Subway magazine #5. Erik van der Weijde (Ed.)

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Subway magazine #5
Fall 2015
Erik van der Weijde (red.)

Subway Magazine is an artist’s magazine by Erik van der Weijde & 4478zine.
Most of its content comes from eBay and Wikipedia, but also features works by contemporary artists. The magazine focuses on a fresh mix of art, photography, poetry, facts and fun.
Subway is a five-minute-fun ride, published four times a year from now on!

In this fifth issue we show work by Jürg Lehni, Miroslav Tichy, Clara Canepa and Wiissa, but also the story of the sticker, boxer-facts, barbeque plus quotes from Woody Allen and Woody Harrelson and more…

17x24cm / 32 pages / Muncken Print Cream 115
Offset printed in the EU


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Hektor Works. Rollo Press.

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Hektor Works.

Invented together with engineer Uli Franke, Hektor made its debut as Jürg Lehni’s diploma project at the Ecole Cantonale d’Art De Lausanne (ECAL) in 2002, performing regularly since until 2009. Often created in collaboration with others, the works are explorations of the limitations and expression of this delicate yet wilful output device.

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