Tony Cokes: Fragments or just Moments. Kunstverein München, Haus der Kunst München (Eds.). Distanz

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“I’m interested in the resonances, the re-habitualizations, and the echoes of that historical moment in the contemporary.”

For more than three decades, Tony Cokes (b. 1956, Richmond, USA; lives and works in Providence, USA) has been exploring in his work the ideology and affect politics of media and popular culture as well as their social impact. Starting from a fundamental critique of the representation and visual commodification of African-American communities in film, television, advertising, and music videos, Cokes has developed a unique form of video essay that radically rejects ­representational imagery. These fast-paced works consist of found text and sound material from diverse sources such as critical theory, online journalism, literature, and­ popular music.

The US artist’s first institutional solo exhibition in Germany also marks the first ­comprehensive collaboration between Kunstverein München and Haus der Kunst. The thematic starting point for Cokes’s new productions is the ideological and propagandistic entanglements of both exhibition venues during the Nazi era as well as their cultural-political role in the context of the 20th Olympic Games in Munich in 1972.

The publication Fragments, or just Moments accompanies the eponymous exhibition and translates stills from the newly produced video essays into a book format while examining the significance of Cokes’s work in terms of a contemporary approach to institutional critique. The essays are written by Tina M. Campt and Tom Holert, with an introduction by Emma Enderby and Elena Setzer (Haus der Kunst) as well as Maurin Dietrich, Gloria Hasnay, and Gina Merz (Kunstverein München).

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Stephen Willats. Art Society Feedback. VFMK

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Stephen Willats
Art Society Feedback
Anja Casser, Badischer Kunstverein, Philipp Ziegler (Eds.)
Verlag Für Moderne Kunst, 2010
576 pages

The publication can be seen as the first overriding, retrospective and until now comprehensive compilation of works and writings by Stephen Willats.
The first part contains numerous illustrations of works, including works not yet published by Willats and text contributions of renowned authors who have for years been closely involved with the artist, among others Ute Meta Bauer, Emily Pethik, Brigitte Franzen, Tom Holert und Andrew Wilson.
The second part collects important writings of Stephen Willats, which have been inspected in the archive of the artist, transcribed for the first time and now presented in combination with the accompanying black-and-white illustrations. This part opens up new and until now unpublished insights into the text works of Stephen Willats.

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