Spike #34

Spike #34
Author: Rita Vitorelli (ed.)
Publisher: Spike
Language: German / English
Pages: 138
Size: 28 x 23 cm
Weight: 510 g
Binding: Softcover
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Price: €9.50
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Product Description

Call us sentimental if you will, but we stand by the model of independent art criticism. Art is neither a neutral nor academic field to us, and we expect our authors to empathise. We don’t want everything to be alike, but rather look for different approaches to apparent likeness in the search for new sensibilities. Things are described, analysed, sequenced or randomly linked, cast adrift, jettisoned, and sometimes reclaimed – all in close proximity to the artistic process itself. The end result is a tapestry weaving art, theory and life. We avoid strict adherence to any agenda because we’re sceptical of authority. We present whatever we consider good and relevant. When it comes to the magazine, and equally our various curatorial projects – FRUITS, FLOWERS, AND CLOUDS art fair, Speak & Spell performance series, Spike Unplugged lecture performances or our Spike parties – we aspire towards accessibility, chaos, improvisation and fun.