Syria, A Travel Guide to Disappearance. Giovanna Silva. Mousse Publishing.

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Syria, A Travel Guide to Disappearance. Giovanna Silva. Mousse Publishing_Motto books_1

Syria, A Travel Guide to Disappearance. Giovanna Silva. Mousse Publishing_Motto books_2Syria, A Travel Guide to Disappearance. Giovanna Silva. Mousse Publishing_Motto books_6Syria, A Travel Guide to Disappearance. Giovanna Silva. Mousse Publishing_Motto books_3

Syria, A Travel Guide to Disappearance. Giovanna Silva. Mousse Publishing_Motto books_5Syria, A Travel Guide to Disappearance. Giovanna Silva. Mousse Publishing_Motto books_4Syria, A Travel Guide to Disappearance. Giovanna Silva. Mousse Publishing_Motto books_7


Texts by Pier Paolo Tamburelli, Noura Al Sayeh
Taken at the height of the Assad days, the images of the photographer Giovanna Silva overlap in this publication with Syrian tourist guides’ images and texts, creating a net of intended and unintended relationships and time interconnections. As Pier Paolo Tamburelli writes in his essay, “Silva’s photo speak of time that is twice lost. […] When I look at them, I can smell that apparently eternal condition of no-change in Syria before 2011. I recognize the omnipresent, idiotic smile of Bashar – at the time still considered the gentle son of Hafez al-Assad (the ophthalmologist who lived in London and did not really wanted to leave to become a dictator and who finally had to substitute the nasty brother probably killed by Mossad). Now that the civil war has erased everything that belonged to that Syria, now that everything changed, I have the impression that that world is way more lost than many other episodes of the past. Both for Syrians and for foreigners the memories of the civil war will occupy all the space that could have been dedicated to these last twenty years of Syrian history. […] Not only are those moments gone, but they will not be remembered. The boredom of that period entirely disappeared in the cruel excitement of the war. The pictures are a strange homage to a lost world”.



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6,070,430K OF DIGITAL SPIT. ANICKA YI. Mousse Publishing

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ANICKA_YI_6070_430K_OF_DIGITAL_SPIT_Mousse_Publishing_motto_distribution_1 ANICKA_YI_6070_430K_OF_DIGITAL_SPIT_Mousse_Publishing_motto_distribution_2 ANICKA_YI_6070_430K_OF_DIGITAL_SPIT_Mousse_Publishing_motto_distribution_3 ANICKA_YI_6070_430K_OF_DIGITAL_SPIT_Mousse_Publishing_motto_distribution_4 ANICKA_YI_6070_430K_OF_DIGITAL_SPIT_Mousse_Publishing_motto_distribution_5 ANICKA_YI_6070_430K_OF_DIGITAL_SPIT_Mousse_Publishing_motto_distribution_6 ANICKA_YI_6070_430K_OF_DIGITAL_SPIT_Mousse_Publishing_motto_distribution_7 ANICKA_YI_6070_430K_OF_DIGITAL_SPIT_Mousse_Publishing_motto_distribution_8 ANICKA_YI_6070_430K_OF_DIGITAL_SPIT_Mousse_Publishing_motto_distribution_9 ANICKA_YI_6070_430K_OF_DIGITAL_SPIT_Mousse_Publishing_motto_distribution_10 ANICKA_YI_6070_430K_OF_DIGITAL_SPIT_Mousse_Publishing_motto_distribution_11 ANICKA_YI_6070_430K_OF_DIGITAL_SPIT_Mousse_Publishing_motto_distribution_12 ANICKA_YI_6070_430K_OF_DIGITAL_SPIT_Mousse_Publishing_motto_distribution_13

Published in conjunction with the exhibition “Anicka Yi: 6,070,430K of Digital Spit” at the MIT List Visual Arts Center, the book includes an exchange between Caroline A. Jones and Yi on scent, ethnicity, and symbiotic microorganisms; an essay by Johanna Burton on networks and extravisual means; and an essay by Alise Upitis on the irreducible ambiguity of Yi’s work. Anicka Yi: 6,070,430K of Digital Spit is the artist’s first monograph.

Texts by Johanna Burton, Caroline A. Jones and Anicka Yi, and Alise Upitis

Designed by Eric Wrenn


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João Maria Gusmão + Pedro Paiva: Teoria Extraterrestre. Mousse Publishing

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João Maria Gusmão + Pedro Paiva, with Alberto Salvadori, eds.

