Artwork as Social Model: A Manual of Questions and Propositions. Stephen Willats. Research Group for Artists Publications (RGAP).

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Artwork as Social Model: A Manual of Questions and Propositions. Stephen Willats. Research Group for Artists Publications (RGAP).

Stephen Willats’ art practice addresses contemporary social and cultural issues. His polemic takes ideas beyond the norms and conventions of the object-based art world, to explore possibilities inherent within communal groups.

In many of his projects he has collaborated with members of diverse communities in a variety of everyday settings, initiating interventions that build on the richness and complexity of self-organisation to determine and reinforce a sense of identity.The result is a body of artworks with a dynamic, interactive, social function.

This manual, which includes texts, interviews and artwork from five decades of practice, is intended as a tool for any artist or practitioner looking to find a meaningful relationship with contemporary society. It proclaims, and argues for, a culture that promotes the fluid, transient, relative and complex society from which it stems.

336 Pages
22 x 17 cm

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Secret Language The Code Breakers. Stephen Willats. Galerie Thomas Schulte.

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Secret Language The Code Breakers, Stephen Willats, published by Galerie Thomas Schulte.

Since the 1960s, Stephen Willats is counted as one of the most influential protagonists of international conceptual art in England. One of the main focuses of his work has always been the examination of urban realities by means of communication processes, network formation, and self-organising structures. Willats illustrates various systems of social interaction through an array of drawings, diagrams, photo-collages, computer-operated communication-devices, and animations. The artist works directly with people: their relationships to each other – be it in a private or professional environment – as well as their relationship to an omnipresent system of everyday symbols; from architectural structures to objects, materials, and sounds that surround us continually. Willats poses the question as to how the personal values and lebensraum of the individual are perceived within society, and how society defines and adopts them.

Language: German/English

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Street Talk: Amsterdam. Stephen Willats. Occasional Papers.

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Street Talk: Amsterdam. Stephen Willats.

“Two people together is the basic unit for expressing society, and the complexity of expressions between two people is mirrored in the wider formal and informal networks of culture. The act of walking together, side by side, is fundamental to acts of sociability; it introduces fluidity and transience in the coding of language in a relationship when perceived by an external observer. (…)”
Stephen Willats

Sewn by hand with orange and blue thread,
Includes fold-out map
Supported by Cassochrome
Size 15 x 22cm
32 p
Soft cover
Full colour throughout
ISBN 978-0-9562605-8-1

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Stephen Willats. Art Society Feedback. VFMK

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Stephen Willats
Art Society Feedback
Anja Casser, Badischer Kunstverein, Philipp Ziegler (Eds.)
Verlag Für Moderne Kunst, 2010
576 pages

The publication can be seen as the first overriding, retrospective and until now comprehensive compilation of works and writings by Stephen Willats.
The first part contains numerous illustrations of works, including works not yet published by Willats and text contributions of renowned authors who have for years been closely involved with the artist, among others Ute Meta Bauer, Emily Pethik, Brigitte Franzen, Tom Holert und Andrew Wilson.
The second part collects important writings of Stephen Willats, which have been inspected in the archive of the artist, transcribed for the first time and now presented in combination with the accompanying black-and-white illustrations. This part opens up new and until now unpublished insights into the text works of Stephen Willats.

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