‘Recent Writings’. Walter Benjamin. New Documents @ Motto Berlin. 30.10.2013

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Please join Publisher/Editor Jeff Khonsary for a launch and screening for Recent Writings, a book of new essays and interviews by Walter Benjamin published by New Documents, on October 30th 2013, at 7pm at Motto Books, Berlin

Walter Benjamin was an influential philosopher and art theoretician, best known for his 1936 essay “The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction”. In 1986 — many years after his tragic death — Walter Benjamin reappeared in public with the lecture “Mondrian ’63–’96” organized by the Marxist Center in Ljubljana. In recent years, Mr. Benjamin has been an associate of the Museum of American Art in Berlin, giving interviews and publishing articles internationally.

Recent Writing collects nine essays by Walter Benjamin written between 1986 and 2013. Augmented with interviews and an extensive bibliography, these texts cover art, originality, museums, and art history, among other subjects.
In conjunction with the launch at Motto, we will screen Mondrian ’63–’96, a film of a lecture delivered by Walter Benjamin at the Marxist Center in Ljubljana in 1986. In this talk, Benjamin presents several works of the abstract artist ranging in date from 1963 to 1996.

Forthcoming launches for the book include those at Or Gallery, Vancouver (Nov. 9), and Cabinet, New York (Dec. 3).


‘Invited by Daniel Laufer’ Boxset. Provinz Editionen

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“Invited by Daniel Laufer” brings together 22 international artists, who all contribute a work to a box of editions. The box is of A4-format (roughly 21 x 31 cm) and a “magazine in the box”.
It comprises drawings, collages, copies, booklets, a DVD along with different printing techniques. The edition series “Invited by” will be continued with different artists.
For each new edition a selected artist invites several contributors.

Artists: Lutz Braun, Hanna Brandes, Martin John Callanan, Sunah Choi, Raphael Danke, Agathe Fleury, Nina Hoffmann, Adrian Hermanides, Hella Gerlach, Simone Gilges, Atalya Laufer,
Daniel Laufer, Kalin Lindena, Alexandra Müller, Toony Navok, Martin Neumaier, Thomas Rentmeister, Annette Ruenzler, Roman Schramm, Gerda Scheepers, Hanna Schwarz, Viola Yeşiltaç.

Daniel Laufer (*1975, Hannover) curated the first edition of the series “Invited by”. He lives and works in Berlin.

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Silver Tower. Matthias Hoch. Spector Books

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Silver Tower. Matthias Hoch. With texts by Harald Kunde, Andreas Maier, Markus Weisbeck. Spector Books

The old Federal Republic of Germany is history — a fact made especially poignant by these photos of the abandoned Dresdner Bank building. The tower — the most beautiful high-rise in Frankfurt on Main — was opened in 1978 as the bank’s head office. The construction was planned by ABB Scheid und Partner architects office, the corporate design was developed by Otl Aicher. Following the bank’s acquisition by Commerzbank in 2009 the head office of Dresdner Bank was vacated. In “Silver Tower”, a series of pictures taken between 2009 and 2011, photographer Matthias Hoch explores the deserted building. He looks for signs and remnants of an era, for the biography of the place. Meticulously structured surfaces, signs of wear and the interplay of light and shade are probed to reveal their traces to the camera: scratches, marks, layers.

124 pp., 45 colour illustrations and 30 pictures from the archives of Dresdner Bank.
Leipzig 2013.

Price: €34

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Labyrinth. Four Times Through the Labyrinth. Olaf Nicolai, Jan Wenzel. Spector Books, Rollo Press.

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Labyrinth. Four Times Through the Labyrinth. Olaf Nicolai, Jan Wenzel. Spector Books, Rollo Press.

*New English Translation

“This book on labyrinths is wonderful! It enlarges the traditional catalog of labyrinths so much and so well, being itself labyrinthine,” remarked Jean-Luc Nancy, the French philosopher, on the German edition, published by Spector Books, ISBN 978-3-940064-82-0, in summer 2012. Sadie Plant, author of “Zeroes + Ones: Digital Women and the New Technoculture”, has now translated Labyrinth into English.