Texts by Mattia Denisse, Luigi Fassi, Chris Fitzpatrick, Xavier Franceschi, Massimiliano Gioni, João Maria Gusmão, Katia Mazzucco, Philippe-Alain Michaud, Olivier Michelon, Alice Motard, Pedro Paiva, Gonçalo Pena, João Ribas, Alberto Salvadori, Antonio Scoccimarro, and Marcus Steinweg
For almost 15 years now, the two Portuguese artists João Maria Gusmao + Pedro Paiva have been constructing an imaginative journey through films, photographs, installations, and sculptures that encapsulate philosophical, existential, and conceptual issues.
Produced in conclusion to a series of exhibitions—which began in 2011 with “Alien Theory” at frac île-de-france, and le plateau in Paris, by way of Museo Marino Marini in Florence, and ended with “Papagaio”, 2014–15 (premiering at HangarBicocca in Milan then moving on to the Camden Arts Centre in London)—Teoria Extraterrestre is the most complete monograph to date on João Maria Gusmão + Pedro Paiva, condensing nearly four years of work and thought that have been compiled into a film cosmogony by the artists themselves.

Publisher: Mousse Publishing
Language: English (Italian and French booklets)
Pages: 256
Size: 19 x 21.7 cm
Binding: Hardcover
ISBN: 9788867491339
Price: €35.00
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Inch by Inch, House by House, Alley by Alley. Giovanna Silva (Ed.). Mousse Publishing.

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Giovanna Silva, ed.
Text by Angelo Del Boca and Giovanna Silva

The book Libya: Inch by Inch, House by House, Alley by Alley is part of a series of publications about nations at war, or in crisis; conceived by Giovanna Silva, they tell the stories of different countries through photographs of their multifaceted landscapes. In the case of Libya, Silva has attempted to outline the architectural structures built by Muammar al-Gaddafi’s regime that were demolished during the recent revolution. Her journey started from Benghazi—the first epicenter of the revolt, as a city that had always been hostile to Colonel Gaddafi—and culminated in Tripoli, inside the bunker-barrack of Gaddafi’s residence. In this construction and de-construction of Gaddafi’s personality, Silva creates a parallel narrative relying on archival pictures she has collected over the years, depicting everything from a young Gaddafi surrounded by the politicians he did business with for years (who would later turn their backs on him), to images of his death, when he lay bleeding and knocked to the ground just like the architecture that embodied his ideals. The publication includes a conversation between Giovanna Silva and Gaddafi biographer Angelo Del Boca, who knew, inside out, just who the real Gaddafi was.

Language: English / Arabic
Size: 11 x 15 cm
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 9788867490929

Price: €20.00
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Mousse #38

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Mousse #38

James Benning
On the Real and the Reel: In Conversation with James Benning
by Bruce Jenkins
Talking About
Conceptual Blind Spots
by Caitlin Jones
Trajal Harrell, Steffani Jemison, Ralph Lemon, Okwui Okpokwasili, Wu Tsang
Feeling Conceptual
by Thomas J. Lax
Lena Henke
Street Material
by Judith Hopf
NICE TO MEET YOU: David Horvitz
What Color Is Your Parachute, David Horvitz?
by Jacob Fabricius
BERLIN Pauline Boudry & Renate Lorenz
Queer Archaeology
by Anne-Sophie Dinant
NEW YORK Sergei Tcherepnin
All the Right Noises
by Simon Castets
Peter Wächtler
Englisch Literature
by Jamie Stevens
Piotr Uklanski
Sorry I Am Not Sorry (for Polish Neo-Avantgarde)
by Adam Szymczyk

