Secret Language The Code Breakers. Stephen Willats. Galerie Thomas Schulte.

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Secret Language The Code Breakers, Stephen Willats, published by Galerie Thomas Schulte.

Since the 1960s, Stephen Willats is counted as one of the most influential protagonists of international conceptual art in England. One of the main focuses of his work has always been the examination of urban realities by means of communication processes, network formation, and self-organising structures. Willats illustrates various systems of social interaction through an array of drawings, diagrams, photo-collages, computer-operated communication-devices, and animations. The artist works directly with people: their relationships to each other – be it in a private or professional environment – as well as their relationship to an omnipresent system of everyday symbols; from architectural structures to objects, materials, and sounds that surround us continually. Willats poses the question as to how the personal values and lebensraum of the individual are perceived within society, and how society defines and adopts them.

Language: German/English

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