Spike Art Quarterly, No. 34.

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Spike Art Quarterly , No. 34

Spike #34 takes on the concepts of collaboration, participation and collectivity and the way in which these concepts relate to their historical counterparts.
Contemporary life is largely shaped by capitalism, technological progress and a growing irritation with consciousness – what historically is conceived as ‘to be oneself’. We no longer invent, but we sample and catalogue; we no longer pursue utopian ideals but rather are bounded by existential necessities; today, we are keen of been reactionary much rather than critical.
How do contemporary forms of collaboration express, and respond to, the contemporary non-antagonism and political indifference? What is the shape and potential of the contemporary collectives who are ever more fluid and anti-utopian?

Articles by Joanna Fiduccia and Carson Chan;,a potrait by Pablo Larios; an interview with the artist collective Am Nuden Da by Gil Leung; reviews, a 6-page image featuring classic artist collaborations, and columns by the Pfaff Brothers.

Language: German / English
Pages: 138
Size: 28 x 23 cm
Binding: Softcover
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