Henning Bohl / Bom Dia Books @ Motto Berlin. 2.5.2015

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Henning Bohl / Bom Dia Books @ Motto Berlin. 2.5.2015
from 5pm

After Namenloses Grauen and Kadath Fatal, Fatal Kadath Fatal is the third publication for Henning Bohl by Bom Dia Boa Tarde Boa Noite.

A sequel to Kadath Fatal, Fatal Kadath Fatal takes up a slower pace in narration. Conceived as a leporello the book gathers a succession of 18 drawings that circle around one single motive: Two maiden’s cornets glide along through space. Only light and contrast change, and the veils of the cornets take up peculiar shapes despite the supposed absence of gravity and friction. On the will of their own the maiden’s cornets return in their present form as a medley of elements from former works by Bohl. The title of the book is inspired by H.P. Lovecraft’s The Dream Quest of Unknown Kadath (1926/27), an epic tale that examines the realm of human dreams by combining elements of horror and fantasy.

170 × 230 mm
36 pages

designed by Henning Bohl
in collaboration with Studio Manuel Raeder,
ISBN 978-3-943514-41-4
EUR 16

The release is accompanied by an installation at MOTTO and a limited edition will be available through Bom Dia books and Motto.

Body Talk. Koyo Kouoh (ed.). RAW Material & WIELS & Motto Books

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Body_Talk_Koyo_Kouoh_RAW_Material_Wiels_Motto_Books_1 Body_Talk_Koyo_Kouoh_RAW_Material_Wiels_Motto_Books_9 Body_Talk_Koyo_Kouoh_RAW_Material_Wiels_Motto_Books_8 Body_Talk_Koyo_Kouoh_RAW_Material_Wiels_Motto_Books_7 Body_Talk_Koyo_Kouoh_RAW_Material_Wiels_Motto_Books_6 Body_Talk_Koyo_Kouoh_RAW_Material_Wiels_Motto_Books_5 Body_Talk_Koyo_Kouoh_RAW_Material_Wiels_Motto_Books_4Body_Talk_Koyo_Kouoh_RAW_Material_Wiels_Motto_Books_3Body_Talk_Koyo_Kouoh_RAW_Material_Wiels_Motto_Books_2Body_Talk_Koyo_Kouoh_RAW_Material_Wiels_Motto_Books_10

Body Talk: Feminism, Sexuality and the Body in the Work of Six African Artists

Bringing together artists from different parts of the continent, this group exhibition strives to define and articulate notions of feminism and sexuality in the work of women artists whose body (their own or that of others) serves as a tool, a representation or a field of investigation. The critical resonance of a specifically African – and black – feminism, together with the spread of artistic practices to international networks, have given shape to the development of a black feminist art. Stemming from the continent and the Diaspora, this black feminist art depicts bodies that continue a tradition of activism and freedom of speech.

Zoulikha Bouadellah, Marcia Kure, Miriam Syowia Kyambi, Valerie Oka, Tracey Rose, Billie Zangewa

Sarah Adams, Eva Barois De Caeval, Ken Bugul, Frieda Ekotto, D.E. Fault, Koyo Kouoh, Alya Sebti

RAW Material Company, WIELS, Lunds konsthall, 49 Nord 6 Est – Frac Lorraine & Motto Books


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Pin Up #18. Felix Burrichter (ed.)

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Pin_Up_18_Felix_Burrichter_Motto_Books_1 Pin_Up_18_Felix_Burrichter_Motto_Books_2 Pin_Up_18_Felix_Burrichter_Motto_Books_4 Pin_Up_18_Felix_Burrichter_Motto_Books_7Pin_Up_18_Felix_Burrichter_Motto_Books_5 Pin_Up_18_Felix_Burrichter_Motto_Books_6  Pin_Up_18_Felix_Burrichter_Motto_Books_8

David Adjaye
Tatiana Bilbao
Kunlé Adeyemi

Stephen Burks
Valerio Olgiati
Justin Berry
and a trip to MARRAKECH with photogrpaher Daniel Sannwald

PLUS: a 48-page CARNET D’AFRIQUE photographed by IWAN BAAN.


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Kulturamas Högre fotografiska (Swe) @ Motto Berlin. 28.04.2015

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Kulturamas Högre fotografiska utbildning (Higher photographic education) @ Motto, Berlin
from 6pm

The presentation consists of a display of photo books produced by the students, in presence of professor Misha Pedan.

