Modern Matter #19 – Rage Against The Machine. Olu Michael Odukoya (Ed.). Modern Matter

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After Modern Matter’s Instagram account got hacked, we started asking ourselves: who owns our data? And how much of what’s online is really us? The new issue, Rage Against The Machine, is a rebuke to the idea that everything about us should be easily accessible—the magazine, partly shredded as if to obscure important information, is a challenge to the reader, asking them to reassemble its various parts in order to see the full picture. In print, we can do things it is impossible to do online, and remembering this is part of making a truly great magazine; creativity is never entirely about data, because it is always partly about soul.

60% of the Rage Against The Machine issue is devoted to a series of conversations about data compiled by Hans Ulrich Obrist. Other contributors include Koo Jeong A, Juergen Teller, Dovile Teller, Lily Mc Menany, Philippa Snow, Barbara Sanchez Kane, José Esparza Choung Cuy, Paul Virillo and Albert-László Barabási, Senta Simond, Phil Engelhardt.

Cover images: Artist KOO Jeong A by Juergen Teller and Dovile Teller
Styling By Jodie Barnes


MM 19 Special Thank you:
Fashion Directors: Suzanne Koller, Jodie Barnes
Fashion: Laëtitia Gimenez
Fashion Assistamt: Kornelia Lukaszewicz
Custom Fashion Designer: Jawara Alleyne
Graphic Designer: Roberto Righi
In house / Hair Editor: Franzizka Presche
Casting Directors: Piergiorgio Del Mono, Simone Schofer
Sub Editor: Thogdin Ripley

@doviledrizyte @juergentellerstudio @hansulrichobrist @jodieabarnes @koojeonga @barbarasanchezkane @paulviril @philippasnow @senta.simond @suzannekoller @laetitiagimenez @philengelhardt @ofrseoul @newdistributionhouse @serpentineuk @palaceskateboards @chanelofficial @mottobooks @artwordsbookshop @webberrepresents @artpartner @doyoureadme_berlin @clairederouenbooks @donlonbooks @sadiecoleshq @franziskapresche @beccawordingham @lilymcmenamy @simoneschofer @piergiorgio @jawaraalleyne @kurimanzutto @ricardo_righi

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South #2

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SOUTH as a State of Mind grew up fast to become a bi-annual contemporary arts and culture magazine published by Epomenos Stathmos (Greece) and Phileleftheros Publishers (Cyprus) and distributed internationally. People from different -literal or metaphorical- Souths are renegotiating the southern attitude, partly to define it and partly to invent it. Possessed by a spirit of absurd authority, we are trying to contaminate the prevailing culture with ideas that derive from southern mythologies, such as the perfect climate, easy living, chaos and the dramatic temperament, to name but a few. Each 160-page issue includes a thematic section and columns inspired and named after key traits of southern life. Through our twisted – and southern – attitude, expressed through critical essays, artist projects, interviews and features, we would like to give form to the concept of the South as a state of mind rather than a set of fixed places on the map. Opening up an unexpected dialogue among neighbourhoods, cities, regions and approaches, SOUTH as a State of Mind is both a magazine and a meeting point for shared intensities.

This issue features: ARCADIA, Juergen Teller, Anafi, Martin Kippenberger, Temenos, and others

Author: Marina Fokidis (ed.)
Language: English
Pages: 160
Size: 23 x 32 cm

Price: €10.00
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Modern Matter Magazine. Issue 3

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In this issue: A 60 page diary of the Venice Architecture Biennale by Juergen Teller, an interview and visual essay with Luc Tuymans, Hans Ulrich Obrist and Asad Raza on art, Andy Murray & the U.S. Open, an interview with ARS’ Gerfried Stocker, an essay by Joe Fyfe, menswear from Jil Sander, Issey Miyake, Louis Vuitton and Dries Van Noten.

Editor: Olu Michael Odukoya
Language: English
Pages: 189
Size: 27.5 x 21 cm
Binding: Softcover

Price: €10.00
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Kilimanjaro # 13 . A love letter to Roni Horn

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A love letter to Roni Horn, 13# kilimanjaro

Issue 13 of Kilimanjaro is an unofficial catalogue of sorts, whose theme is A Love Letter To Roni Horn; it is the first edition of the magazine which has been created with a single artist, and is a kind of visual & textual retrospective.
Using the traditional format of a magazine publication, comprised of interviews, essays and art criticism, we have curated an overview both of the DNA of Horn’s work, and – through the words of our selection of her friends, collaborators and admirers – of Roni Horn herself. The issue features: JUERGEN TELLER, ADRIAN SEARLE, JOHN WATERS.


Apartamento #7

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Apartamento #7
Featuring: Bruce Benderson, Masha Orlov, Zoe Bedeaux, Kenny Scharf, Juana Molian, Ola Rindal, Juergen Teller, Nick Currie, Thomas Dozol, Adan Jodorowsky, Vuokko Eskolin-Nurmesniemi, Gemma Holt, Jordi Labanda, Aldo & Marirosa Ballo, Mariuccia Casadio, Nicolas Trembley, Crisis vs. Creativity, Liselotte Watkins.
Plus: everyday life food supplement with essays by Chiara Merino and Claire Frisbie, Red, green & yellow peppers, Alice Waters, Jim Haynes and Gloria & Anaïs.

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the journal – entry no 29

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the journal, entry no 29

Contributors issue 29:
Tim Barber Katherine Bernard Jonathan Black Joanne Blades David Blaine Joe Bradley Sarah Braman Coley Brown Christian Brylle Julia Burlingham Cody Chandler Irina Cocimarov Lily Cole Meghan Collison Eliza Cummings Lucia della Paolera Julia Dippelhofer Julia Frakes Oto Gillen Mark Gonzales Dennis Gots Phil Grauer Darius Greyson Alizée Guinochet Roni Horn Leigh Johnson Maciek Kobielski Harmony Korine Andrew Kuo Kathy Lo Nate Lowman Bill Saylor Peter Miles Keegan Monaghan Michael Nevin Kaoru Okubu Caroline Polacheck Naomi Preizler Jordan Robin Natasha Royt Jason Schwartzman Laura Selfridge, Romy Soleimani Juergen Teller Vanessa Traina Magnus Unnar Poppie van Herwerden Eugene Wasserman Martynka Wawzryniak Coco Young

D 16€

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