D 12€

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Book Cover. Sara MacKillop. Blue Feint.

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Book Cover, a project by Sara MacKillop. Published by Blue feint, 2009.

The material on which this book is based was compiled and edited by Norman Longmate, who before joining the staff of the BBC as a radio producer in school broadcasting was himself a freelance scriptwriter, contributing to both radio and television. He is now a member of the BBC Secretariat.

D 5 €

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House & Garden. Sara MacKillop. Paul + Wendy Projects.

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House & Garden, by Sara MacKillop, published by Paul + Wendy Projects, 2012.

D 8 €

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One Day Diary. Sara MacKillop. Xerox Publication.

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One Day Diary. Produced by Sara MacKillop in conjunction with her White Room exhibition, May 29 – July 16, 2011. New York.

D 8 €

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