Die anwesenden Eltern. Dominik Sittig. Motto Books

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Die-anwesenden-Eltern.-Dominik-Sittig.-Motto-Books_1Die_anwesenden_Eltern_Dominik_Sittig_Motto_Books_2 Die_anwesenden_Eltern_Dominik_Sittig_Motto_Books_9  Die_anwesenden_Eltern_Dominik_Sittig_Motto_Books_7 Die_anwesenden_Eltern_Dominik_Sittig_Motto_Books_6 Die_anwesenden_Eltern_Dominik_Sittig_Motto_Books_5 Die_anwesenden_Eltern_Dominik_Sittig_Motto_Books_4Die_anwesenden_Eltern_Dominik_Sittig_Motto_Books_3Die_anwesenden_Eltern_Dominik_Sittig_Motto_Books_8Die_anwesenden_Eltern_Dominik_Sittig_Motto_Books_10 

Published on the occasion of Dominik Sittig’s solo exhibition “Die anwesenden Eltern” at the kestnergesellschaft, Hanover, March 6 to May 25, 2015. Conceived as a hybrid between a catalogue and an artist’s book, it documents recent works by Sittig. Texts include an entomological sketch on art’s frock coat by Heinrich Dietz, “I INSPIRE A LOT OF PEOPLE. Poison Is Everywhere” by Barbara Buchmaier and Christine Woditschka as well as “Beyond ‘Art and Politics’. The Art of Fantasy” by Helmut Draxler.

Editor: Heinrich Dietz, kestnergesellschaft
Concept: Dominik Sittig
Authors: Barbara Buchmaier and Christine Woditschka, Heinrich Dietz, Helmut Draxler
Publisher: Motto Books
Date of publishing: March 4, 2015
Language: German/English
Pages: 180


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Grit. Grit Hachmeister. Spector Books

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Grit_Grit_Hachmeister_Spector_Books_motto_Distribution_1 Grit_Grit_Hachmeister_Spector_Books_motto_Distribution_2 Grit_Grit_Hachmeister_Spector_Books_motto_Distribution_3Grit_Grit_Hachmeister_Spector_Books_motto_Distribution_4Grit_Grit_Hachmeister_Spector_Books_motto_Distribution_5 Grit_Grit_Hachmeister_Spector_Books_motto_Distribution_6 Grit_Grit_Hachmeister_Spector_Books_motto_Distribution_7 Grit_Grit_Hachmeister_Spector_Books_motto_Distribution_8

There are certain images that provoke us. Take, for example, the photograph of Jane Birkin, in which she stands leaning casually against a door with a cigarette in one hand and the other in her trousers – a detail that you don’t see at first glance. A groundbreaking image that was seen in the 1970s as an act of female self-emancipation. Grit Hachmeister copied the pose in 2007 and its effect is just as startling as the original. The artist has a series of such pictures in her oeuvre: people dressed in nothing but a pair of shoes engaged in various sexual practices. There’s plenty of fumbling around and coupling here – being human is a messy business. Hachmeister now presents her first monograph, a collection of drawings, self-portraits, visual narratives, and staged photographs that were produced over the last ten years and provide a showcase for the artist’s humorous, gender-critical work.

Grit Hachmeister (*1979 in Leipzig, Germany), lives and works in Berlin.

German/English, 33 b&w Illustrations and 135 colour illustrations


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Script of Demolition. Alina Schmuch. Spector Books

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Script_of_Demolition_Alina_Schmuch_Spector_Books_motto_Distribution_1 Script_of_Demolition_Alina_Schmuch_Spector_Books_motto_Distribution_12 Script_of_Demolition_Alina_Schmuch_Spector_Books_motto_Distribution_10 Script_of_Demolition_Alina_Schmuch_Spector_Books_motto_Distribution_9 Script_of_Demolition_Alina_Schmuch_Spector_Books_motto_Distribution_8 Script_of_Demolition_Alina_Schmuch_Spector_Books_motto_Distribution_7 Script_of_Demolition_Alina_Schmuch_Spector_Books_motto_Distribution_6 Script_of_Demolition_Alina_Schmuch_Spector_Books_motto_Distribution_5 Script_of_Demolition_Alina_Schmuch_Spector_Books_motto_Distribution_4 Script_of_Demolition_Alina_Schmuch_Spector_Books_motto_Distribution_3 Script_of_Demolition_Alina_Schmuch_Spector_Books_motto_Distribution_13

Often there are only seconds between the ignition of a blasting charge and the collapse of a building, but the planning for such a demolition can take weeks. Blasting is a profession that relies on experience, and that is conveyed through the medium of the image. The blaster, before he destroys the building, makes a complex technical drawing of the progression. The detonation itself is then recorded by several cameras from different view points. Afterwards the drawings are superposed over the photographs in order to control the blast. A permanent calibration, an optimization between the idea and the reality by the means of drawing and photography. In her artistic work, Alina Schmuch also mostly uses the medium of photography. For the project Script of Demolition she worked with the extensive image archive of the blaster family Fink. The publication includes different imaging media — from 8mm film to digital photography. The book presents movement sequences of collapsing chimneys, TV towers and buildings that have been recorded following explicitly nonaesthetic criteria.

