AGAIN, A TIME MACHINE (poster). Jonathan Monk. Book Works; Motto Books

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A Poster Project

Berlin, 2011

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Kippenberger & Friends. Josephine von Perfall. Distanz Verlag

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The interview book „Kippenberger & Friends“ comes closer to uncovering Kippenberger the myth, through 25 conversations with artists, curators, gallerists, and friends who contributed approx. 55 documentary photographs from their personal archives, published for the first time. They give us their view on someone who left a lasting impression on them, in descriptions that are contemplative, funny, critical, and also self-ironic. The extremely personal memories bring to life not only Kippenberger himself; they also create a dense picture of the cultural life in a Germany which, torn between the sensationalist Springer press and student revolts, the hedonistic consumer culture of yuppies and the provocative rebellion of the punk scene, still had to become convinced of the maxims of its own actions.

Interviews with: Roland Augustine, gallerist, New York; Lukas Baumewerd, architect; Klaus vom Bruch, artist; Werner Büttner, artist; Gisela Capitain, gallerist, Cologne/Berlin; Zdenek Felix, curator; Max Hetzler, gallerist, Berlin; Carmen Knoebel/Brigitta Rohrbach, former innkeepers Ratinger Hof, Düsseldorf; Kasper König, museum director; Jutta Koether, artist; Christian Ludwig Attersee, artist; Helmut Middendorf, artist; Albert Oehlen, artist; Peter Pakesch, museum director; Friedrich Petzel, gallerist, New York/Berlin; Martin Prinzhorn, linguist; Achim Schächtele, former co-owner S.O.36, Berlin; Stephan Schmidt-Wulffen, rector New Design University, St. Pölten; Elfie Semotan, photographer and wife; Claudia Skoda, fashion designer; Helene Winer, gallerist, New York; Johannes Wohnseifer, artist; Michel Würthle, owner Paris Bar, Berlin; Bernd Zimmer, artist; Heimo Zobernig, artist

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South #2

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SOUTH as a State of Mind grew up fast to become a bi-annual contemporary arts and culture magazine published by Epomenos Stathmos (Greece) and Phileleftheros Publishers (Cyprus) and distributed internationally. People from different -literal or metaphorical- Souths are renegotiating the southern attitude, partly to define it and partly to invent it. Possessed by a spirit of absurd authority, we are trying to contaminate the prevailing culture with ideas that derive from southern mythologies, such as the perfect climate, easy living, chaos and the dramatic temperament, to name but a few. Each 160-page issue includes a thematic section and columns inspired and named after key traits of southern life. Through our twisted – and southern – attitude, expressed through critical essays, artist projects, interviews and features, we would like to give form to the concept of the South as a state of mind rather than a set of fixed places on the map. Opening up an unexpected dialogue among neighbourhoods, cities, regions and approaches, SOUTH as a State of Mind is both a magazine and a meeting point for shared intensities.

This issue features: ARCADIA, Juergen Teller, Anafi, Martin Kippenberger, Temenos, and others

Author: Marina Fokidis (ed.)
Language: English
Pages: 160
Size: 23 x 32 cm

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Picture a Moon, Shining in the Sky / Stellen Sie sich vor, ein Mond scheint am Himmel. Conversation with Martin Kippenberger / Gespräch mit Martin Kippenberger. Starship Verlag

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Picture a Moon, Shinig in the Sky – Conversation with Martin Kippenberger
(English Version) D 9.99€

Stellen Sie sich vor, ein Mond scheint am Himmel – Gespräch mit Martin Kippenberger./
D 9.99€

Starship Verlag. (2010 reprint)

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