Animé. Gallus Gallus

Posted in music, photography, zines on January 11th, 2023
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Mixed photos/photo-collages from around the globe.

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Limited on 50 pieces/numbered
Comes with stickers

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Local Stickerbook #3. Yan Tashtoush, Alexandra Sakara, Katia Samogon, Stasiya Lutova (Eds.)

Posted in art, Artist's book, books on November 18th, 2022
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Local Stickerbook is an independent magazine exhibiting works of contemporary Ukrainian artists. For each edition, around twenty artists are selected to represent their creations through the sticker format. The project was launched in February, 2021 as an initiative of Kyiv-based artists and curators. Since that time, the team successfully hosted several multi-format events uniting various local musicians, artists and enthusiasts to explore metamodernistic ideas and approaches.

The Local Stickerbook team also provides artists and their families with financial aid. The team intends to create a special financial support foundation giving a part of the profits and donations to the Ukrainian artists in need. Together we make a difference!

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Ugly Duckling. Alex Anyaegbunam. Otto Resource powered by Innen

Posted in photography, zines on July 15th, 2022
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In Alex Anyaegbunam’s work, photographs don’t just document moments, they manifest memory. In “Ugly Duckling,” Anyaegbunam’s show with Otto Resource c/o Adam Barnard, Polaroid portraits of the artist from childhood to young adulthood explore the formation of his identity at the same time that they convey how these captured moments made him feel.

Instances of double-exposure and visual distortion combined with illustrations in paint and Sharpie imbue each photo with an emotional realism, which gives insight into the subjective experience, sometimes of the photographed subject, sometimes of reflective artist, sometimes of both.

The recurring motif of a red, flaming, shonen-anime wig becomes a symbol of sorts for, among other things, creativity and boyhood. Polaroid portraits of intimate others — at times alongside the artist, at times alone — also demonstrate the relationship that experiences with and memories of others can inform notions of selfhood.

The fanzine comes with a set of stickers.

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XTENSION PHOTOZINE #2. Dr. Boerek and Mr. Holiday. Self – published.

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Mixed photos/ photo-collages from around the globe.

Bonus: QR- code for exclusive music-track to download 
Limited on 50 pieces/ numbered 
Comes with stickers

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Bookmark #1. Mario Melis. Giselle’s Books

Posted in art, editions on September 30th, 2021
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First bookmark of an ongoing series published by Giselle’s Books.

Edition of 100. Each order placed will receive a different bookmark. Each piece is unique.

Mario Melis lives and works in Paris. Their practice stems from a mixture of collected images, digital and analog drawings. This expanding archive spans various topics such as feminity, subcultures, and twisted shapes that they transform into tattoos, objects, paintings, clothes, and books. Mario is also publishing and will soon release the collected poems of Matthias Garcia, Anguilles. Their bookmark is inspired by traditional bookmarks composed of materials from Mario’s archive, stickers, flowers, and original drawings.

Giselle’s books is an independent Archive Library of foreign Artist’s Books, editions, and printed material based in Marseille. The space is dedicated to researchers and amateurs with an interest in contemporary art books.

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Klebstoff 6. Stickermag. Wildsmile studios

Posted in illustration on May 8th, 2014
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klebstoff 6- motto1klebstoff 6- motto2klebstoff 6- motto3klebstoff 6- motto4klebstoff 6- motto5

Klebstoff 6

We proudly present the sixth issue of our stickermag and are very happy that you are still enthusiastic and eager for new interventions, silly comments, handmade gfx, illustrations and tributes to our heros.
This time we present among all the invited artists the of the 2012 International Stickeraward which were exhibited at the last years edition of the CYNETART FESTIVAL in Dresden, Germany.
But there are very special contributions from the social side of the moon as well: a special about Egypt’s political street scene and a word from out friends from THE ONION ROUTER. Hope you enjoy the stuff as we do. The cover was designed on the dark side too: check out little glow in the dark experiment.

Publisher: wildsmile studios
Language: english
Pages: 46
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 978-3-944960-00-5

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Klebstoff #5

Posted in illustration, zines on June 3rd, 2013
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Klebstoff is a magazine of stickers from a variety of contributors, Issue #5 includes work by:

Lodown Magazine x Matthais Müller (GER); Marok (GER); Skism (GER); Newskooldisplay (GER); Abuse Industries (AUS); Matt Furie (US); Matthais mMrx (GER); Sebastian Haslauer (GER); Will Sweeney (UK); Florian Bayer (GER); Leif Podhajsky (AUS); Armageddon Rise (GER); Superblast (GER); Kevin Lyons (US); Mesh 137 (UK); French (UK); Dennis Chow (CAN); Bureau Mirko Borsch (GER); Jason Jägel (US); Sae-Jin Hwang (KOR); Yue-Shin Lin (aUS).

Author: Matthias Speck & Wildsmile Studios
Publisher: International Neighborhood Verlag

Price: €9.90

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