The Fox #4. Mathew Whittington (Ed.) Werkplaats Typografie.

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The Fox #4. Mathew Whittington (Ed.) Werkplaats Typografie.

A Fox in a Trap: Charles Nodier
Animals Again: Esther Leslie & Ben Watson
Oliver Twist and the Werewolf of London: Bill Sikes, Bull’s Eye, and Biopolitics: Bill Hutchison
The Fox Helps: Kristen Gallerneaux Brooks
Heidegger the Fox: Hannah Arendt
Tame Beasts: on obedience: Federico Campagna
The Burrow: Franz Kafka
Foxface: Mabli Elliman
Monsters & Messiahs: Mike Davis
The Rustle of Language: Roland Barthes
A New Experimental Method for an Anthropology of Things (or, An Agony in Five Fits): Hermione Spriggs
The Last Chapter: P.-J. Stahl
And including contributions from Valentijn Goethals, Daniel Arsham, Melissa Pilon, Leonard van Munster, Tetsuo Mukai, and Paul Elliman.

Edited and Designed by Mathew Whittington
Contributing Editors: Paul Elliman, Hermione Spriggs
Publisher: Werkplaats Typografie
Language: English
Pages: 144

Price: €10.00

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