and more…

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Mousse #37

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Mousse #37

Alexander Kluge, Farewell to Yesterday by Jens Hoffmann
Hito Steyerl, The Wretched of the Screen by Ana Teixeira Pinto
Talking About, Techno-animism by Lauren Cornell
Pick Up – Lorraine Daston
Objects and (their) Time by Ana Ofak
Jan Švankmajer, Encyclopedia of an Alternative World by Hans Ulrich Obrist
Pick Up – Nicholas Mirzoeff
On Visuality by Chelsea Haines
Talking About Rococo Conceptualism by Jennifer Allen
Portfolio – Sarah Conaway, Black Box Magic by Linda Green
Pick Up, Where to Look, What to Say: Photography in the Next Few Years by Marvin Heiferman
Nice to Meet You – Edgardo Aragón, From the Ruins of the Present by Luigi Fassi
Nice to Meet You – Carlo Gabriele Tribbioli, Around Possible Mysteries by Simone Menegoi
Nice to Meet You – Shane McCarthy, Loop System by Maeve Connolly
Luke Fowler & Peter Hutton, Lived Experience
Philippe Parreno & Anri Sala, A Matter of Synchronization by Cyril Béghin
Pick Up – Robert Hullot-Kentor, On Education and the Prudery of Dissatisfaction by Bettina Funcke
New York – Loretta Fahrenholz, Autosabotage by David Lieske
Paris – Bertille Bak, The Unsubmitted Form by Ida Soulard
Berlin – Gerry Bibby & Natalie Häusler, Bierhimmel
London – Corin Sworn, The Second Hand by Laura McLean-Ferris
Los Angeles – Tender Doublings and Found Minimalism: Fiona Connor by Andrew Berardini
Mark Grotjahn & Jonathan Pylypchuk, Shame, Sociality and Success
Pick Up – Marion Von Osten, Problems of Endless Fruit by Brian Kuan Wood
K-HOLE, Hate Being Sober: the Friendship Experience called K-HOLE by Rachel Blatt
Pick Up – Jeffrey Schnapp, Digital Humanities by Barbara Casavecchia
Elizabeth Peyton & Alex Katz, Painting People
Pick Up – John Tresch, Another History of Science by Armen Avanessian

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Mousse #36

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Mousse is a bimonthly magazine published in Italian and English . Established in 2006, Mousse contains interviews, conversations, and essays by some of the most important figures in international criticism and curation, alternated with a series of distinctive columns in a unique tabloid format.

Mousse magazine number 36 including texts by Jens Hoffmann, Boris Groys, Anthony Huberman, Jessica Morgan, Alexander Nagel, Anna Colin amongst others.

Editor In Chief: Edoardo Bonaspetti
Art Director: Francesco Valtolina

D 9€

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Francesco Pedraglio. The Object Lessons – Nina Beier & Marie Lund. Mousse Publishing.

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The Object Lessons – Nina Beier & Marie Lund by Francesco Pedraglio, published by Mousse Publishing.

The Object Lessons is an exhibition.

The Object Lessons is a story inspired by an exhibition, considered through three parallel accounts told in the first, second and third person.

The Object Lessons is an exhibition inspired by the narratives, characters and artworks features in a short story.

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Komuna Fundamento. Kuehn Malvezzi. Mousse Publishing.

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Komuna Fundamento. Kuehn Malvezzi. Mousse Publishing.

Esperanto’s failure to become a commonly spoken language is a fact, just as modern architecture has not become part of the mainstream: there are other kinds of lingua franca today. Like Esperanto, architecture intended to constitute a common ground appears instead to be sectarian in the midst of contemporary pluralism. Responding to David Chipperfield’s call for an exhibition of Common Ground at the 13th Venice Biennale of Architecture, Kuehn Malvezzi built two interventions using grey stack-bond brickwork, at the entrance and in the Sala Chini of the Palazzo delle Esposizioni, the central pavilion at the Giardini. The Berlin-based practice created two thresholds, two specific spaces that encourage people to meet and linger, to sit down and watch. Komuna Fundamento embraces the relationship between the architectural object and its physical construction.

Including contributions by Candida Höfer and Armin Linke – two artists who approach architecture from opposite directions, while both working in and with space – architecture is considered by Kuehn Malvezzi as part of a curatorial action in space that is neither foreground nor background, but a transformative medium of the in-between. Very much like the installation, the book follows the logic of translation, putting contrasting imagery from various other places into a relationship.

Pages: 208
Language: Esperanto / English

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Paweł Althamer. Polyethylene. Common Task. Mousse Publishing.

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Polyethylene. Common Task by Paweł Althamer, Mousse Publishing.

Polyethylene. Common Task, published on the occasion of Paweł Althamer’s exhibition at Museion in Bolzano, is a visual and textual journey through the participatory processes that 
Polyethylene. Common Task, published on the occasion of Paweł Althamer’s exhibition at Museion in Bolzano, is a visual and textual journey through the participatory processes that inform the work of the Warsaw-based artist. Focusing on the sculptural outcome of his research as well as the developments of those social activities that play a key role in the artist’s work, the book also reports on the “invasion” of the Museum by twenty-five friends and neighbors of the Polish artist.
With texts by Sebastian Cichocki, Letizia Ragaglia, Andrea Viliani, along with hundreds of images, the book narrates “an adventurous exploration of the unexpressed potential that lies in human action and the real world, as launching pads for the voyage towards others and toward other, possible worlds” (Andrea Viliani).

D 30€

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