C Magazine #127 Poetry. Amish Morrell. C Magazine

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C_Magazine_#127_Amish_Morrell_Motto_Distribution_1 C_Magazine_#127_Amish_Morrell_Motto_Distribution_2 C_Magazine_#127_Amish_Morrell_Motto_Distribution_3 C_Magazine_#127_Amish_Morrell_Motto_Distribution_4 C_Magazine_#127_Amish_Morrell_Motto_Distribution_8C_Magazine_#127_Amish_Morrell_Motto_Distribution_5 C_Magazine_#127_Amish_Morrell_Motto_Distribution_6 C_Magazine_#127_Amish_Morrell_Motto_Distribution_7

Issue 127 is guest edited by by Kari Cwynar, Danielle St-Amour and cheyanne turions, and features CAConrad on (Soma)tic Ritual Collaborations, Nasrin Himada on Positioning, “Three Parts on Poetry,” with contributions by Hanne Lippard, Tanya Lukin Linklater, Tiziana La Melia, Stacy Doris and Lisa Robertson, and Rachel Valinsky, an artist project by Alex Turgeon, and poems by Amy De’Ath, Andrea Lukic, Leanne Betasamosake Simpson, Taocheng Wang and Aisha Sasha John. Also included are reviews of exhibitions and books, as well as our regular sections On Writing by Lucy Ives and Inventory by Robin Simpson.


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The Critical Mass of Mediation. Søren Andreasen & Lars Bang Larsen (eds.). Internationalistisk Ideale

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Critical_Mass_of_Mediation_Soren_Andreasen_Lars_Bang_Larsen_Internationalistisk_Ideale_Motto_Distribution_11Critical_Mass_of_Mediation_Soren_Andreasen_Lars_Bang_Larsen_Internationalistisk_Ideale_Motto_Distribution_1 Critical_Mass_of_Mediation_Soren_Andreasen_Lars_Bang_Larsen_Internationalistisk_Ideale_Motto_Distribution_2 Critical_Mass_of_Mediation_Soren_Andreasen_Lars_Bang_Larsen_Internationalistisk_Ideale_Motto_Distribution_4 Critical_Mass_of_Mediation_Soren_Andreasen_Lars_Bang_Larsen_Internationalistisk_Ideale_Motto_Distribution_5 Critical_Mass_of_Mediation_Soren_Andreasen_Lars_Bang_Larsen_Internationalistisk_Ideale_Motto_Distribution_6 Critical_Mass_of_Mediation_Soren_Andreasen_Lars_Bang_Larsen_Internationalistisk_Ideale_Motto_Distribution_8 Critical_Mass_of_Mediation_Soren_Andreasen_Lars_Bang_Larsen_Internationalistisk_Ideale_Motto_Distribution_7 Critical_Mass_of_Mediation_Soren_Andreasen_Lars_Bang_Larsen_Internationalistisk_Ideale_Motto_Distribution_9 Critical_Mass_of_Mediation_Soren_Andreasen_Lars_Bang_Larsen_Internationalistisk_Ideale_Motto_Distribution_10 Critical_Mass_of_Mediation_Soren_Andreasen_Lars_Bang_Larsen_Internationalistisk_Ideale_Motto_Distribution_12

Today mediation is a cultural given: an environment, a rhythm, a force. It is a modality for easy exchange, with no apparent beginnings or ultimate reason. In this realm of the possible, means and ends get mixed up, while absolutes can only be approached timidly.

2. edition 2014, 400 copies

Expanded version of the sold-out original from 2012 with a new introduction, additional text pieces and found imagery.

Graphic Design: Louise Hold Sidenius

**each copy has a unique cover**


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, Even #2. Jason Farago (Ed.). Even Magazine

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Even_Magazine_Jason_Farago_Motto_Distribution_1Even_Magazine_Jason_Farago_Motto_Distribution_2 Even_Magazine_Jason_Farago_Motto_Distribution_9 Even_Magazine_Jason_Farago_Motto_Distribution_8 Even_Magazine_Jason_Farago_Motto_Distribution_7 Even_Magazine_Jason_Farago_Motto_Distribution_6 Even_Magazine_Jason_Farago_Motto_Distribution_5  Even_Magazine_Jason_Farago_Motto_Distribution_3 Even_Magazine_Jason_Farago_Motto_Distribution_10Even_Magazine_Jason_Farago_Motto_Distribution_4

Even is a new magazine that interprets contemporary art, its structures and its environment. Published three times a year, Even features long-form articles that range from monographic studies to broad critical analysis; distinctive reviews that take in multiple exhibitions at museums and galleries worldwide; and extensive interviews with artists and arts professionals.