German and English, including numerous drawings
Gestaltung: Jan Kiesswetter
Heike Schuppelius, Armin Linke (Hrsg.)
Leipzig 2014
36.00 €

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cura #19. Ilaria Marotta and Andrea Baccin (Eds.)

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cura_19_Ilaria_Marotta_Andrea_Baccin_motto_Distribution_1cura_19_Ilaria_Marotta_Andrea_Baccin_motto_Distribution_2 cura_19_Ilaria_Marotta_Andrea_Baccin_motto_Distribution_8cura_19_Ilaria_Marotta_Andrea_Baccin_motto_Distribution_7cura_19_Ilaria_Marotta_Andrea_Baccin_motto_Distribution_6 cura_19_Ilaria_Marotta_Andrea_Baccin_motto_Distribution_5 cura_19_Ilaria_Marotta_Andrea_Baccin_motto_Distribution_4 cura_19_Ilaria_Marotta_Andrea_Baccin_motto_Distribution_3

CURA. No.19
Cover by Yoan Mudry


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SOVA #6: Desire. Martin Petersen (Ed.)

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SOVA_#6_Desire_motto_books_1 SOVA_#6_Desire_motto_books_6 SOVA_#6_Desire_motto_books_5 SOVA_#6_Desire_motto_books_4 SOVA_#6_Desire_motto_books_3 SOVA_#6_Desire_motto_books_2

Sova #6 “Desire” takes a glimpse at the apparently essential query of the hedonistic generation – our bawdy cravings, our passionate endeavour and the destructiveness of our devouring needs. Various visual and textual reflections by 16 different photographers, writers and other artists including Anastasia Muna, Anna Crews, Archie Fitzgerald, Eylül Aslan, Florian Reimann, Helen Korpak, J Mauricio Orozco, Jasmin Kokkola, Lena Gallovicova, Marina Richter, Massimiliano Perasso, Nicolas Polli, Nicole Weniger, Ren Hang, Rebecca Brodskis and Slavoj Žižek create an encounter of disparate aspects of desire and investigate the nature of our ambiguous aspirations.

The Sova #6 Artist Poster by Atelier Disko with a quote from Slavoj Žižek. Comes with every freshly printed copy.


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Rick Buckley. Four Corners Books @ Motto Berlin. 25.04.2015

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Rick Buckley @ Motto Berlin. 25.04.2015
from 7pm

Four Corners Books Familiars series
The Nose by Nikolai Gogol art by Rick Buckley

Q&A: Rick Buckley, The Nose

In 1997 you anonymously fixed to-scale sculptural nose forms to buildings around central London. What was the idea behind this?

I was inspired by reading about the antics of the International Situationists operating in Paris during the late 1960s, carrying out sporadic artistic pranks as political gestures. The intervention involving the cast nose forms applied to specific interior / exterior locations within and around Central London, was a political gesture responding to a long running political debate over the obtrusive and ever growing numbers of CCTV surveillance cameras being installed within public spaces in and around the capital. This excess of surveillance was criticized as an infringement upon the rights to privacy of the individual citizen.
It was an afterthought whilst carrying out the intervention, that by integrating an applied form to a specific location, would over a period of time, become part of the structure it had been applied to. With the emergence of social network forums on the net, the small number of remaining nose forms have since become part of urban myth making. One such myth entitled The London Nose’, is centered around a Nose form located at Admiralty Arch. Various versions exist, but the first to appear was on a London Cab Driver’s blog, where he made numerous speculations for the nose’s existence. One explains that because of its position, it enables mounted horse guards to stroke it for good luck whilst on military duty whilst passing through the arch. It is now believed to feature in the London Cab Drivers examination (The Knowledge), thus prompting fledgling cab drivers to touch the nose for good luck before taking the exam and enabling them to receive their hard earned London Hackney Carriage License.

How does this street intervention fit in with the rest of your practice?

I’ve always been interested in the concept of myth making, which I often use as a conceptual pretext for my artistic practice.
How do you feel the project has changed now that it also exists in the form of photographs accompanying text?

It’s many years since I carried out the intervention and therefore I have a distance to it. It’s now out there on its own, belonging to the public, and therefore the book publication is extension of that public sphere.
How do you think the experience of reading this edition might compare with reading a version without images?

Well the human imagination is far more inventive than what already exists out there, but juxtaposing a 19th Century novella with a contemporary setting, may make the absurdity and pomposity of power more vivid.
Were there any challenges in working in response to a story by such an influential author?

No, because both works were responding to absurdities of authority and criticising the powers that be. And there are certainly no challenges in regards to the obstacles relating to copyright law, as it’s outside the 70 years remit. Actually, current Russian copyright law stipulates that all copyrights to works published prior to October Revolution (7th November 1917) are believed to have expired.