Olaf Nicolai / Rollo Press @ Kunsthalle Basel. 19.06.2014

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Olaf Nicolai / Rollo Press @ Kunsthalle Basel. 19.06.2014
from 4pm

olaf nicolai
hotel nacional rio
rollo press zürich (rollo no. 40), 256 photographs, 148 pages
isbn 978-3-906213-07-1

T: +41 61 206 99 00 · F: +41 61 206 99 19
info@kunsthallebasel.ch · www.kunsthallebasel.ch

Bookcatalogtest. Triin Tamm. Rollo Press

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Based on Swiss psychiatrist Moritz Tramer’s “Bücherkatalogtest” from the 1950s, this personality test “tries to evoke different interests that lie buried deep down in each of us” using 432 book titles as a method of examination. An comprehensive user’s manual is included. — This book was published as an edition for the Contemporary Artists’ Book Conference during the New York Art Book Fair 2012, in order to help keep their two-day symposium free to the public.

Author: Triin Tamm
Publisher: Rollo Press
Language: English
Pages: 144
Size: 21 × 29.7 cm

Price: €22.00
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O. Niemeyer. Erik van der Weijde. Rollo Press and 4478 Zine

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O. Niemeyer, Erik van der Weijde, published by Rollo Press and 4478 Zine.

Rollo-Press and 4478ZINE have joined forces again and present ‘O. Niemeyer’, the latest artist book by Erik van der Weijde.
This time Van der Weijde travelled to cities like Brasilia, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Paris, Milan, Berlin and many others to photograph the architecture of Oscar Niemeyer. Once more, the obsession with his subject, has led the artist to produce an archive presented in a book that follows the same design and size as This is not my Wife, only now in an oblong format.

D 24€

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Linus Bill. Topmotiviert. Rollo Press.

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Topmotiviert, Linus Bill, Rollo Press.

Artist’s Book by Linus Bill
Published on the occasion of the exhibition “Was nun?”
by Linus Bill, Patrick Hari and Timm Ulrichs
at the Photoforum Pasquart Biel, 9.10. – 27.11.2011

64 Pages, 17.5 × 25 cm, First Edition, 2011.

D 18 €


Olaf Nicolai & Jan Wenzel. LABYRINTH – Ein Buch in vier Vorträgen. Spector Books & Rollo Press.

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LABYRINTH – Ein Buch in vier Vorträgen, Olaf Nicolai & Jan Wenzel, Spector Books & Rollo Press

“Warum tötete Theseus den Minotaurus?” – “Weshalb fand er den Ausgang des Labyrinths nur mit Hilfe des Ariadnefadens?” – “Erleichtert ein Mehr an Wissen die Orientierung? Oder wird es schwieriger, wenn wir verstanden haben, wie leicht es ist, sich zu verlaufen?” – “Wie kommt es, dass das Labyrinth uns im Handumdrehen zu Mitspielern macht? Warum kommen wir nicht los von diesem Gewirr aus Linien und Gängen?” – “Ist der Weg ins Zentrums des verwickelten Gängereichs leichter zu finden als der Weg zurück in die Freiheit?”

320 Seiten, Deutsch, Broschur mit ca. 280 Abbildungen
Gestaltung: Urs Lehni

D 12 €

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Hektor Works. Rollo Press.

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Hektor Works.

Invented together with engineer Uli Franke, Hektor made its debut as Jürg Lehni’s diploma project at the Ecole Cantonale d’Art De Lausanne (ECAL) in 2002, performing regularly since until 2009. Often created in collaboration with others, the works are explorations of the limitations and expression of this delicate yet wilful output device.


D 18€


Baldessari sings LeWitt, Rollo Press

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Baldessari sings LeWitt

Song Book by Toom Tragel (EE)
40 Pages, 21 × 29.7 cm, Second Edition of 100, Rollo Press 2009

“Con-cep-tu-al art-ists are mys-tics rath-er than ra-tio-nal-ists.
They leap to con-clu-sions, that lo-gic can-not reach.”

D 10€

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A Stack of Books, by Triin Tamm. Published by Rollo Press

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A Stack of Books, as well as it is A Book of Stacks, edited and designed by Triin Tamm.
Published by Rollo Press as a contribution to the exhibition “If it’s part broke, half fix it.” at the CAC Vilnius, January 28 – March 13, 2011.


La Tour Noire, Stéphanie Gygax – Jean-Paul Chatelanat. Rollo Press

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La Tour Noire, Stéphanie Gygax – Jean-Paul Chatelanat.
Réalisée par Stéphanie Gygax, à partir des photographies de Jean-Paul Chatelanat.

Première édition de 150 exemplaires, publiée par Rollo Press

D 13€
Available for distribution.

Buy: orders@mottodistribution.com

Don’t Marx with Stefan Mess!

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The Lousy Animals and friends
Stefan Marx coloring book. 5th edition. 200 copies
D 10€
Buy: orders@mottodistribution.com