Even seeks to break the deadlock between academic obscurantism on one side, and top-ten lists and party coverage on the other. With a unique and legible voice, Even revives the tradition of criticism for the twenty-first century.


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Subway magazine #5. Erik van der Weijde (Ed.)

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Subway magazine #5
Fall 2015
Erik van der Weijde (red.)

Subway Magazine is an artist’s magazine by Erik van der Weijde & 4478zine.
Most of its content comes from eBay and Wikipedia, but also features works by contemporary artists. The magazine focuses on a fresh mix of art, photography, poetry, facts and fun.
Subway is a five-minute-fun ride, published four times a year from now on!

In this fifth issue we show work by Jürg Lehni, Miroslav Tichy, Clara Canepa and Wiissa, but also the story of the sticker, boxer-facts, barbeque plus quotes from Woody Allen and Woody Harrelson and more…

17x24cm / 32 pages / Muncken Print Cream 115
Offset printed in the EU


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Palimpsest. Sébastien Capouet. Théophile’s Papers & MER. Paper Kunsthalle

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Sébastien Capouet’s Palimpsest gathers a body of photographs taken between 2011 and 2014, in parallel with the artist’s pictorial practice. This object-book induces, via playful folds and successive intervals, rhythmic gestures in the reader. The principle is that of the palimpsest, in which successive strata echo both the different layers enveloping the characters staged in the photographs, and the deserted landscapes – sites of memory – in which they evolve. Within Sébastien Capouet’s oeuvre, the body of photographic images presents itself as a transitory, liminal space, as a condition for the abstraction of the painted canvas. The chosen abstraction allows the artist to concentrate the attention of the spectator on the processes at play. These processes of effacement, in his paintings just as much as in his images/photographs, depend less on subtraction than on additions, superimpositions and saturations.
Co-published with MER. Paper Kunsthalle


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Mousse #50. Edoardo Bonaspetti (Ed.)

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mousse_motto_books_file11mousse_motto_books_file15 mousse_motto_books_file13mousse_motto_books_file14mousse_motto_books_file15mousse_motto_books_file16

In this issue:

Kelly Akashi, A.K. Burns, Dance and the Art World: Alexandra Bachzetsis, Trajal Harrel, Adam Linder, Dance Factory, Oscar Enberg, Esprit de l’escalier, Bruno Gironcoli, Irena Haiduk, Knot Theory: Trying Art, Psychoanalysis and Topology, Mernet Larsen, Calvin Marcus, The Materiality of Digital Forms, New Narratives of Relevance, The Politics of Art, Richard Rezac, Yves Scherer, Sentiment Analysis, Monir Shahroudy Farmanfarmaian & Frank Stella, Jim Shaw


– The Artist as Curator

Issue #9 an insert in Mousse Magazine #50



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europeans_yamandu_roos_red_lebanese_motto_distribution_1 europeans_yamandu_roos_red_lebanese_motto_distribution_2 europeans_yamandu_roos_red_lebanese_motto_distribution_3 europeans_yamandu_roos_red_lebanese_motto_distribution_5 europeans_yamandu_roos_red_lebanese_motto_distribution_6 europeans_yamandu_roos_red_lebanese_motto_distribution_7 europeans_yamandu_roos_red_lebanese_motto_distribution_8 europeans_yamandu_roos_red_lebanese_motto_distribution_9 europeans_yamandu_roos_red_lebanese_motto_distribution_10 europeans_yamandu_roos_red_lebanese_motto_distribution_12europeans_yamandu_roos_red_lebanese_motto_distribution_11 europeans_yamandu_roos_red_lebanese_motto_distribution_13

Ten years ago, Dutch photographer Yamandu Roos went on a grand quest to discover backyard Europe and take pictures. This epic journey is now neatly documented in the form of a book, published by Red Lebanese.


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FUKT Magazine for contemporary drawing #14.

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fukt14_motto_Distribution_1  fukt14_motto_Distribution_13 fukt14_motto_file2 fukt14_motto_file7 fukt14_motto_file6 fukt14_motto_file4 fukt14_motto_file5fukt14_motto_file8 fukt14_motto_Distribution_2

FUKT Magazine for contemporary drawing  #14. 


Inken Reinert
Sissel Fredriksen
Andy Khun
Louise Despont
Maria Calandra
Ulrike Mohr
Abu Bakarr Mansaray
Tiffany Chung
Selina Reber
Tommy Krek Sveningsson
Marcel Dzama
Fritz Panser
Louise Bourgeois
Mamie Tinkler
Rirkrit Tiravanija
Joe Rudko
Hannah Drossman
Nikolaus Gansterer
Benji Boyadgian
Simon English
Jean Bedez
Walter Sutin

208 pages, softcover with strings of beads, full color, 16.5 x 23 cm.


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