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Motto_printed_web_1_img1Motto_printed_web_1_img2Motto_printed_web_1_img3Motto_printed_web_1_img4Motto_printed_web_1_img5Printed Web #1, Paul Soullelis (Ed.)

Featuring new web-to-print work by Joachim Schmid, Penelope Umbrico, Mishka Henner, Clement Valla, David Horvitz, Chris Alexander, Christian Bök, Benjamin Shaykin, &amp,Paul Soulellis. Texts by Hito Steyerl and Kenneth Goldsmith. More images here.


64 pages
Tabloid newsprint (30 x 36 cm)
Full color printing on 52 gsm paper (brighter and heavier than normal newsprint)
First printing 1,000
Publisher: Paul Soulellis, Library of the Printed Web

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Penelope Umbrico – Desk Trajectories (As Is)

A new series by Penelope Umbrico, Desk Trajectories (As Is) includes found images of used office desks for sale on the Internet. This work serves as an answer to her continual interest in a certain optimism typically associated with fictions of unattainable lifestyles marketed for and lusted after by consumers.

These desks, once the definitive site of organization and productivity, now sit empty, dusty, and cumbersome ­ as awkward in their photographic frame as they are in the space in which they are pictured. The disorienting compositional space of the pictured flat planes inhibits the viewer to readily discern and give context to the objects presented. In these pictures, all efficiency, productivity, and elegance is in question ­ the mere fact that the desk is out of commission, being sold, points to an attendant deflation of these values.

Published by Swill Children
Edition of 100
B/W Offset on Newsprint
Saddle Stitched

D 5€


Diwa Tamrong – Somebody Else’s Problem

Somebody Else’s Problem (SEP) is an ongoing series that explores the different ways an artist can loose control of their own work. Every new part to the series uses means of destruction, re-contextualization, collaboration and attempts of preservation in order to further investigate this notion. The work continues to grow with each version, but the artist’s control over the work dwindles as it falls into the hands of other people, disseminating through the internet and everything in between.

Published by Swill Children
Edition of 30

D 15€