The starting point for this transcript of four lectures, all held in Leipzig in 2010, is a public art work that Olaf Nicolai installed in Paris in 1998. By exploring and combining a broad spectrum of topics that relate to the theme of the labyrinth, this book serves as both, a reference system to Nicolai’s work as well as an independent source book dealing with labyrinthian matter ranging from the minotaur to the floorplans of IKEA. Published in collaboration with Rollo Press.

320 pp., ca. 280 black-and-white illustrations,
softcover, perfect bound

Price: €12.00

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The Significance Of The Photographic Image In A Filmic Context. Paulius Petraitis. TLTRPreß.

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The Significance Of The Photographic Image In A Filmic Context. Paulius Petraitis. TLTRPreß.

Most recent debates about the impact of digitalization on photography either advocate a rupture between analog and digital, or deny that there are any differences at all. The present project, however, wants to emphasize the continuity of several cultural aspects without denying the differences between the two ways of image-making. Paulius Petraitis’ text follows a trajetory around a less focused relation in film and photography and adds both to the so-called “classic” understanding of photographic images, as well as rejecting any rupture in the current cultural perception of photography.

— Sahar Askari

Language: English
Pages: 96
Binding: Softcover

Price: €10.00

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Crazy in Love @ Motto Melbourne. 25.10.2013.

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crazy in love 3 eflyer
Crazy in Love Magazine @ Motto Melbourne

Motto Melbourne presents the launch of Crazy in Love #3.

Including work by:

Charles Dennington
Art Money
Melanie Sano
Ruth O’Leary
Chloe Langford
o f f Love
Salmon Barrel
Holly Childs
Seame Campbell
Liam Osborne
Kate Meakin & Hugh Westland

Edited by Holly Childs, Brennan Olver, Rohan Whiteley & Oliver van der Lugt.

Motto Melbourne / Magic Johnston
27 – 29 Johnston St.
Collingwood 3066

25th October 2013
6pm – 8.30pm

Short dream of a free life / Kurzer Traum vom freien Leben. Megan Francis Sullivan.

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Short dream of a free life / Kurzer Traum vom freien Leben. Megan Francis Sullivan.

Artworks by Megan Francis Sullivan, 2010-2012. All source images found in “Boys, Kerle, Männer”, Issues 1 to 11, 1971.

Price: €5.00

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David Shrigley: I Am An Actor / A Toast. David Shrigley, Alig Fodder, Gavin Mitchell. BQ, Berlin.

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David Shrigley: I Am An Actor / A Toast. David Shrigley, Alig Fodder, Gavin Mitchell. BQ, Berlin.

7″ Picture Disc

Words: David Shrigley
Music: Alig Fodder
Voice: Gavin Mitchell

Published by BQ, Berlin on the occasion of the exhibition “David Shrigley. Big Shoes”, 2013.

Listen to the tunes: www.soundcloud.com/bq-gallery

Price: €15.00

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Ulisses. Stéphane Le Mercier. Édition incertain sens.

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Ulisses. Stéphane Le Mercier. Édition incertain sens.

A collection of reproductions of the many translations of Ulysses, scanned by Stéphane Le Mercier at the James Joyce Centre in Dublin, Ireland.

Softcover, 44 pages.

Price: D €10

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Cura 15. Ilaria Marotta and Andrea Baccin (Eds.)

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Fall 2013

Cover by: Jimmy Limit

Jimmy Limit
words by Christopher Schreck
Frederick Kiesler’s Endless Exhibition
by Lorenzo Benedetti
SPACES—Study Cases
Zasha Colah and Sumesh Sharma — Clark House Initiative
by Vincent Honoré
The novel as an exhibition, the exhibition as a novel
by Jean-Max Colard
David Douard. The telephone was the death of Montparnasse
in conversation with Ruba Katrib
designed by David Douard
The Ptohograhpies
Nicolas Deshayes. Vacuum – Shaped
in conversation with Isobel Harbison
a project by N. DASH
text by Matthew Higgs
Andrea Büttner
Through a Mirror, Dimly
by Cecilia Canziani
Magali Reus. Out Of Empty
in conversation with Nicoletta Lambertucci
a project by B. Ingrid Olson
text by Andrew Blackley
Fiction on Display A Collection of Collections
by Niekolaas Johannes Lekkerkerk
visual commentaries proposed by France Fiction
Conversation as a Turing Test
by Valentinas Klimašauskas

Language: English
Pages: 152
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 977203850700415

Price: €7.00
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